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A New Awakening

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Taylor Andel was betrayed by someone close to him, thus destroying him. But when he succumbs to his wish of death, something unexpected happens. He is forced to stay on earth as a Dark Winged Angel...

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Title: A New Awakening

'Verse: Dark Wing(Taylor)

Prompt: 021. Friends

Word Count: 837

Rating: PG-13 for Language

Notes: Third in the Dark Wing series. Be excited! You learn a bit about the betrayal! (Not much though.) This story was inspired by the song "What's It Feel Like To Be AGhost?" by Taking Back Sunday.

This is quick but not quite painless,
It sits perched on your arm.
Tacky and irrelevant (So what?)
A permanent reminder that, oh Christ
(I study)
We study
(up nightly)
Drag you out into those streets
Before you buckled at your knees (buckled

)~"What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?" by Taking Back Sunday

Pain. I hate pain. Whoever said death didn't hurt was a liar. Everything was dark, but maybe that was because my eyes were shut; so, slowly, I opened them, fully expecting to see bright white clouds or even flickering flames. Instead, I saw the dark, cloudy sky and the top of the building I had just launched myself off of. I blinked, surprised.

What the hell? I thought, bewildered. Iknew I couldn't have survived the fall, so why was I here? My head lolled over to the side and my eyes widened in shock and horror. It took me a second to comprehend what I was seeing, but when I did, I screamed distressingly like agirl. My own face, covered in blood, was staring back at me with lifeless eyes. It confirmed the question of "Was I dead?"; I was, indeed. The sight of my own blood sickened me, just like it always had, so I moved my eyes away. As I did, I caught sight of a dark shadowy thing in my personal bubble. For the second time that night, I screamed like a girl. Like a person in a horror movie, Ireached out to touch the unknown shadow. It was soft and felt feathery; it was a large, black wing, like a raven's but larger. Realization slowly set in.

It was attached to me.

What was I? An angel? I've never heard of one with black wings, but, knowing me, I'll be the first. It may be apossibility, I guess.

Was I a demon? Was I really that horrible in life to warrant an eternity of servitude to Hell? Then again, maybe I had.

My senses seemed to be returning as I stood; though I never noticed they were gone. People were screaming nearby; Icould hear their panic through the voices. Screams of "Call an ambulance!" and"He's dead." surrounded me. I snorted. It was too late for the first, and the second warranted a duh. Sirens, though still a block a way, wailed almost deafeningly. The people around me didn't move any closer than a few feet towards my abandoned body, as if they were bricks in a multicolored wall. They were watching, waiting for my body to move; I sighed as I lost all faith in human intelligence.

I hate to tell you guys this, but it's not going to move. It's DEAD, I snarked mentally with a snort. I sat up and looked around to all the strange faces. I didn't know any of-


He's not here.

He was and he was looking at my broken, bloody body without any remorse or grief or guilt. He looked totally unemotional, and it hurt. It hurt that he didn't care that I was dead, but it also angered me and I wanted him to hurt like I had for six long months; that was why I had taken my own life. I had wanted to end this pain, but I had also wanted to harm him. Obviously, it had backfired on me. Now, I was left as adark winged...something and stuck on Earth for all eternity. Damn my luck!

I swore loudly at my mistake. Ishould have known better than this. I should have known that he wouldn't care; he proved it six months ago. I swore again, even louder and more creatively.

"You might want to watch your language," a nasally voice stated mildly from behind me. I spun around in shock and fear, and came face-to-face with the embodiment of the species "Homo Nerdus".

He was short, skinny and had glasses that were almost as large as his face. His sandy brown hair was close cropped and he wore a white oxford that was neatly tucked in to his khaki pants.

And on his back were two, large black wings. I know I stared at him for a moment in surprise and a little bit of amusement; he noticed.

"It's not polite to stare, you know," he said, eyebrows raised.

"Well, sor-ry," I said annoyed,"But it kind of confused me when you could see me." I disliked people like him; wait...I dislike people in general.

"That's understandable," he grinned lopsided, "I'm Zach; Zach Harrison," I was resigned to introducing myself. Anyway, I needed help; even if I didn't want to admit it. I was now in over my head.

"I'm Taylor Andel," I sighed, defeated.

"Nice to meet you, Taylor," (I couldn't really say the same.) "Now, I'm sure you'd like some answers and I can give you a few." He was right; I did want answers.

"Alright," was all I responded with.

"Now if you'll follow me I'll give you your answers," he said cheerfully, as he turned and nearly bounced away. With one last look at the wall of human bricks (now with EMTs), searching the face that was now absent, I followed Zach; a feeling of sadness coming with me. Together, I and my new companion stepped into the darkness.

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