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~*One Love*~

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There's a new girl in school named Megan who has a brother named Frank. Gerard is very in love in Megan and starts to turn bi because of her cute little brother. Mikey gets mad at Gerard for dating...

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Gerard's POV

Summer was awesome.

Bob and I went to karate camp.

Ray and Mikey just practice some beats together.

The bus came and Mikey and I got on.

We sat next to each other across from Bob and Ray.

Once we got to school we headed for the lockers.

Mikey and I were near each other and Ray and Bob were 2 classes away.

All of a sudden I turn around and see this girl with a Misfits tshirt and a plaid red and black plaid skirt with black leggings.

"OMG!! Mikey look at that girl isn't she sooo pretty AND SHE LIKES THE MISFITS!!" I said with my face lit of with joy.

"Wow.." Mikey said dropping his books.

She started coming over to where we were.

"Hey Mikey I think she's checking me out" I said casually leaning against the lockers.

"Do you need help with that?" She said smiling as she helped Mikey pick up his books.

"Th-thanks uh..I better get t-to class n-now.." Mikey stuttered as he sped walk away to class.

"Is he always like that??" She said as she got her books.

"Ha not really" I got mine too.

"So what's your name?"

"Gerard and yours?"


"What's your first period?"


"SAME!! Wanna walk together to class?"

"Okay!" As she gave me a hug and gathered her books.

Mikey's POV

Man how can I be such an idiot!! I can't believe I embarrassed myself again! I thought as I accidently bumped into some guy the same age as me.

"Oh I'm soo sorry!" He said picking up my books and then his.

"Hi I'm Mikey what's you name?"


"You know you look like this girl I met.."

"Oh you probably met my sister she just turned 16 last month"

"My brother's turning 16 in April!"

We started walking to English together.

Great she's the same age as my brother and 3 years younger than me. I doubt she'll go out with me. She is just so perfect. With her pretty hazel eyes and flowy black hair. Her face is just so warm and kind... I thought to myself.

Frank might have noticed I looked like I was daydreaming because he said, "Hey Mikey what are you thinking about??"

"Oh just nothing I hear we got a new Science teacher that's all.." I lied.

6 class periods later.

Gerard's POV

"Hey Megan wanna eat lunch with me and my friends??" I said sounding a teensy hopeful.

"Oh sure! Can I bring my brother?? She said with her pleading eyes.

"Of course you can!" I said smiling.

"Great!" She grabbed my hand and we walking down the hallway.

Megan's POV

Gerard seems to be really nice and adorable. He's so sweet. I wonder if he likes me...I doubt it. He probably hates the way I dress. I thought as we accidently bumped into some jock.

"Hey watch it punk!" He said shoving Gerard.

He was the same age as Gerard but a little buffer, "Hey back off of him!"

"Oooh weren't you that girl making out with a some football player?" He said as he gave me a synyster look.

"Uhh eww no." I said looking annoyed.

"Wanna be?" He gave me a smile as he leaned in.

"Hey just back off okay! And leave me alone!!" I said shoving him out of my way.

"Aww and what are you gonna do about it huh cupcake? Hit me with your purse?" He said smirking.

"No! Tell the principal you cheated your big exam last year!" I said smirking back.

"Nono you can't my mom is gonna kick me off the football team! I promise I'll stop annoying you!" He said as he sped walk away.

"Wow you were amazing how did you know?" Gerard said looking anxious.

I smiled, "I didn't I just said that and see if he'd crack. He looks like the kind of guy like that."

I saw Gerard's friends and my little brother heading over here.
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