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Take my hand and never be afraid again.

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They've only just met but Gerards already lending a helping hand.

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Gerard made the coffees and put one infront of Frank, who stared at it suspicously. "Its only a coffee...." Said Gerard, Frank raised the cup to his lips and slowly took a sip. "T - thanks" He mumbled.
"Its ok. Are you gonna tell me what the hell is going on? Whats all this about a curse?" Asked Gerard. Frank looked scared as he took a deep sigh.
"HEY FRANK COME OVER HERE!" Shouted Tom, one of the people in Franks street. Frank ran down the path, he was 19, young and handsome and fit. He was courting a young woman named Lilly, she was beautiful and good. "Hi Tom" Greeted Frank stopping infront of the fellow 19 year old. Tom was also handsome, but there were rumours about him, people believed he followed Satan and could use dark magic. Frank didnt believe any of this stuff though, Tom was his friend...well, they had had a rough patch when Lilly had been going out with Tom and had left him for Frank...but that wasnt Franks fault and Tom must have realised it because only a couple of weeks earlier he had made friends with Frank. "Hey Frank do you want to see something cool?" Asked Tom.
"Sure" Said Frank. Tom grinned and began walking down the street beckoning for Frank to follow him.
They came to a halt in the woods, in the middle of a clearing. Three others of Toms friends were there. Peter, Billy and Graham. "Erm, hey guys" Said Frank. They grinned back at him. "So, whats going on?" Asked Frank who wanted to go see Lilly and felt this was wasting valuable time.
"You stole my girl Frank" Said Tom casually. Frank looked at him in surprise, Tom was looking at the floor, he slowly raised his head, his fringe falling forward and casting a shadow over his black eyes. "Now I'm getting you back" Frank barely had time to move before Tom sprinted forward and knocked him to the floor.
"TOM WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Yelled Frank as Tom raised a dagger. He seemed to hesitate, then he dropped the dagger and looked at the floor to the side, his eyes being cast in shadow again. "Your right Frank. Too much evidence..." He sniggered. "I'll use black magic instead." Tom got off Frank and the other three pulled Frank to his feet. Peter and Billy held one of Franks arms each stopping him from running away, and Graham held his head still so he was forced to look at Tom who was stood a few feet away. "Oh Frank, you truly believed I had forgiven you..." He said airily.
"Tom, you know it wasnt my fault Lilly left you!" Cried Frank.
"She left me for you!" Snarled Billy.
"But I never gave any sign I liked her as much as she liked me. Its not my fault she fancied me!" Cried Frank. Toms face contorted with rage.
"Take that back!" He snarled.
"Its true!" Frank replied. Tom raised his hands and a black light surrounded them.
"Tom this is stupid!" Said Frank suddenly scared.
"Oh come o-"
"Tom - "
"Tom please"
"Listen to me for a second!"
"Tom listen to me -" Tom raised his hands above his head, his eyes flashing with anger and the temptation of revenge.
"I CURSE YOU FRANK IERO! I CURSE YOU TO BURN IN HELL FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY! DIE!!" Tom pushed his hands forward and black orbs of light erupted from his palms, Frank opened his mouth to yell out and the orbs hit him hard. He was knocked back and Graham, Peter and Billy jumped out aside. Frank crashed onto the floor. He was in a lot of pain, but he wasnt dead. He rolled around on the floor crying from the pain. Tom looked confused. "He's not dead..." Tom drew a dagger from his belt and slit Franks throat. Frank screamed in pain as he felt the hot blood pouring down his neck, under his shirt and down his chest. He was sure he was dead. His throat had just been slit, of course he was dead! But he wasnt.
"No! The curse backfired! He is immortal!" Cried Tom. Franks eyes widened. He was immortal!? Peter, Graham and Billy looked at the bleeding, yelling, but living Frank and ran in terror. Tom looked unsure of what to do, but then collected his senses and fled.
End flashback
"That was 132 years ago now...he must have made himself and the other three immortal too, because for the past 6 months they've been after me." Frank concluded his story. Gerards mouth was slightly open and he stared at Frank as if he was mad. "Your kidding me right?" Asked Gerard. Frank shook his head. "Ok...and your sure your not mental?" Asked Gerard, Frank scowled.
"Of course I'm not mental, look!" Frank tilted his head back revealing a long scar from where his throat had been slit. "And this scar on my cheek -" Frank turned his head so Gerard could see. "Was when I had an argument with my dad and he threw a glass at me, the glass broke and a peice sliced my cheek" Said Frank. "I've got plenty more scars as proof too...heck I'll carve out my own heart if you dont believe me" Frank went to stand up but Gerard quickly shook his head.
"No! I believe you!" He insisted. Frank sat down and sipped at his coffee. "But you cant blame me for thinking you were mad, I were babbling on like you were crazy" Said Gerard. Frank blushed.
"Yeah well...I was panicking, its not nice to know your being hunted down and cant die...I can still feel pain Gerard, they can still hurt me and death wont be my release from it. Do you get what I'm saying?" Gerard nodded his head. And Frank sighed deeply. "I dont know where I'm gonna go, its like...if I ever go to a public place for over an hour or so...they find me. I have to keep moving, I have to stay on my gaurd. I dont have enough money to buy a house...I only have enough money for food...and I've just given most of it to the fucking bank for some stupid ass reason. I just cant think straight, my minds messed up from panic and trying to find a solution..." Frank stopped to drink some coffee and Gerard watched him closely. "Well...why dont you live with me? They wont find you here will they? Its not a public place." He said. Frank looked at him in shock. "'d really let me live here?" He asked. Gerard nodded, Frank considered it a moment before shaking his head. "Nah...I couldnt do that. Its not fair on you" He said. Gerard laughed lightly.
"Hey. I'm lonely here anyway, and besides and I dont want to think of you being tortured by some freaks who got jealouse over a girl..." He said. Frank smiled slightly.
"Well...if your sure..."
"I wouldnt ask if I wasnt sure."
"Well...Ok....thanks a lot."
"Dont mention it."

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