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Buried alive

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The title pretty much explains it

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The next day Bert showed up without Jeph. "He's come down with the flu. He said he's sorry he cant come." Bert apologized. Frank heard Berts voice from in the kitchen and looked in fear at Mikey who was helping Bob set up the table. "Are you alright?" Mikey asked him.
"B - Bert came..." He squeaked. Mikey and Bob stopped what they were doing and looked at Frank. Mikey raised an eyebrow.
"Of course he came. Why wouldnt he have? Are you sure your okay? Last night you were really freaking out about Bert coming over." He said. Frank gulped and ran a hand through his hair. "I - I'm fine, I err...forgot he was coming. Thats all" He said.
"Its nice to know I'm thought of" Said Bert sarcastically as he walked into the kitchen with Gerard. Frank went pale but no one noticed as they were all too busy greeting Bert. "Matt couldnt come either. Rays in the living room playing some video games." Said Gerard. Bert nodded, winked at Frank and then walked off into the living room.
For the rest of the afternoon Frank was constantly expecting Bert to say or do something...he didnt know what...but he certainly hadnt been expecting him to be so nice. He was talking to Frank as if he was his best friend, joking around with him. Offering to play two player games with him. He insisted on sitting next to Frank at the table and all through dinner he talked to Frank about comics, action figures, cars and guitars. "You play?" Asked Frank, suddenly interested in the conversation he was having with Bert, who shook his head. "Jeph is teaching me, but I havent learnt much yet." He said.
"Oh" Said Frank, then before he knew it he was having a conversation with Bert completely forgetting his fear, giving him guitar tips and then joking about stupid stuff he had done and next thing he knew it was evening and Bert was asking him if he wanted to come outside for a fag. "Sure" Said Frank, walking out of the living room where they were all watching a movie. The others gave Frank confused looks as he left, especially Gerard.
Bert leaned against the tree outside and lit up his ciggarette. He took a deep drag and blew smoke into the night air. Frank doing the same. "So...Frankie, I hear your going out with Gerard then?" He said casually.
"Yeah...I am" Frank said. Bert nodded and a hint of amusement could be seen flash across his face. "What about you? Got a second half?" Asked Frank. Bert shook his head. "Nah. Single and lovin' it. Dont get me wrong, I'll want a girl eventually, but for now I like going out, gettin a different woman whenever I want. I mean, I can get any woman. They find me irresistable ya' know." He said following a long drag of his cigarette. Frank highly doubted that he was 'irrisistable' but nodded his head anyway. A low breeze blew through the garden and made Frank shiver. "You cold Frankie?..Let me warm you up" Bert dropped his cigarette and pulled Frank close to him, wrapping his arms round his shoulders and rubbing Franks arms. Frank dropped his own cigarette and tried to pull away, suddenly remembering that Bert wasnt meant to be nice. "Its okay...I'm going back into the house anyway" He said trying to pull away but Bert grabbed his arms and held him still.
"Oh no your not. I've got money at stake here." He said. Frank stopped struggling, suddenly feeling very cold but not because of the wind.
"What do you mean?" He asked quietly.
"Someones been after you for quite some time now Frankie. I think you know who I mean, and its up to me to give you to them. I need my cash ya know." Said Bert. Frank began trying to pull away again. "GERARD! MIKEY! GUYS HE --" Bert clamped a hand over Franks mouth and began moving towards his car parked at the end of the drive. Frank struggled against Bert, tears leaked down his cheeks and he tried to shout and scream loud enough to be heard through Berts hand. But no one noticed as Bert threw him into the boot. No one noticed as Bert drove away. No one noticed until half an hour later when Gerard went to see what was taking Frank and Bert so long, to find them both gone.

