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Bring me back to life

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Fee and Gee are re - united.

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"Oh god...this place is huge, we'll never find an un - marked grave here." Said Gerard as he gazed at the graveyard.
"Maybe...we should start at the back and work to the front." Suggested Mikey.
"How will we even know if its the right grave or not, or if theres even a grave there if its unmarked?" Asked Ray. Gerard sighed, feeling defeated when an old woman walked past with a much younger woman. Gerard heard part of what they were saying - "I'm not going crazy, I say 'em Fay. Three cloacked men with some young man burying a man alive! Right at the back of the graveyard! I swear I saw 'em!" Cried the old woman.
"Of course mother, now lets get you home so you can take your medication" Said the young woman. As soon as they had walked past Gerard turned to the others who had also heard it. "Right at the back..." Mumbled Gerard, and without warning he began sprinting through the graveyard, closely followed by the others. He dodged headstones, jumped over small rises of the ground and soon reached the back of the graveyard where there were old headstones and a rotting wooden fence. Gerard tripped over a root in the ground, he came crashing onto the floor infront of a faded white cross. The name on it caught his attention - Lilly. The grave was over a century old. A small inscription read - 'died alone but now can join her murdered love'. It had to be Franks Lilly. "Gerard! Gee are you ok?" Cried Mikey, running up to Gerard and helping him to his feet. "I'm fine" Insisted Gerard, noticing that the earth beside Lilly's grave looked like it had been dug up, replaced and patted down quickly. "This is it! Franks buried here!" He cried.
"How can you be sure?" Asked Bob.
"I just know. Do we have a shovel?" Asked Gerard, Ray held out the shovel they had brought with them and Gerard grabbed it off him and instantly began digging. The others were silent as they watched him.
Gerard dug for what felt like forever, his back hurt and his arms felt like they would fall off but he declined the offers of help. Finally the shovel hit something hard and he threw it out of the grave, brushing away the dirt to reveal the coffin below. He climbed out of the grave. "This is it! Its here!" He cried, attaching ropes to the handles, they all took a rope each and hauled the coffin out of the grave and rested it beside the pit. Gerard instantly began ripping out the nails, making his fingers bleed in his haste but he didnt stop. Finally they were out and he grabbed the handle keeping it locked shut. He was about to turn it when Mikey lay a hand on his shoulder. "Are you absolutely sure Gee? What if you open it and theres a dead body inside?" He asked, slightly scared. Gerard hesitated. There was silence round them and thats when he heard it. A very quiet, soft knocking. He gasped and pressed his ear to the coffin door and heard weak knocking on the other side. "No! He's in here! He's knocking on the lid!" He cried as he turned the handle and tore the lid off the coffin. Frank instantly sat up, his hands covered in dryed blood and bruises, his hair a mess and eyes red, tears falling from them. He staggered to his feet and fell into Gerards arms. "Gee....oh found me...oh Gerard..."He sobbed into Gerards shoulder. Gerard felt warm tears falling down his own cheeks as he held Frank as tight as he could without hurting him. "Shhh, its okay. I'm here, I've got you. Your safe now." He promised as Franks heartbreaking sobs filled his ear. "I thought noone would find me. I was - so scared." He whimpered.
"I know, I know, Oh god Frankie I'm so sorry. I should never have trusted Bert" Whispered Gerard. Franks knees gave way and he gave a cry as he clung to Gerards shoulders to stay up. "Oh god've got no strengh left!" Gerard cried, lifting Frank into his arms, Frank cried harder into Gerards shoulder as he wrapped his legs round his waist and dug his fingertips into his back. "I havent stopped knocking on the lid whilst I've been down there. I just wished someone would hear me and I screamed and sh - shouted and - and....I was just so scared." He cried. Gerard felt like his heart would break as he began walking back through the graveyard, carrying Frank whilst the others walked beside him and looked sympathetically at Frank. "Its okay Frankie. I wont let anything happen to you, I promise. Oh Frankie...this is all my fault. "He said.
"No...its not...please dont blame y - yourself." Whimpered Frank. Gerard rubbed Franks back as he climbed into the back of the car with him, Ray sat beside them, and Mikey and Bob got in the front. Mikey driving. "I'll get us home fast as I can" Promised Mikey, driving down the road. Franks sobs began smaller and wuiter until Gerard realised he had fallen asleep, tears drying on his cheeks and his breathing slow and rythmic. Gerard felt so guilty, so awful. And he swore he would get revenger for Frank.
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