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dark rooms and flashing lights

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Author's Note: Aiyaaa! Sorry for lack of updates. School started on the 4th and life's been pure chaos since then.

homework + procrastination = DISASTER

Anyways, this chapter goes out to:

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12: r a m p t o p s n i p e r s

Soap's POV

"Hey Mister DJ, you've gotta put a record on, yeah. We're gonna bury this town tonight. We're gonna dance all night."

"Huh?" I groaned. Too lazy to open my eyes, I buried my head in my pillow and blindly swiped for my phone. Grabbing a rectangular device from the floor, I brought it up to my ear.


Instead of hearing a voice on the other line, I was met with silence while "Send My Love to the Dancefloor" continued to play. Holding the item away from my face, I realized that I had picked up the TV remote.


Feeling around on the floor once again, I found my actual cell phone amongst a pile of socks.

"Hey Soap! It's Vicky."
"Oh, hey," I said, running my left hand through my hair. "Why are you calling so early?"
"What are you talking about? It's 1:36."
"Oh," I said, checking my watch. "Well, what's up?"
"Me and the guys are going out to LaserQuest. We were wondering if you guys wanted to come."
"Lemme ask." I held the phone to my chest and turned to Andy.

"Andyyy," I said, shaking his shoulder. "Wanna go play laser tag?"
"Mmmmnm, burger," he said, pushing my face away with his hand.
"But you're a vegan..."
"Mmmnm," he groaned, turning away from me.
"I'll take that as a no..."

I got out of bed and walked toward Patrick's bunk.

"Trick, are you up for some laser tag?" I asked, poking his side.
"If yo mama gave it to ya baby girl let it show. Once you pop, pop lock it for me maybe we can roll, ohhhhh," he mumbled, then face planted into his pillow.

Another no.

Walking over to Joe's bunk, I saw that he wasn't alone. A pretty brunette was asleep on his chest as he quietly snored.

"Joe... Such a pimp."

I had a feeling that he'd choke me with his jedi mind powers if I interrupted, so I decided to head over to Pete.

"Wentz, wanna play some laser tag?" I asked. Unlike the others, he was awake.
"Sure, lemme just finish up this line..." After jotting a few more words down, set his pen aside and closed his notebook.

I was about to ask Dirty if he wanted to tag along, but an empty 12-pack laid at his feet. I didn't have a deathwish, so I decided to let him sleep.

"Looks like only me and Pete will be joining you guys," I said, resuming my conversation with Vicky.
"Okay, we'll be over there in 15. Can you get ready by then?"
"Yeah, we'll be ready."
"Okay, see you then."

"They'll be here in 15 minutes," I said, grabbing some clothes from my bag.
"Okay." Pete took a seat on the couch as I changed in the bathroom. After putting on some mascara and lip gloss, I stepped out and joined Pete on the couch.

"Exactly how much Guitar Hero did they play?" I asked.
"Originally they were playing 2 out of 3, but it got to 14 out of 27. Then they played Super Smash Bros until Andy won with Princess Peach."

A knock on the door put an end to our conversation.

Opening the door, I saw Vicky and Alex standing there.
"Haha, what are they doing?" I asked, referring to the scene that was unfolding behind her.

Ryland was carrying Nate on his back and they were charging towards Gabe, who was wildly kicking the air.

"They're trying to figure out who gets to use the name 'King Cobra' when we play laser tag."

At the counter, we paid for our game. To pass the time until it began, we played foosball. Nate and Pete were really getting into it.

Just as Pete was about to score the winning goal, little kids came out of the party room, screaming. Catching him off guard, Nate took control and won the game.

"Wait, what?!" Pete said, as Nate did a little victory dance.

All players with purple cards, please step into the airlock. Once again, all players with purple cards, please step into the airlock. Your game is about to begin.

"Just you wait, drummer boy. I'm gonna kick your ass in there," Pete said.

Stepping into the airlock, a guy who looked like a mixture of Conan O'Brien and Shia LeBeouf was standing against the far wall, explaining how to put the vests on. While he talked, Vicky and I made faces at each other.

After the mini-lecture, Conan LeBeouf slid the side door open. We put on our vests and took out our guns. As I aligned the small silver activator with the top of my gun, "PRIMADONNA" registered onto the screen and my gun emitted a high pitched beep.

Pete was COMMANDO (in both senses of the word).
Gabe was KING COBRA.
Ryland was BLACK MAMBA.
Alex was ANACONDA.
Nate was CORN.

"Aww, what the hell?!" Ryland said.
"What happened?" Alex asked. He looked at Ryland's screen and started cracking up. "BLACK MAMA?!"
"They freaking misspelled my name!"
"Too late now," I said. We were a few seconds from going into the maze.

Vicky and I quickly teamed up against the guys. We ran up one of the ramps and shot everyone who passed below us. 10 minutes into the game, Vicky and I were yet to be shot.

All of a sudden we heard someone else running up the ramp. We took cover behind a wall and waited. Once he was in shooting distance, I got him in the back.

"Aw, fuck." It was Pete.

Vicky high fived me, then we ran down the ramp.

"Wait!" he yelled, running after us. "Can I team up with you two?"
"But it's girls vs. guys," I said.
"Well, it turned into cobras vs. me really fast."

Vicky turned to me, skeptical.

"I wear eyeliner and tight jeans," he added. "Isn't that close enough?"
"Okay, you're in."

All three of us ran up the ramp and continued shooting everyone below. I quickly spotted Alex walking around with Gabe.

"What the--someone just shot me in the eye!"

I laughed as Alex spun around, looking for a shooter. Vicky finished the job, shooting him in the chest, while Pete got Gabe in the shoulder.

Ryland's POV

Hiding behind a wall, I had a clear shot of a 12-year old. Getting him in the shoulder, I laughed.

"Black mama?!" he screamed. Turning around, he spotted me. His 5 seconds of recovery still weren't up, meaning that he couldn't shoot me.


Out of nowhere, his friends came up behind him. They didn't look too happy.

"Get him!" the kid yelled.
"Oh crap."

Just like that, a mob of 6th graders charged, causing me to run for my life.

A loud beep accompanied with flashing lights, signaled the end of our game.


Relieved, I put my gun in the holster and walked toward the exit.

Outside, everyone was already looking up at the leader board.

19. CORN

"Last place?!" Nate yelled.
"Corn?" I asked.
"Corn snakes. You know…? Corn snakes..." he said.

We all turned to him and shot 'huh?' looks.

"Well, you guys took all the good names, what was I supposed to do?"

I laughed.

"Shut up, black mama."
"Hey there was like an army of kids chasing me, but I still didn't rank last," I retorted.

Pete's POV

After eating a late lunch/early dinner with Cobra Starship, Soap and I headed back to the bus.

"Where were you two?" Andy immediately asked.
"LaserQuest with the cobras."
"What, you went to play laser tag?" Joe asked. "Why didn't you wake us up?"
"I tried," Soap chimed in. "But you guys were all too tired to get up."

"I think you're spending a little too much time with Gabe and them," Andy commented, looking in Soap's direction.
"Am I detecting a hint of jealousy?" She asked wrapping her arms around him.
"Just a little..."
"Well, I think it's cute." She leaned up and kissed him. Andy rested his hands on her hips and
returned the gesture.

"Get a room, you guys," Dirty said. They both flipped him off and continued making out.

I liked it better when they kept PDA under wraps.


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