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A friend that bleeds is better

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Gerard wakes up

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Gerard didnt know how or when he had blacked out, but when he realised his eyes were closed he couldnt remember ever closing them. With a groan he sat up and looked around, expecting to find he that he had fallen over in his garden or something when Tom had been dragging him out of the house. He wasnt in his garden.
Infact. He didnt know where he was. He looked around in confusion to see nothing but stone walls with an arched ceiling. It looked like he was in a cave... a warm cave with a wooden door but a cave none the less. He was sat on a small single bed, the sheets looked like they were supposed to be white but they had gone a greyish colour now. White candles lit the room and there was a wooden desk in one corner. "Where am I?" He mumbled to himself.
"Your in my home" Someone said from the corner. Gerard squinted through the dim light at the corner. Tom stepped into the light, a smirk on his face. "So, sleeping beauty finally awakes." He said. Gerard scowled.
"You!" He snarled. Toms grin grew wider. "What do you want with me?" Cried Gerard.
"I only want my revenge Gerard. Surely you can understand that?" Said Tom, slowly walking over to Gerard. "Frank took the one person I could ever love and so I'm...returning the favour I suppose you could say" He said, reaching the bed. Gerard knew he couldnt hurt Tom so he shuffled backwards until his back was against the wall, trying to create distance between him and the immortal. Tom placed his knees on the bed and crawled over to Gerard as he said - "At first I wondered how I could hurt Frank the most after I'd kidnapped you..." He straightened up once he got to Gerard, sitting back on his knees he tilted his head and looked at him. "I wondered whether killing you would work, after all I cant kill Frank and I know it would tear him apart if I killed you. So thats what I decided I'd do." Gerard swallowed hard as Tom stopped talking and leaned in closer, he placed a hand on Gerards cheek, their faces inches apart so he whispered - "But then I wondered whether having Frank think you were now in love with me and not him would hurt him more..." Gerard bit his lip and Tom smiled, he moved closer so until their foreheads touched and he ran a hand down Gerards chest. He could feel his racing heart and was glad to see he had had some affect. "Then I thought, I would do both." Tom grinned as Gerards eyes filled with tears. "I'm going to kill you Gerard, but not until I've made your darling Frankie think you dont love him anymore." Tom whispered.
"I would never love you." Snarled Gerard.
"Thats where acting comes in" Tom replied.
"I wont pretend either! I wont hurt Frank!" Gerard cried. Tom shoved Gerards body hard into the wall, pushing on his body until he was crushing his lungs.
"Thats where you mortality ruins it for you Gerard. I cant die but you can and if you dont do as I say then I not only kill you infront of Frank, but I kill your charming brother too and you and Frankie will both watch that and once Mikey is dead - you die. Do you see? You can co - operate and Mikey lives. Or you disobey me and Mikey dies. Do you understand Gerard!?" Tom demanded, he scanned Gerards panicking face as he struggled to breathe. "Well?"
"I...I..." Gerard choked against the wall. "I...I understand!" He cried.
"Good" Smiled Tom letting Gerard go, he slumped down the wall and lay gasping on the bed. Tom lay down beside him and brushed a lock of black hair out of his face. "I like you Gerard, you learn quickly." He giggled.
"Your evil" Gerard snarled. Tom looked thoughtfully at Gerard.
"Yes but what you must remember Gerard dear, is evil is just live backwards. And when your immortal you need as much feeling of life as possible" He grinned. Gerard scowled. "Franks immortal and he's not evil" He commented. Tom frowned.
"Frank is weak" He snarled and slammed Gerards head back into the wall, Gerard felt warm blood trickle down the back of his head and he gave a pained groan. "And you are going to learn to not anger me Gerard. Your no use to me dead ... yet." He smirked. Gerard closed his eyes and tried to say something but he passed out before he could.

A/N: Hey, sorry this chapters so short. Its more of a filler really - hope you all like it even though it was so short.
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