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The photographs your boyfriend took

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Oooh Tom you evil git...

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Mikey held Frank and tried to calm him down, he had never known anyone cry so much. Franks tears streamed down his face thick and fast and actually created a damp patch on his jeans where they fell. "Shh, its okay Frank. I'm sure Gerard will be fine" Said Mikey, trying to convince himself aswell as Frank who began shaking his head.
"No. No he wont!..T - Tom will K - kill him for s - sure" He sobbed.
"Well...maybe we should go find Tom and rescue Gerard" Offered Mikey but Frank shook his head again.
"I dont know w - where he is. And w - when he doesnt want to be f - found, you've got n - no chance of f - finding him" He said, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.
"Well...crying wont help really will it?" Said Mikey, Frank sniffed and shook his head, his sobbing calming slightly. Mikey noticed this and continued. "And - Gerard wouldnt want you to cry, for all we know Gerard might have escaped and is on his way back right now" He sounded more convincing than he felt and Frank smiled, wiping away the last of his tears. "Y - yeah. I guess your right" He said. Mikey smiled, just glad he wasnt crying anymore. He wasnt good at comforting people - he always felt so awkward. "Sorry for crying like that Mikey." Mumbled Frank.
"Ah, dont worry about it." Said Mikey, waving his hand as if to dismiss it. "Anyway hungry? I could make us something to -" Mikey was cut off by a loud knock on the door. "I'll get that" He said, getting to his feet and making his way to the door, Frank jumped up and followed him. Mikey opened the door but there was no one there - but a peice of paper lay on the doorstep. Frank had seen this sort of thing before, when he had recieved the note off Tom a few months earlier. "Oh shit..." He whispered as Mikey picked it up and shut the door. "What is it?" Asked Mikey, turning it over and reading it. "Hey! Its off that Tom guy! He says Gerards alive." Cried Mikey, grinning over at Frank. "He's alive Frankie! Thats great news!" He insisted when Frank didnt smile.
"What else does it say?" He asked, Mikey looked at it again, turned it over, and frowned.
"It doesnt... all it says is - Frank and Mikey, Gerard is alive so dont panic for now. Sincerely Tom xx" Mikey looked back at Frank. "Do you think its fake?" He asked, looking worried. Frank shook his head. "No. But its not good news either." He said.
"Why not?" Asked Mikey. Frank sighed.
"He only keeps people alive if he thinks he has a use for them. He's messing with us, he's got a plan otherwise he would have killed Gerard by now" He explained. Mikey bit his bottom lip and ran a hand nervously through his hair. "What do you think he's gonna do?" He asked. Frank shrugged.
"I dont know Mikey...anything...nothing...everything."

