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Love is the red rose on your coffin door

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Bert gets a bit of a beating...

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"Where d'ya think they went?" Asked Mikey, there had been no sign of Bert or Frank for hours and Gerard was sat on the sofa, subconciously biting his nails.
"Maybe they went for a walk or something" Suggested Ray, Gerard looked up.
"For three hours?" He asked. Ray looked down at the floor.
"I guess not..." He mumbled.
"I thought Frank hated Bert, he was scared shitless when he found out he was coming round today..." Said Gerard. Mikey nodded. "I you think maybe...maybe Franks started to like Bert and maybe...maybe he went back to Berts place with Bert because..." Gerard stopped, looking pale and hurt. Everyone instantly began shaking their heads, Mikey walked over to Gerard and placed a hand on his shoulder. "No way Gee. Frank wouldnt go with Bert like that. Why would he prefer Bert to you?" He said. Gerard looked to the side and sighed. "I just want to know where he's gone..." He whispered.
"Why dont you call Bert?" Suggested Bob. Gerard looked at him for a second.
"Thats a good idea..." He said, grabbing his phone and dialling Berts mobile number...
"Oh hi Gerard. Whats up?"
"Is Frank with you?"
"Frank? Nope."
" you know where he is?"
"Possibly? So you do know where he is?"
"In a manner of speaking I suppose so."
"It means I have a brief idea dumbass."
"So...where is he?"
"Hmm...I cant tell you that."
"What! Why not!?"
"Now that would be telling wouldnt it? Sorry I couldnt be more help, great lunch by the way. Sia" Gerard opened his mouth to say something but Bert had hung up. Gerards phone slipped from his fingers as he stared at the wall opposite him, looking shocked and confused. "Gee?...Did he know where he was?" Asked Mikey. Gerard shook his head and said "Yeah". Mikey looked round at the others before saying.
"Er...he did know where he was?" Gerard looked at Mikey and shrugged.
"He said he has a brief idea but he wont tell me and then he hung up..." He said. Everyone looked as confused as Gerard.
"What!? He wouldnt tell you? I bet he's got Frank with him. Come on guys, lets go over there!" Cried Bob jumping to his feet. Everyone agreed except for Gerard who shook his head. "Whats the use?" He asked.
"To get Frank." Said Mikey.
"What if he isnt even there?" Asked Gerard. Mikey rolled his eyes, walked over to Gerard, hugged him and then slapped him round the face. Gerard stared at Mikey, open mouthed. "Now get up and come with us to Berts. Or are you just going to forget about the fact that Frank is now a walking target for whoever it is who want to torture/try to kill him?" Snapped Mikey. Gerard blinked a few times before getting to his feet.
"Thanks" He mumbled to Mikey before grabbing his leather style jacket and running out the house, followed by Mikey, Ray and Bob. They clambered into Gerards car and sped off to Berts place.

Gerard knocked on Berts apartment door, a few seconds later it was pulled open to reveal Bert wearing only his boxers, a can of beer in one hand, a horror movie playing on the TV. "Oh hey Gerard. I didnt know you were coming round." Said Bert walking into his apartment, leaving the door open so Gerard and co. could walk inside. Bert flopped onto his sofa, took a gulp of beer and grinned at the extremely gory bit of the zombie film. "So, what brings you here?" Asked Bert, not looking round.
"We want to know where Frank is." Said Gerard coldly. Bert chuck;ed softly to himself.
"Do you really?" He asked flatly as he took another gulp of beer.
"Where is he Bert? What happened after you two went outside?" Asked Gerard. Bert sighed.
"Let me see...We were smoking, and talking, he said he was cold, I hugged him to help warm him up...and then something very interesting happened but I just cant remember what it was." Said Bert with a sneer. Pure rage filled Gerards face and he lunged at Bert before anyone had a chance to stop him. Gerard grabbed Berts hair and pulled him to his feet. "WHAT DID YOU TWO DO YOU FUCKER!?" Shouted Gerard. Bert strungled to pull away and Gerard slammed him against the wall, grabbing his throat and pressing lightly, so he could still breathe but wouldnt dare try to pull away. Bert choked and scratched at Gerards hand but Gerard didnt let go. "Did you fuck?" Snarled Gerard. Despite he was close to being strangled, Bert grinned at Gerard who used his free hand to punch him in the face, causing his nose to bleed. "Did you?" He demanded. "Agh...I cant...breathe" Gasped Bert.
"Good!" Snapped Gerard.
"Gee...Gee, calm down." Said Mikey quietly.
"Stay out of this!" Ordered Gerard. "You two fucked didnt you? DIDNT YOU?!" He yelled at Bert.
"Hey...whats this?" Asked Ray, holding up a small bag filled with money. Berts eyes widened.
"PUT THAT...DOWN! THATS...MINE!" He yelled. Gerard stared at the bag, and then back at Bert.
"Who gave you that? Why did you get it?" He asked. Bert didnt answer. Gerard pressed his hand down harder on Berts throat, causing his eyes to grow wide, he scratched at Gerards hand again but still Gerard didnt let go. "Answer me." Snarled Gerard. Bert tried to answer but he couldnt breathe and his words wouldnt come out. "What?" Asked Gerard. Bert tried again but failed.
"Gerard he cant breathe!" Cried Ray as Bert slowly began going red in the face. Gerard loosened his grip slightly and Bert gasped for air.
"Now answer me!" Ordered Gerard. Bert took a few deep breathes before choking out - 'I got it for delivering Frank to some guy called Tom!'. Gerard gasped and in his shock he let go of Bert who dropped to the floor, he lay gasping for air and gingerly touching his bruised throat. " gave him to TOM!" Gerard cried. Bert nodded weakly. "Yeah...he found out I went to that party and he offered me $5000 if I got Frank to him..." He answered.
" didnt fuck?" Asked Gerard. Bert frowned.
"Of course we fucking didnt...Frank wouldnt even let me hug him properly!" He snapped. Gerard smiled feeling happy, but that happiness soon went as he realised Frank was in danger. "Bert! Where's Frank? Where did you take him?" Asked Gerard. Bert didnt look like he was going to answer so Gerard put his foot lightly on Berts cheek. "If you dont tell me where you took him I will crush you face." Snarled Gerard. Bert began to shake.
"I took him to the old cemetary...I think that Tom guy was gonna bury him but I dont know where he was buried. Thats all I know I swear!" Cried Bert. Gerard contemplated Bert for a moment before moving his foot away from his cheek and turning to face the others who were looking pale - both from the fact Frank had been buried, and how sinister Gerard can be. "Come on, we have to get Frank" Said Gerard he ran out of the apartment, closely followed by the others.
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