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Trust me

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I'm gonna make this a ferard.

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A/N: I've decided to make this a Ferard, since Gerards got married and we still need Ferard action in our lives!! Well..I do anyway! :D Please review people, I hate adding if no one seems to be reading it! Oh and I'm skipping a few months...

Frank had been living with Gerard for 3 months, they had grown a strong friendship and so far Tom and co. hadn't found Frank, and there was no sign that they were close. Of course Frank was extremely cautiouse and rarely went out. Gerard worked for Cartoon Network and had to leave the house everyday, at first Frank had sat in the living room, cuddled into a corner of the couch nervously waiting for Gerard to return. But now he wasnt as nervouse and the days went by much quicker. Especially since Gerard had bought him a guitar to play. Frank was playing some random chords when the door to the house opened and Gerard called a greeting.
"HEY!" Frank called in response, putting the guitar back on its stand. Gerard walked into the living room.
"You ok?" He asked. Frank nodded.
"Yeah. How was work?" He asked. Gerard shrugged.
"Work" He said simply. Frank wondered whether it was strange that he actually understood what Gerard meant by that. "What about you? Good day?" Asked Gerard as he flopped onto the sofa. "It was un - eventful." Frank replied. Sitting next to Gerard. Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door and Gerard got up.
"Hm...I didnt know anyone was coming round today" He mumbled as he walked towards the door. Frank followed, he had met Gerards brother and friends, Ray, Mikey, Matt and Bob and liked them all. Gerard pulled open the door but there was noone there, but a letter was on the doorstep. Gerard picked it up, closing the door as he ripped open the envelope. A peice of paper slipped out onto his hand and he unfolded it. "What is it?" Asked Frank.
"It says...We know your here Frankie, you cant sit in that house forever. Tom x" Gerard read aloud. Frank stared at him.
"That wasnt funny" He said quietly. Gerard looked shocked.
"I'm not joking, it really says that - look" He turned the peice of paper round to show the fancy writing on the other side. Frank read it and went pale. He took a step back, and put a hand on his forehead, his mouth open slightly. "Oh shit" He whispered. Gerard took a small step forehead, and reached out to grab Frank.
"Frank dont worry, its ok..." He assured him, but Frank either didnt hear or ignored him. He was mumbling 'oh shit' over and over again and looked ready to faint. Gerard took another step forward. "Frank...?" He questioned, Franks knees buckled and he collapsed forward, Gerard caught him and Frank burst into sobs, crying on Gerards shoulder. His hands weakly gripping the top of Gerards arms to remain up - right. "Hey, Frank its okay. Shhh, your safe here. I promise." Said Gerard, Frank stood back and wiped some of his tears away. "I - I'm scared." He mumbled. Gerard sighed and pulled Frank into a gentle hug.
"Look, they must not be able to get you when your in the house if they said 'you cant stay in that house forever'. Maybe they cant get you when your in a building." He said. But Frank shook his head. "No. They can get me when I'm in buildings...maybe they're like vampires and cant step into a house un - less their invited." He sniffed. Gerard shrugged. "Either way, your safe in here right?" Frank nodded. "So whats all the crying about? Come on, you never leave the house anyway. Your safe in here, they cant get you. Dont let them scare you like this" Said Gerard stroking Franks hair. Frank pulled away a little and smiled.
"Your right." He said, wiping away the rest of his tears. "I just panic easily ya' know? I mean, to hurt and not die is a scary thought." He said. Gerard nodded.
"I know." He whispered. Frank took in a deep breath.
"Anyway...lets just forget about that letter. Erm...want any dinner?" Asked Frank walking into the kitchen. Gerard followed him and watched Frank root through the fridge. "What you hungry for?" Asked Frank. Gerard shrugged.
"I'm not really hungry." He said. Frank closed the fridge.
"Me niether" He admitted. He looked at his feet, looking nervouse. "Erm...Gerard, maybe I shouldnt stay here any more. It could get you into some serious danger." He mumbled. Gerard walked over to Frank. "Frank, dont be so stupid. Of course your staying here. Those guys cant get you in here, and they're not gonna get me, so dont worry about it." He said. Frank looked up into Gerards eyes.
"Why are you so good to me?" He asked. Gerard avoided Franks gaze and shrugged. Frank placed a hand on Gerards cheek and made him look at him again. They're eyes searched each others. "Gerard?" Mumbled Frank. "Gerard, your too good to me. Theres no reason for you to do anything for me." He said. Gerard leaned forward and ever so gently pushed his lips onto Franks. They're lips stuck for a matter of seconds before Gerard slowly pulled away, Frans eyes were wide, his lips were tingling. "I guess its because I love you..." Whispered Gerard, he was scared Frank would leave then, or be disgusted or hate him or...something! But instead Frank wrapped his arms round Gerards neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. Gerard pulled back first, looking a little confused. "I love you too." Said Frank shyly. Gerard smiled and hugged Frank close. "You wont let those guys get me will you Gerard?" Asked Frank as he rested his head on Gerards shoulder.
"Trust me." Said Gerard simply.
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