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1: Lust, Mine, Forever, Breeze, Dark, Kiss (themes 1-6)

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Ban/Akabane. A series of fifteen Drabbles concerning their relationship: love, hate, and sharpy, pointy objects. Written for an LJ fic challenge community.

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Dark Kiss
by Tsutsuji
Chapter 1: Themes 1-6
Fandom: GetBackers
Pairing: Ban/Akabane
Warnings: yaoi, UST, hints of violence.
Disclaimer: GetBackers belongs to Rando Ayamine and Yuya Aoki and their associates, not to me. I make no money from this fic and intend no copyright infringement.
Drabble fics written for the themes list of the LJ fic challenge community A Villain's Love. Also inspired by discussions with Amethyst_Hunter, so much thanks to her.

Summary: Ban/Akabane. Love, hate, UST, and sharp, pointy objects. Fifteen themes, fifteen drabbles of exactly 100 words or multiples thereof.

1. Lust:
(Inspired by Episode 32: "Mission Start! Ginji vs. Miroku")

The edge of the blade in Jackal's hand gleams like moonlit, fluid silver, a taunting invitation like Akabane's smile and his nearly-hidden eyes. "Come closer, taste pain, and die," is the invitation offered by the blade, but Akabane's smile and the questioning tip of his head convey a different offer.

Pulse racing, senses keyed up, panting, Ban realizes that lust feels a lot like danger. The response of the serpent inside is an urge to strike faster than sight. Ban's own desire is to slip between the blades and wind himself around Akabane's body as tightly as breath allows.

2. Mine:
(Inspired by Episode 35: Get Back the Flame of Life!")

Money doesn't matter, and a Transporter never owns the object he conveys. One job is as good as another, except for the entertainment it might provide - might, but rarely does.

These days, though, what matters to Akabane is whether the object to be Transported might be retrieved by certain others. If he thinks it might, he will insist (in no uncertain terms) that he is the only one who can transport it.

"This one is mine," he says; but it isn't their precious, worthless cargo that he's claimed as his own, only the ones who seek to get it back.

3. Forever:
(Based on Episode 22: "Awakening! Thunder Emperor Descends" - contains spoilers for the episode)

Ban appeared as if out of thin air, stepping between Akabane and the moment the Lightening Emperor reached one hundred percent. Akabane's surprise gave way to disappointment that he wouldn't be able to test himself against Ginji's true power after all, then delight to discover that the GetBackers had surprised him once again.

But then, the single minute that followed became endless, as Ban's fall brought Ginji to his senses. Before the illusion was lifted to reveal that Ban still lived, Akabane knew for certain that killing Ban this way, unanticipated and needless, was something he would regret forever.

4 Breeze:
(triple drabble, 300 words)

All it took, after all, was a moment when they happened to be in the same place at the same time, not working (the job was done) and not fighting (they'd been hired by the same client this time). Ban said something blunt and rude; Akabane replied with something smooth and clever that made Ban chuckle, and they walked away down the causeway, battling each other with nothing more deadly than words, forgetting their friends who went off to celebrate getting paid for once.

All it took, then, was dusk falling into dark, unexpected solitude, Ban's shirt tails flapping in the breeze, and Akabane's coat whipping around his ankles. Akabane became distracted and amused by something Ban said, and the wind suddenly gusted his hat out of his grip. Ban laughed at him and jumped after it, but ran into Akabane who had reached for it as well. Their arms tangled, and suddenly they were face to face, and there was no one else around.

They stood there, suddenly motionless except for the wind blowing their hair in each other's faces. It was the first time they'd touched when they weren't, supposedly, trying to kill each other. It seemed as if it was the first time they'd looked directly into each other's eyes.

All it took, after that, was the sea breeze that left Akabane's coat, Ban's shirt, and the rest of their clothes strewn across the causeway, the rocks and all the way down to the beach. At least, when they finally joined the party much later, that's the explanation they gave for how Akabane now had only one glove and how Ban had lost his cigarettes, and for how all that sand had gotten into their clothes and hair.

"Sure," Ginji grinned, winking. "That was bound to happen!"

5. Dark:
Akabane understood that Ginji was Light to Ban's Dark. Ginji-kun's ordinary personality was pure sunlight, and his other side was the deadly, illuminating glare of the Lighting Emperor.

He sensed in Ban the same darkness others must see in his own eyes: darkness that was alive but seething with a deathwill like his own, the breeding place of nightmares. He thought the shared darkness was what drew him and Ban together. He forgot that Ban's soul had been lit up by his friendship with Ginji, and that creatures of the dark, like himself, were drawn like moths toward light.

6. Kiss:
(double drabble in two parts)

Akabane thought he knew the danger. Ban's right hand at his throat could stop breath and blood; on his neck from the back, it could paralyze. He never expected to feel its grip in his hair only to hold him still while Ban's mouth clamped onto his.

Surprise immobilized even him more than the Snakebite's grip on his spine would have done. His startled breath was interrupted by Ban's tongue darting between his lips, and Akabane knew he'd lost this battle.

"Midou-san," he sighed, when Ban trailed kisses down his throat, "you do the most unpredictable things, don't you?"

Ban expected Akabane's lips to taste metallic, like blood and steel, or feel cold and hard, but they were soft and his mouth was hot. Once surprise gave way, Jackal seemed as hungry for the kiss as his blades were for blood.

Surprise had also allowed Ban to pin Akabane's hands to his sides with his free arm, crushing them together. Akabane's wire-strong body fit against his all too well, he discovered. Rather than soothing Ban's curiosity, the taste of his skin grew more intriguing.

Ban gave in, and soon forgot the kiss had only been a diversionary tactic.

More to come.
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