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2: Anger & Love (themes 9 &14)

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Ban/Akabane, 15 Drabble fics (100 words or multiples of 100). yaoi.

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Dark Kiss
by Tsutsuji
Chapter 2: Themes 9 & 14

Fandom: GetBackers
Pairing: Ban/Akabane
Warnings: yaoi, UST, hints of violence.

Disclaimer: GetBackers belongs to Rando Ayamine and Yuya Aoki and their associates, not to me. I make no money from this fic and intend no copyright infringement.
Drabble fics written for the LJ fic challenge community "A Villain's Love." Inspired by discussions with Amethyst_Hunter, so much thanks.

Summary: Ban/Akabane. Love, hate, UST, and sharp, pointy objects. Fifteen themes, fifteen Drabbles of exactly 100 words or multiples thereof.

9 Anger:
(a (mis)interpretation of a piece of fanart by Hokane, in 200 words)

"Jackal, you bastard," Ban growled, eyes flashing as they grappled. "Just let me get my hands on one of your knives and I'll take care of this once and for all!"

"Oh, I couldn't allow that, Ban-kun!" Akabane said, giggling as he evaded Ban's reach. "You might hurt yourself with it, and then what would I do for fun?"

"Heh," Ban snapped. "What about my fun?"

Suddenly, somehow (but inevitably), Ban got one arm around Akabane's throat from behind, while the other hand clawed open his shirt and tried to pull the heavy coat off his arms.

Akabane stopped laughing and grimaced as Ban thrust his hips forward, making it quite clear what he meant by "fun" -- or rather, as clear as it could be through so many layers of fabric.

"You just wear this damn thing to piss me off," Ban hissed in his ear.

Of course, Akabane thought; Ban was that much more entertaining when he was 'pissed off.' But then he reconsidered as Ban ground against him harder: he'd managed to tolerate having another of his favorite articles of clothing get cut up, and at times like this his coat really did get in the way....


14 Love:
(Triple drabble in three parts)

Ginji can't help it; the feeling bubbles up inside him and bursts out as a little song: "Baaaan-chan's in looovvve!"

Naturally, next thing he knows the subject of his happy song grabs him painfully by the ears.

"Moron! Shut up already! I AM NOT!"

Ginji squawks, squirms, and apologizes, eyes tearing up as Ban pulls him into a headlock and bops him on the skull a few times for good measure. But inside, he's still smiling like a kid, even if he can't explain to himself how he knows he's right, or why it makes him sing with joy.


Across the room, Natsumi is amused. "Ginji-kun is silly! Who else could Ban-san be in love with but him?" she wonders. "But why would he be happy if he thinks Ban-san is in love with someone else, anyway?"

Paul peers over his newspaper at them, frowning thoughtfully. Ban is not usually so red-faced when he's picking on his partner, and he saw the man with the wide-brimmed hat who left Ban at the door.

Paul sighs. Natsumi looks puzzled.

"To be happy if the one you love finds someone else," he says, "that's true love."


What worries Ban most is that what Ginji sees with his heart is usually true. But whatever it is he's got going on with Jackal, it sure isn't love. It's just tension and friction, a passing fascination that's sure to burn out as quickly as it flared, ephemeral as a Jagan-dream.

Sometimes he hates himself for it.

But if Ginji's right, if it's anything like love, it can only be for a hoped-for Akabane who has gotten back his lost humanity, because how dark must Ban's soul be if he can love Dr. Jackal just as he is?


and, still more to come (7 themes to go!)
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