Frank beat his fists against the boot but nothing happened, he could feel the car going round corners and he struggled to figure out which way they were going, but it was impossible to remember. It felt like he had been in the boot for hours when Bert finally stopped. Frank could hear voices a few feet away from the car, but he couldnt make out what they were saying. He jumped as the boot was pulled open and someone dragged him out onto the floor by the hair. They let go and Frank scrabbled to his feet, infront of him, not aged a bit was Tom. "Holy shit..." Whispered Frank.
"Language Frank. Your in a holy place." Said Tom with a sneer. Frank looked around him and gasped, falling back against the car as he saw they were on the edge of a graveyard. "Grab him." Ordered Tom. Three cloaked figures rushed foreward and grabbed Frank, he was lifted off the floor and they walked over to Tom, Frank struggled against them but they gripped him tight. One held his wrists, and the other two held his ankles. "LET ME GO!" Screamed Frank.
"Quit yelling, no ones here to hear you, and we're not gonna let you go no matter how much you beg." Said Tom. "Come on" He said to the three people in cloaks, he began to lead the way into the graveyard when Bert grabbed his arm. "What about my money?" He asked. Tom rolled his eyes.
"Here." He snapped, passing a small bag over to Bert who grinned and went back to his car "Now come on." Said Tom and Frank squirmed and yelled as he was carried into the graveyard.
Once they reached the back of the graveyard where there were less graves Tom stopped beside a freshly dug grave. Beside it was a coffin. "Let him stand, but hold him still." He ordered. The two holding Franks ankles let go and Frank fell to his knees with a thud. The one holding his wrists dragged him to his feet and held his arms behind his back tightly. Not letting him go. Tom kicked a white marble headstone in the shape of a cross, yellowing with age, moss growing on it. "This Frank, is Lilly's grave. Do you remember her Frank? You stole her off me remember?" He said.
"I didnt steal her! She wanted to go out with me!" Frank cried.
"Thats nice Frank. I'm glad you remember her. Didnt you used to tell her you loved her?" Tom asked, a wicked grin on his face. Frank looked guiltily at his feet.
"Yeah, I did. I did love her." He said.
"And yet now your supposebly in love with a man?" Asked Tom, faking shock.
"Whats it to you!?" Yelled Frank glaring at Tom who shrugged.
"Nothing of course...Put him in the coffin." He said. Frank was lifted up and carried to the open coffin.
"What are you doing!? Stop! STOP!" He yelled. He was thrown into the coffin and the cloaked person held him down as Tom leaned over Frank.
"Since you loved her sooo much, I decided you can spend eternity with her. Is it possible for an immortal to just simply...rot away? I guess your about to find out arent you. I might miss you Frank. But I doubt it." Tom moved back laughing cruelly as the lid of the coffin was slammed on and nailed shut. Frank screamed and yelled, kicked and punched and scratched. But the lid didnt budge and he could still hear Toms evil laughter as he felt the coffin falling through the air, it louded with a loud thud onto solid ground and sent pain shooting through Franks back. At first he could only hear his own yelling but then he heard something falling onto the coffin. It continued for a long time until there was only silence, Frank chest was rising and falling rapidly with his paniced breathing. He scratched at the lid above him until his fingers bled and he couldnt scratch anymore. He pounded on the lid with his fists but the soil now surrounding the coffin deafened the sounds, he beat until his fists bruised and swelled. He lay back defeated. He was cold, but he knew it would get colder when the heat of his movement died away, he couldnt see his own hand infront of his face, he moved his hand closer and closer until he accidently hit himself. But everything was complete darkness, complete, compressing, in - describable darkness. Frank couldnt breathe, he was compressed into a coffin, buried six feet below the surface. He had been buried...
Buried alive.
A/N: OH NO! FRANKS BEEN BURIED!! =O What will he do!? Hehehe.
Okay, sorry it took so long to update, I just had nooo ideas and also, in all honesty, I couldnt be bothered to wait for my laptop to load up so I havent so much as switched it on in the past few days. Damn my laziness!! Oh and thankyou to sherriCYANIDE for being the only person to review! Thank you thankyou thankyou! XD
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