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Am I heartless, am I souless, without your lips. I live without.

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The chapter title doesnt actually have anything to do with the chapter...

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Frank gave a small whimper in his sleep and turned over, wrapping the duvet round him tighter. Gerard sat on the windowsill, watching Frank sleep. He had been sleeping since they got him home and now it was halfway through the next day. He would sometimes start crying in his sleep, and sometimes he'd give content sighs. Gerard didnt want to wake him though, he needed rest. "Gerard? Havent you had any sleep yet?" Asked Mikey, walking into the room. Gerard shook his head, not taking his eyes off Frank. "Come on Gee, he's fine here. If it bothers you to leave him then I'll watch him while you get some sleep" Offered Mikey but Gerard shook his head again. "Gerard -" Began Mikey but Gerard cut him off.
"I'm fine Mikey. I'll go to bed as soon as I'm tired." He promised. Mikey frowned.
"You havent slept for a day Gee, you cant honestly say your not tired" He snapped.
"Mikey, I wont be able to sleep. I'm fine really" Gerard replied. Mikey opened his mouth to say something but stopped when Frank gave a loud yawn and stretched his arms above his head. Gerard and Mikey watched in silence as Frank rubbed his eyes and yawned again. "Frankie?" Whispered Gerard. Slowly, Frank opened his eyes, looking round and rubbing his cheeks roughly with his hands. He smiled sleepily at Gerard who instantly jumped off the window sill and pulled Frank into a gentle hug. "Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yeah...I had the wierdest dream though, I dreamt I was buried alive" Said Frank adding a cute giggle on the end. Mikey and Gerard looked at eachother and Frank beamed at them both. "It was really wierd -" Frank stopped and looked at his hands, Gerard had washed away the dried blood but they were covered in cuts and bruises. "G - Gerard..." Said Frank, his voice wobbling. Gerard looked at Frank. "Gerard it was a dream right?" Asked Frank. Gerard knew there was no point lieing and shook his head.
"But its okay, your safe now" Promised Gerard. Frank shook his head, panic in his eyes. Gerard rested a hand on his shoulder. "Its okay Frankie. They think your buried alive, they'll leave you alone now" Said Gerard. Frank swallowed deeply and took a deep breath.
"A - are you sure?" He asked. Gerard nodded and gave Frank a small smile.
"I'm sorry Frank..." He whispered.
"What for?" Asked Frank.
"For promising to keep you safe and letting them do that to you" Said Gerard quietly. Frank smiled and pulled Gerard into a hug.
"Its not you fault" He promised. Gerard hugged Frank back, smiling into his shoulder.
"So should I go make some coffee?" Asked Mikey.
"Yeah..." Said Frank not letting go of Gerard. Mikey nodded and left the room. Eventually, Frank and Gerard pulled apart and went downstairs. Mikey, Ray and Bob were in the living room talking to eachother. "Okay Frank?" They asked as Frank walked into the room, he nodded and took the coffee Mikey offered him. "Frank, is Tom an immortal?" Asked Mikey.
"Must be. I didnt know he was but theres no other explination as to how he's still alive" Said Frank.
"Do you think he'll know your not still buried?" Asked Ray.
"I hope not, lets just leave it at that" Said Frank. Mikey and the others nodded and Frank stared into space as he sipped his coffee. Gerard knew Frank was thinking about Tom, how had he become immortal? What would he do if he knew Frank wasnt buried anymore? What was Tom going to do now he believed he had got his revenge? Gerard wished he could give the answers, wished he could get rid of Tom so that Frank could live in peace. But Gerard didnt know the answers, he couldnt get rid of Tom and Frank would always be worrying...unless..."I'll be back in a minute!" Cried Gerard, getting to his feet.
"Where are you going?" Asked Frank.
"Erm...I'm just gonna run to the store." Said Gerard, he could tell Frank knew he was lieing. Gerard bit his lip, he wanted, no needed, Frank to trust him. "I promise I'll be back soon." He said.
"What are you getting from the store? We've arent missing anything" Said Frank, his voice cold and accusing. Gerard sighed and cupped Franks face in his hands.
"Look, I just need to do something, some business to take care of. Please, trust me" He said. Frank stared into Gerards eyes, searching for a sign that he shouldnt be trusted, trying to find out what he was getting at. "I...I trust you" Said Frank, feeling defeated.
"I'll be back" Gerard promised, tenderly kissing Franks lips and then rushing out of the house. Determined to get the answers he needed.
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