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Secrets and Bert Macraken.

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Parties, spin the bottle, and what the hell does Bert know?

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"A party? Here?" Frank repeated as Mikey jumped up and down on the spot.
"Yup! I've invited LOADS of people including Bert Mckracken, do you remember him Gee? He went to our highschool remember? And he's bringing a pal of his, Jeph or something like that. Oh oh oh! And I've invited Alicia, that girl I like, she was really excited when I asked her! Isnt that cool!? And of course, Matt, Bob and Ray are all coming. Then a bunch of Alicia's girlfriends are coming too, and some guy called Ville who's friends with a guy called Bam Margera. He went to our high school too." Said Mikey, talking so fast Gerard and Frank had to listen carefully to figure out what he was saying. Gerard held up a hand and Mikey fell silent, looking excited.
"Mikey...erm...this is great and everything but...why does it have to be here? Why couldnt you throw it in your house?" Gerard asked. Mikeys face fell.
"Because you said Frank cant leave the house... and I want you and Frank to come to the party too...why? You dont mind do you?" He asked, looking upset. Frank and Gerard looked at eachother, before Gerard sighed and said - "No of course I dont when does this exciting little evening take place?"

Frank pulled on a black T - shirt with a picture of a bullet hole through the chest on it and put a red studded belt on over his black skinny fits. Gerard walked into the room also wearing black skinnies, he had a black studded belt and Smashing Pumpkins T - shirt on. "Hopefully this party wont be an outragouse party. I dont really feel like it today." He said. Frank nodded.
"Same...are all the people coming nice?" He asked nervously, Gerard sighed.
"Well...Alicias nice, you know Matt, Bob and Ray, I guess Alicias 'girlfriends' are nice too though probably giggly, erm...Bam Margera is nice as far as I can remember but a bit of a daredevil, I've never met Ville, erm...That guy Jeph I've never met either and Bert is erm...he's a cool guy but a bit..." Gerard stopped.
"A bit what?" Asked Frank.
"How do I put this?...well, he's loud, a bit aggresive, a little forceful and just...not entirely there..." Mumbled Gerard.
"He's CRAZY!" Cried Frank. Gerard instantly shook his head.
"No! Of course least I dont think he is...He's just a bit of...a party animal I suppose you could say." He said, Frank looked petrified and almost fell over when there was a loud knock at the door.
Three hours into the party everyone was listening to some heavy metal and enjoying themselves. Frank was relieved to find he got along with everyone...well, he wasnt too sure whether he liked Bert or not. But otherwise everything was cool. There was a lot more beer than Frank or Gerard could remember byeing but everyone was having a good time so what did it matter? Frank was talking to Ray about transformers when the music suddenly stopped. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked towards the stereo where Bert was standing grinning evily. "COME ON FUCKERS SIT IN A CIRCLE! ITS TIME FOR SPIT THE BOTTLE!" He yelled, Frank looked at Ray.
"I didnt know we were playing spin the bottle!" He cried. Bert heard him and cackled.
"You cant have a party without spin the bottle! NOW SIT DOWN!" He cried, everyone shuffled round the room and sat down in a circle, Bert placed an empty beer bottle in the middle of the ring and spun it. "If it lands on people of the same sex then you have to kiss anyway, each kiss must last 15 songs, and make it good I want tongues and everything and if I dont think it was good enough then you kiss again. If you refuse to kiss then I'll hunt you down and slit your throat." Bert looked round at everyone, Gerard was right when he had said he was forceful, Frank wasnt sure why he was afraid to refuse Bert...but he was. "Everyone understand?" Asked Bert. Everyone nodded and the bottle stopped, everyone looked at who it had pointed out. 'Shit' thought Frank as he stared at the bottle that was pointing at him. Bert grinned and re - spun the bottle. Frank stared at it as it spun until it finally landed on one of Alicias friends - Katy. "RIGHT! YOU TWO KISS!" Yelled Bert, Frank sighed and shuffled into the middle of the circle, Katy doing the same. Bert did a count down and then they both leaned forward. "REMEMBER WE WANT TONGUES!" Yelled Bert as Frank kissed the girl half heartedly, instantly Katy forced her tongue into Franks mouth and placed her hands on the back of his head, forcing him into a deep kiss. Frank wanted to pull away, he really wasnt enjoying this, but he listened intently to the countdown and tried to make it look like he was kissing back. Once the number one had been called Frank renched himself out of Katy's grip and gasped for air, Bert laughed like a loon and said. "A'right, new spin!" They played the game for a whole hour. So long people could barely remember who they'd kissed. Some of the couples people tended to cheer the most were - Ville and Bam, Mikey and Alicia, Jeph and Gerard, Bert and Gerard, Ray and Alicias friend Laura, Bob and Matt, Bam and Alicia, Frank and Bert (Frank couldnt remember the last time he had felt so sick when Bert had shoved his tongue deep into his mouth) and Frank and Gerard. At the end of the game and people started leaving Bert cornered Frank and Gerard in the kitchen. "Are you two going out?" He asked, Gerard and Frank looked at eachother. "What makes you say that?" Asked Gerard, Bert chuckled darkly.
