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My immortal romance

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(could change to a rated R) Ok, basically so far Frank is immortal and meets Gerard, he needs help because 'theyre after him' confused? Then read and find out....

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A/N: Wooh, I'm actually posting a story on here after flippin ages! I know I still have life on a tour bus to finish and A little less sixteen candles a little more sweet revenge to add to...actually, does anyone actually want me to add to that coz' no one reviews it. :( Anywho, this is just a stupidly wierd story I'm writing, not sure whether its going to be a slash or not...if you want it to be, or not to be, (oh god I sound like shakespeare!) then just review and let me know. Anyway, stop reading my stupid random note and get to the story go on scram! shoo's you away with broom

"Erm...sorry, this is gonna sound like a strange question but...erm...whats the date today?" Asked Frank, as he filled in some forms for his new bank account. The woman behind the desk smiled at him. "Its the 24th of January" She said in her sugary sweet voice, her blonde hair pulled back into a bun, a pair of horn rimmed glasses perched on the end of her nose. Frank scribbled down the date, then realised he had to include the year. He looked up at the woman still smiling at him, and nervously ran his tongue over his bottom lip which had gone dry. "Right and erm...whats the year?" He asked, the woman frowned and looked taken aback.
"1997" She answered, losing her sugary sweetness from shock of being asked such a strange question.
"Right..." Mumbled Frank writing it down. He layed the pen down and handed the woman the forms, she was staring at him as if he had gone mad or something. Admittedly, he didnt look to sane, his hair was a mess and he had a lip and nose ring, his eyes kept darting round the room as if he thought he was being watched, his clothes were scruffy and his skinny fit jeans had a rip on each knee. He had a long scar down his left cheek and he was extremely pale. "Are you alright sir?" Asked the woman as Frank nervously cracked his knuckles. "Huh...oh what? Oh yeah, erm...yeah ooh I'm fine." He laughed nervously and the woman stared at him worryingly as she put the forms into a draw. "O - kay....well....your account will open within a few days, heres your new card, all these forms include all the information you need including your pin number. Now, do you have any money you want to cash in now?" She asked, handing Frank some leaflets which had bold headlines of 'So you've just got yourself a bank account!' Frank took the card and put it in his pocket. "Erm...yeah I've got a hundred here." Frank handed the woman the money as she put in a paying in book.
"Lovely lovely. So, are you starting university are you?" She asked. Frank frowned for a second and then remembered though he was 132 years old he looked about 19.
"Oh erm...I dunno....maybe" He mumbled.
"Maybe? Havent you left college yet?" Asked the woman. Frank stood up suddenly, he didnt like personal questions. He shouldnt be here anyway.
"Erm, I have to go, thanks Bye!" He rushed out of the room as the woman looked confused. He ran out of the bank and down the street, thank god he hadnt included real details on those forms. He pulled the bank card out of his pocket, snapped it and then put it down the drain. Ever since he had been shot 300 times by a mad man only months earlier he had become nervouse, scared, and kept doing stupid things for no reason. Like getting that bank account. He kicked a rock on the pavement and mumbled "Why do I need a bank account anyway?" He was too busy wondering where to go, that he didnt notice the man walking down the street infront of him scanning a newspaper. Frank and the man collided into eachother and they both fell onto the pavement. "Sorry sorry!" Cried Frank shielding his face as if the man might hurt him.
"No no, my fault I was watching where I was going...err...are you ok?" Asked the man, noticing how frightened Frank looked. He was shaking and was still shielding his face. "Here. Let me help you up" He said holding out his hand. Frank slowly lowered his arms and stared at the man, he seemed nice enough, his face was pale and his eyes were a sparkling hazel, filled with concern. Frank reluctantly took the mans hand and allowed himself to pulled to his feet. "Thanks" He mumbled. The man smiled.
"Dont mention it...are you alright you look....well, not to be rude but you look like your homeless." He said almost shyly.
"I....I am..."Mumbled Frank feeling ashamed. The man looked shocked.
"Really? Where are you going? Dont you have anywhere to stay?" He asked. Frank shook his head. "Whats your name? Where you from?" Asked the man, Frank flinched at the personal questions. "My names Frank...." He mumbled.
"I'm Gerard. Here, let me help you find somewhere to stay" He said. Frank shook his head quickly.
"No. I cant, I cant go into a hotel. I have to keep going, keep going." His eyes roamed round the deserted streets and he wrung his hands nervously.
"What do you mean?" Asked Gerard, his voice filled with concern. Frank didnt stop looking about him in fear.
"They'll know. They know all places, hotels, motels, travel rests, they'll get me. They're after me I have to go I have to go" Frank began to walk away but Gerard grabbed his arm. "Who are after you? Are you ok, do you need help?" He asked.
"Let me go, I have to go I have to go, if they get me. If they find me with you they'll kill you, they'll kill you they're after me let go let go!" Frank tried to pull away but Gerard didnt let go. "Ok, are you on medication?" He asked.
"I'm not mad! You dont understand! Let me go let me go!" Frank struggled against Gerards grip.
"No way dude, your freaking me out. Come on, let me buy you a coffe, calm you down." Gerard pulled Frank down the street to his car. "I was on my way to the art shop to buy some more drawing stuff, but it can wait for a while. Any particular coffee shop?" He asked as he started the engine. Frank looked panicked in the passenger seat.
"No we cant! They'll find me, they know every public place! They'll find me they'll find me!" He cried. Gerard looked at the presumably younger man.
"Ok fine, we'll go to my place. Will 'they' find you there?" He asked already driving down the road towards his apartment. Frank had tears in his eyes.
"I dont know." He buried his face in his hands. "Oh god help me, what should do, help me help me" He begged. Gerard tried to concentrate on the road and not to stare at the man in his passenger seat. "Hey hey hey, its ok Frank, I'll help you. Calm down." He said kindly as Frank gave a squeak of terror as they turned a corner.
"Oh god, I'm gonna die. No I cant die, what will they do to me? I cant die but I can hurt, oh god oh god oh god, they'll torture me, oh god why cant I die? Let me die!" He cried. Gerard pulled into his driveway. "What are you on about? Come inside, let me get you a drink" He said, opening the door and getting out the car but Frank stayed in his seat, head in his hands, rocking back and forth. "They'll get me they'll get me. Oh god, let me die, just kill me please kill me let me die let me die let me die. I dont want life, I dont like it, I hate it I hate it. Let me die let me die!" He cried hysterically. Panicking slightly Gerard pulled Frank out of the car and pulled him up the driveway to his house. "Hey man calm down, enough of the suicidal thoughts already. Your not going to be killed ok." He said, Frank gave a loud sniff.
"I know I'm not. Its not fair, you can die, your neighbours can die the people on the street can die, the president can die but I cant die. I cant die, why wont he let me? Why wont he?" Gerard frowned in confusions as he shoved Frank down onto a dining table chair and began making coffee.
"What are you on about? What do you mean you cant die?" He asked. Frank looked at him with watery eyes.
"Its a curse, when I was 19 he, no, they did it, they're after me, they want to hurt me because the curse was to kill me. It went wrong and now I cant grow old and I cant die. Oh god, I cant die!" Frank put his head in his hands again and began repeating - "I cant die I cant die" Over and over again.

A/N: He he, are you confused? You should be. ^^ Dont worry its not this confusing for the rest of the story. Reviews are appreciated, good or bad I dont care. If you review me I will love you!!
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