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oh, cupcakes!

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paintball, rollerblades and a case of mistaken cupcake identity.

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Author's Note: Since ficwad is known for being unstable, i've decided to create an account on a fanfic ezboard that whatkatydid created ( I'll be posting my fics there, too.

Anyways, hugs and pretty dresses go out to the following:


THEM > you. srsly.


11: o h , c u p c a k e s !

Gabe's POV

"I'm bored," Sophie said, flopping onto the couch. Hemingway hopped onto her lap and nuzzled against her arm.
"Woah, who let you on the bus?" I asked, taking my headphones off.
"We let ourselves in," she said, smiling. I put away my iPod and jumped onto the couch, landing next to her.
"What brings you to the cobra couch?" I asked, petting Hemmy.
"The guys are at an interview, so I decided to sneak off and hang out with my faaaavorite member of Cobra Starship," she said, cheerfully. "So where's Vicky?"
"Hey, what am I, chopped liver?"
"Aw, you know I'm kidding," she said, lightly punching my shoulder. "I could never choose between you guys."
"Haha. Well if you must know Vicky's hanging out with Panic! She and Jon were getting pretty cozy last time I checked."
"No way," she said in disbelief.
"Yes way!"
"Wow... Who woulda thunk it?"
"Ryland, actually. He did his matchmaking thang and it worked."
"Jeez, the boy has a gift."
"That he does," I said nodding. "So what do you want to do while the guys are away?"
"Wreak some havoc, freak out the elderly... you know, the usual."
"Sounds like fun."

"Not the face! Not the face!" I yelled as I dodged paintballs.

I suck at math, but this situation was easy enough:
Sophie + roller blades + paintball gun = Gabe in TROUBLE.

I tugged on Hemmy's leash, but he refused to move. Instead, he walked over to a bush and took a leak.

"C'mon, Hem. Let's GO!" I pleaded.

He turned to me then sat down at my feet. I swear, this dog was mocking me.

Sophie was fast approaching, but I couldn't just ditch the love of Pete's life. Holding my paintball gun, I shielded my face and aimed for her speeding figure. I hit her in the thigh, but it didn't seem to phase her. She just kept speeding towards us.

My eyes went wide as I realized I was out of ammo. And she was only a few feet away.

"Oh fuck." I got down on all fours and hid behind Hem. She loved that dog just as much as Pete did and there was no way she'd risk hitting him.

"Dude, that's so cheap," she said, stopping in front of me.
"Truce?" I asked, still cowering.
"Fine, truce." She helped me up and took the leash from my hand.

"Hey, I think you dropped something over there," she said, pointing behind me.
"Where?" I asked, turning around. Before you could say 'SIKE!' she shot me in the ass.

"That's what you get for using my baby as a shield!" she yelled, skating away with Hemmy.

Pete's POV

"Hemingway!" I called as we got back onto the bus. Instead of being greeted by excited barks, I was met with silence.


At this point I was a little worried. He always ran to the door when I called him.


"Huh, wha?" Dirty said, awakened by all the commotion. There was a Post-It note stuck to his forehead. I peeled it off and examined it.

Took Hemmy for a walk. Don't freak out.
Love and cupcakes,

PS. Check the minifridge.

"Soap, you're the best," I said, pulling a plate of chocolate cupcakes from the fridge.

"Ooh, cupcakes!" Joe said, grabbing one.
"Wait!" Patrick said, what if Sophie made them with "special" ingredients?
"I like special cupcakes!" Joe said, about to take a bite.
"No, I mean the laxatives."
"Oh, I don't like laxatives..." He put the cupcake back. I set the plate down on the table and we stared at it, contemplating Sophie's motives.

"So what are we going to do?" Andy asked.
"I guess I could take one for the team," Dirty said, picking one up. "They look really good."

As he ate the mysterious cupcake, we all watched with anticipation.

"So... How do you feel?" I asked.
"Still not sure..." He grabbed another and scarfed it down.

"Need to use the bathroom yet?" Andy inquired.
"No, but now that I think about it, I do feel kind of funny..."

Nonetheless, he grabbed another cupcake from the plate. Before we knew it, he had gone through the whole plate.

"Queasy? Sick? Anything?" Patrick asked.
"Nope." He let out a loud burp. "Just full."
"Awww. So they were just normal cupcakes?" Joe asked, disappointed.
"Well, now that I think about it, I think they were special," Dirty said, giggling. "I feel like a llama... A LLAMA RAINBOW!" He waved his hands around and fell off the couch.
"I wanted a special cupcake..." Joe pouted.

Soap's POV

"Me and Hemmy are back!" I yelled as we got onto the bus. I unclipped his leash and tossed it onto a pile of Pete's stuff. He licked my leg, then ran off toward the boys.

Flopping onto the couch, I took off my roller blades and tossed them aside.

"Woah, what happened to you?" Trick asked, pointing to my bruised and multicolored arm.
"Paintballing in the park with Gabe."

All of a sudden, my stomach started growling. I peeled myself off the couch and headed over to the minifridge.

"Why didn't you guys eat the cupcakes?" I asked.
"What are you talking about? They're all gone," Pete replied.
"Then what are these?" I pulled out the plate and set it on the table.
"More special cupcakes?!" Joe chimed.
"More?" I asked. "...Oh crap, you guys ate the special ones?"
"We didn't. Dirty did," Andy laughed, then pointed to him sitting on the counter.

"Here's a llama, there's a llama and another little llama. Fuzzy llama, funny llama. Llama, llama, duck," Dirty sang, swinging his feet.

"So he ate all of them?" I asked.
"YEAH!" Dirty yelled, then fell off the counter. "Haha, ow... Ooh, doggy!"

"Guys, those were for me and Joe!" I laughed.
"See! I knew it!" Joe said, pouting.
"Here," I said, handing him a cupcake. "You get the prettiest one."
"Thank you, Soap."

For the rest of the night, we bonded over the normal cupcakes, played videogames and listened to Dirty as he regaled us with songs about llamas.


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