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Calling Blood

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Taylor Andel was betrayed by someone close to him, thus destroying him. But when he succumbs to his wish of death, something unexpected happens. He is forced to stay on earth as a Dark Winged Angel...

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Title: Calling Blood

Verse: Dark Wing(June)

Prompt: 006. Hours

Word Count: 781

Rating: PG-13

Notes: Fourth in the Dark Wing series. Song inspiration is courtesy Fort Minorwith "Where'd You Go?". We are also taking a little field trip to the department of backstory. Enjoy!

P.S. My stories are now being archived at any of the following places, darkwing on Insane Journal, darkwingstory on Livejournal, and the Dark Wing website along with everywhere else :).

I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone.
Where'd you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone,
Please come back home...

~"Where'd You Go?" By Fort Minor

It feels like so long since I last saw him. In reality, it had only been only a few hours. I had come home for lunch, knowing that he wouldn't eat if I didn't come home to make him. He seemed fine then; he smiled weakly at me and even cracked a (lame) joke. Had he decided that that was to be the last time he'd see me, or was it a split second decision?

Tears stung my eyes once more as I thought of him. There had been a report on the news about him. Taylor, though they were unaware of his name, had been pronounced dead at the scene. Just knowing that he had actually done it had crushed me; I had held onto hope that he would walk through that door to apologize for scaring me.

He was gone, through, and now I had to tell Mom and Dad that their own son had taken his own life.

The catch was, they would feel more ashamed than sad. They had stopped caring about him after he refused to see a therapist about his depression; why he was depressed, they didn't know; only I did. They had seen him as broken and not worth fixing and had, thus, edited him out of their life. I was tempted to not call them at all, but I knew they'd find out eventually; all hell would break loose if that happened.

With no other option, I picked up the receiver and dialed a familiar number. The phone was answered within three rings.

"Hello, Mrs. Andel speaking," the cheery voice on the opposite end said.

"Hi, Mom,"I answered. I knew I sounded depressed, and I was glad.

"June! What is it?" she sounded worried before her tone mutated into disapproval, "What didTaylor do now?"

With asimple deadpan and without preamble, I said, "He killed himself." There was astunned silence on the other side.

"That is not funny, June," she scolded, albeit, shakily.

"It's not ajoke, Mom. He's dead. He jumped off the Patterson Building."

Silence once again reins; then came a sob. I surprised by this; I hadn't expected her to care. She hadn't shown interest in him since before His betrayal. I could hear Dad talking in the background, though individual words were absent. Then the phone unexpectedly changed hands.

"June! What the hell did you say to upset your mother?" he demanded. He was furious; he thought that I was antagonizing her. I didn't take it personally; I was too emotionally deficient right now to care.

"Taylor's dead, Dad. He's gone, that's why she's crying. I just wanted to let you both know," I said, deadpan still in place. I was tempted to hang up; in fact, I about did, but Dad's voice stopped me.

"Wait, June, why? Why did he do it?" He sounded astonished; as if it had never occurred to him that his own son could take his own life.

"I don't know, Dad; maybe because he was hurting," I said, sarcasm reaching my voice.

"Why was he hurting, June? What happened? And don't say you don't know; I know you do."

I hesitated. I decided to go with the basic answer.

"Dad, do you remember...," I didn't want to say his name, but I had to, "Seth?"

"Yes. He was Taylor's friend, the nice, polite one," Dad answered; his confusion was palpable. Iflinched.

"He wasn't as nice as we all thought. He betrayed Taylorin a way that broke him. That's why he was depressed, Dad. His best friend had betrayed him in the worst way."

"What way, June?" he asked, his voice quiet.

"I can't tell you, Dad. I swore to Tayto never tell anyone what happened to him and I'll never break that promise," I said almost pleadingly.

"I understand, June, you don't have to tell me; but if I ever see Seth again..." he trailed off. I was surprised to hear vehemence in his voice and I had no doubt that he would hurt Him if he ever saw Him again.

"Also, Tay wrote a letter to me before he left it," I couldn't choke out 'kill himself', "He asked me to plan his funeral. It was one of his last wishes."

"If that is what he wanted, then so be it. We'll leave it to you, June, but if you need help, let us know. Well be there as soon as we can."

I was grateful for his understanding. "Thanks, Dad. I'll see you soon."

He said his good-bye and hung up.

Once again, I was alone with nothing but hours to keep me company.
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