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Without you is how I disappear.

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Gerard pounded on the door and tapped his foot impatiently as he waited. Eventually the door was pulled open and a black and blue Bert's eyes widened when he saw who it was. "Shit!" He cried trying to close the door but Gerard barged inside, grabbing Berts shirt and yanking him inside.
"I'm not going to hurt you." Said Gerard, rolling his eyes and using his foot to shut the door.
"W - what do you want Way?" Asked Bert, pulling away from Gerard and standing nervously a few feet away.
"I wanna ask a few questions." Said Gerard, Bert looked petrified making Gerard even more irritated. "I've already told you I'm not going to hurt you. I only did before because I was desperate to find Frank...Look, how about I make us a coffee and we talk." He offered. Bert didnt answer so Gerard just went to the kitchen and made two coffee's anyway. "Okay Bert. Sit down" Said Gerard, as if it was his place. Bert sat oppisite Gerard at the table and took the coffee Gerard offered him though he didnt drink any. "I just want to ask some questions. Dont lie to me, if you dont know the answer just say so." Said Gerard, Bert nodded timidly and Gerard began.
"So... Where did you first meet Tom?" He asked.
"A gay bar" Said Bert. Gerard looked shocked and Bert rolled his eyes. "I'm joking, I met him in the street, didnt know who he was and he just said he knew I knew you and offered me money to get Frank to him. And like I've told you, I needed the money so I agreed. I dont know anything about him or where he's from so dont ask" Bert replied. Gerard leaned back in his chair and though about this for a moment. Bert took a timid sip of coffee. "Besides. You can just ask him all of this when he gets to yours later." He added. Gerards eyes snapped up to look at Bert.
"What?" He asked. Bert suddenly looked shocked at what he had just said.
"I - err - Nothing!" He said quickly. Gerard got to his feet, placing his hands on the table and glaring at Bert.
"Bert. Are you telling me that Tom is coming to my house. Today?" He demanded. Bert gulped and nodded. "But...He cant enter the house unless he's invited...right?" Gerard asked. "Well... erm...I kinda sent him a fake invite..." Mumbled Bert. Gerards eyes grew wide.
"You did WHAT!?" He cried. Bert flinched.
"I - I'm sorry! Its just...I was angry at you and Tom somehow got my number and he rang me to thank me again for getting Frank to him and then I sorta...accidently told him that you guys had gone to save him and he got really angry and because I was mad at you I kinda...told him that..." Bert stopped and looked fearfully at Gerard.
"And told him what Bert!?" Cried Gerard.
"T - that Frank had erm...asked me to err...invite Tom to yours so he could try and...make up." Squeaked Bert. Gerards jaw drop, he stared at Bert who stared back.
"When is he coming to mine?" Asked Gerard quietly.
"" Mumbled Bert. Gerard felt sick and dizzy, if Tom got Frank then he would torture him for sure.
"Fuck Bert what have you done!" Cried Gerard, spinning round and racing to the door and out of the apartment. He had to get back. He had to keep Frank safe. He couldnt believe he had just left him to get hurt /again/.

"FRANK! FRANK ARE YOU HERE!" He shouted once he got home. He ran into the living room to find Frank and Mikey sat on the sofa talking. Frank looked over at Gerard. "Whats up?" He asked, seeing how scared Gerard was. "Gee..?" He asked. Gerard ran over and pulled Frank into a tight embrace.
"Thank god your okay" He whispered.
"Why wouldnt I be?" Asked Frank sounding scared. Gerard shook his head.
"Its nothing. Dont worry" He said softly, resting his head on Franks shoulder and running his fingers through his hair. Snuggling into him. "God Frankie, I love you." He whispered. "I love you too." Smiled Frank, running his fingers over the back of Gerards neck.
"Oh what a touching scene. Dont you think so - err...what was your name kid?" Gerard and Frank pulled apart to see a man with long black hair sat on the arm of the sofa.
"Erm...Mikey" Said Mikey with a confused frown as he looked at the man.
"Thats the one. Dont you think it was touching Mikey?" He asked with a smirk. Mikey didnt reply, it was clear from the look on his face that he had no idea who this man was. But Frank did. "Tom!" He gasped. Tom turned and grinned at Frank.
"The one and only Frankie." He chuckled. Instantly Gerard pulled Frank into him, wrapping his arms protectively round his body.
"What do you want?" He demanded. Tom got to his feet and circled Frank and Gerard.
"Geez. No need to look so angry err - who were you again?" He said. Gerard didnt reply and Tom grinned. "Ah. You must be Gerard huh?" He said. Gerard hugged Frank tighter. "What do you want?" He repeated.
"All I want is the revenge that I deserve." Tom said casually.
"Revenge for what? Something that happened ages ago? Its not Franks fault if Lilly didnt love you." Snapped Gerard, he seemed to have hit a nerve. Toms breath got sharp and angry, he clenched his teeth and he glared hard at Gerard. "It was his fault! It was all his fault!" He snarled through gritted teeth.
"No it wasnt, Tom please listen to me!" Begged Frank. Without warning Tom swung the back of his hand to Franks cheek, their skin colliding with a sharp crack. Frank cried out and his body twisted sharply to the side, he only managed to remain on his feet because of Gerard holding him. "HEY!" Shouted Gerard, glaring at Tom. "THAT WAS UNCALLED FOR!" He shouted. Tom laughed darkly, he was slightly taller than Gerard and he easily managed shove Frank out of his arms so that he fell to the floor. Tom wrapped his arms round Gerard tightly and took a small knife out of his pocket, he held it to Gerards throat and began making his way to the door. Mikey got to his feet but stopped when Tom pressed the knife harder against Gerards neck. "Dont come any closer or I kill him" He threatened. Mikey stared in horror, Frank struggled to his feet but didnt dare walk foreward. "I will get my revenge Frankie, and this is it. I'm going to do to you exactly what you did to me. Take the one you love!" He snarled. Frank shook his head as tears filled his eyes. "Tom please -" He whispered. Tom shook his head.
"Save it" He snapped before walking backwards out of the room, out of the house and into a car. Frank and Mikey looked at eachother before running to the door, in their haste they both scrabbled with the door handle and by the time they got the door open Gerard and Tom had dissapeared.
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