"Well, in that entire game the only person Frank seemed to want to kiss was you, and the only person you seemed to want to kiss, was Frank." He said. Frank gulped and Bert leaned forward so his face was inches from Franks. "I know your secret." He whispered before pulling back slowly. Franks eyes widened and he looked at Gerard who hadnt heard Bert. "Well...whats it to you if we're going out?" He asked, Bert grinned and held up his hands.
"I was just wondering. Cool party, anyway I better be off. By Fraaaaaank!" He blew a kiss to Frank before turning on his heel and leaving the house. Gerard looked at Frank in confusion and saw how pale he was. "Are you okay?" He asked. Frank fell to his knees. "Frank?" Gerard kneeled beside Frank. "Frank, whats wrong!? Tell me!" Cried Gerard. "He knows...he knows about me...who I am, about Tom...he...he knows everything..." Frank whispered, his eyes wide and staring at the door which Bert had just left through. "What!? How do you know!?" Asked Gerard. Frank ran a shaking hand through his hair.
"He said he knows my secret -" He croaked.
"Well...Bert likes to mess with people, he probably doesnt know anything. Loads of people have secrets, he was probably just trying to scare you" Said Gerard placing a hand on Franks shoulder. "No. He knows, I can tell. Shit Gee...What am I gonna do?" Asked Frank looking in fear at Gerard. Gerard opened his mouth to reply when Mikey came bounding into the kitchen followed by Matt, Ray and Bob. "Hey you two. Wasnt that game of spin the bottle just hilariouse!?" Cried Mikey happily. He suddenly saw how pale Frank was. "Hey...are you two ok? Whats happened?" Asked Mikey. Gerard shook his head and got to his feet, pulling Frank up with him.
"Nothing, Franks just a had a bit to drink." He assured Mikey, Frank nodded his head in agreement. Mikey chuckled.
"Oh and guess what, Bert and his pal had a really great time and they want us all to meet up with them tommorow, but I know Frank cant leave the house -" Gerard interupted Mikey. "You didnt tell Bert Frank couldnt leave the house did you!?" He asked, Frank stared at Mikey in horror who looked shocked.
"Of course I didnt! I'm not stupid ya know." He snapped.
" were saying?" Mumbled Gerard. Mikey smiled and continued talking.
"Well, I told Bert and Jeph or whoever he is that we were all planning to come down here for lunch but that they're welcome to join us and they said they'd come!" He cried happily. "NO!" Cried Frank as soon as he had heard what Mikey had said. Everyone looked at him in confusion.
"What?" Asked Mikey.
"No! He cant come here, dont let him in the house -" Frank turned and flung his arms round Gerards neck, hugging him close and crying in fear. "Dont let him come here Gee...please say you wont let him in here." He begged. Mikey, Matt, Ray and Bob exchanged worried glances.
"Whats the matter Frank? Has Bert done something to you?" Asked Ray. Frank snivelled in reply.
"Err...its nothing, Franks just a little tipsy ya know and when I had to kiss Bert in spin the bottle he got worried that I might go out with Bert. Its nothing." Said Gerard quickly, Frank pulled away from Gerard and looked at him, his face filled with hurt. "Is that true Frank?" Asked Matt. Frank stared at Gerard for a second before saying.
"Err...err, yeah its true..." Matt laughed along with Ray, Bob and Mikey.
"Aaaw, dont be dumb Frank. Gerard wouldnt leave you for Bert!" Bob chuckled. Frank swallowed.
"Yeah. I know. Night." He ran from the kitchen and dissapeared up the stairs.
"He'll be fine in the morning..." Said Gerard quickly as the guys looked at him slightly confused.
After Gerard had cleaned up the house he walked up the stairs and after stripping down to his boxers he climbed into his bed. Sometimes Frank slept in the spare room, and sometimes he slept in Gerards room, this time he wasnt in Gerards room. Just as Gerard was falling asleep Frank appeared in the doorway. "Gerard?" He whispered. "Yeah?" Asked Gerard propping himself up on his elbow. Frank dashed across the room and climbed into the bed and lay next to Gerard wrapping his arms round his neck and leaning his head into his chest. "Gerard I dont want Bert to come here tommorow. And I'm not drunk." He said quietly. Gerard slipped his arms round Franks waist and sighed. "I know your not, I just said that so I didnt have to tell the guys you think Bert knows something he doesnt." He said. Frank looked up into Gerards eyes.
"Gerard I really think he knows. Please promise me you wont let him into the house. Please dont let him Gerard." Frank snuggled his head into the crook of Gerards neck and sniffed miserably. "Frank...I cant promise anything but...I'll see what I can do..." Gerard said running his fingertips in little circles on Franks lower back. Frank breathed deeply, feeling strangely calmed. "Cant you just tell him he cant come?" He asked sleepily.
"You cant just refuse to let Bert come over when he thinks he's been I said, I'll do what I can...just dont get your hopes up. But I promise you I wont let anything happen to you. Okay?" Said Gerard continuing to move his fingertips, causing Frank to calm.
"Okay..." Frank mumbled before snuggling closer to Gerard and falling asleep.
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