Gerard groaned as he came round, his head felt like it had been cracked into two and his body was aching all over. He placed a hand over his eyes and took a deep breath that resulted in a hiss of pain. "Motherfucker..." He mumbled.
"Who's a motherfucker?" Asked Tom walking through the door holding a glass of water with a tablet fizzing in the bottom. Gerard looked over at him with slighlty blurred vision from fatigue. "I...err..." He mumbled.
"Ah it doesnt matter anyway" Said Tom walking over to the bed and sitting on the end of it, Gerard pulled the covers higher up his body and hugged his knees to his chest. "What do you want?" He asked. Tom held out the glass.
"I guessed you might be in a little bit of pain, I went out and got you some aspirin." He said with a smile. Gerard took the glass and looked at it suspiciously. "It really is only an aspirin Gerard no need to look so worried. I'm not going to kill you - I explained why earlier." Gerard sighed and decided he had no choice, he swirled the glass around until the last of the tablet dissolved and began to drink. "Oh and you might be pleased to know I've put your brother and lover out of their misery and let them know your still alive" Tom added, Gerard nearly choked on the water and Tom thumped him on the back until his breathing returned to normal.
"You - you spoke to Frank and Mikey?" He gasped.
"Well...I dropped a night on the doorstep. I waited until I saw them pick it up and then I came back here." Tom said, looking thoughtfully over at the other wall.
"What did it say?" Asked Gerard, dread creeping into him. What if Tom had said Gerard didnt want to go back because he didnt love Frank? Tom looked back at Gerard and grinned. "Dont panic, all I said was they should stop panicking because your alive for now. Thats all. Nothing to do with you not loving Frank anymore" He said in a slightly higher pitched voice as if trying to imply Gerard was stupid.
"Oh..." He mumbled, taking a sigh of relief and putting the empty glass down on the floor. "T - thats good then" He muttered. Tom chuckled and moved closer to Gerard who tilted his head back as if scared he was going to get hit. "I'm sure I'll let you see Frank soon... if your good." Tom whispered. Gerard tensed and didnt reply as Tom moved even closer. "What do you mean?" He asked, Tom smirked. Reaching behind him for something Gerard couldnt see.
"Well, if you annoy me in anyway then you cant see Frankie until I decide you've been good enough. So - the more you annoy me the longer it'll be until you get to see Frank. Or anybody else for that matter. And its very easy to annoy me Gerard, for instance - if I felt like I wanted to kiss you then you kiss back or I will be annoyed and I may get you understand?" He asked, inches away from Gerard.
"Yeah...I understand" He said quickly, hoping Tom would back off, but he moved even closer so their lips were almost touching, his black eyes sparkled as they gazed into Gerards hazel ones. "Lets see if you do shall we?" He whispered before closing the gap between them, their lips connecting. Gerard wanted nothing more than to shove Tom off him and yell angrily at him - but he needed to see Frank and he didnt want to get hurt again. He felt a cold hand moving under his shirt to grip his waist. Toms lips were working against his and he knew he had to kiss back. Gingerly he applied more pressure to the kiss and he felt Toms tongue running over his bottom lip. He really did not want this monsters tongue in his mouth but when he didnt part his lips he felt Toms nails digging into his waist and he knew he didnt really have a choice. He reluctantly granted access and closed his eyes and tried to pretend it wasnt Tom - 'Its Frankie, just think its Frankie' He told himself in his head. This made it better and he felt Tom mercifully loosen his tight grip on his waist as Gerard forced himself to run his tongue over Toms. Tom deepened the kiss, pressing their lips tight together as their tongues battled. Gerard was hoping the kiss would end soon when Tom pulled back slightly so their lips were barely touching but he kept their tongues together, not relenting on his tongue play. Then Gerard heard a wierd sounded like a phone camera going off. He went to pull away to see but Tom instantly brought both hands to his head and pulled him harder into the kiss. When Tom eventually pulled away he grinned at Gerard, one hand behind his back, putting something in his pocket so Gerard couldnt see. "Wow Gerard, your not a bad kisser" He grinned. Gerard didnt want to admit that Tom was also a good kisser so he kept his mouth shut. Tom smirked as if he knew what he was thinking and got off the bed. He walked over to the door and Gerard sat up. "Wait! When do I get to see Frank?" He asked. Tom looked thoughtful. "Hm...when I say so. Dont worry though Gerard baby, you've pleased me so far. I suppose I might let you see him in a couple of days. Chow for now " Tom blew Gerard a kiss before leaving the room. His smug grin seemed to be haunting Gerard already. He didnt like this one bit - and what the hell had been that noise? He was sure it had been a camera couldnt have been.
Could it?

Frank sat on the sofa with Mikey, it was late but neither of them wanted to be alone. Mikey was going to stay the night. They watched the TV in silence but neither of them were taking it in, Gerard was on both of their minds. Suddenly a loud knock on the door caused them both to jump, Frank even fell off the sofa. Mikey pulled him to his feet on the way to the door. He pulled it open, but there was no one there. Just like before. "What is it now?" Asked Frank Mikey picked up the peice of paper, it was an A4 piece but it only had one thing written on it - ' With love xxx' . Mikey read this with a confused frown on his face, Frank stood behind him and read it too. "With love? Is that it?" He asked. Mikey nodded. "Well...wasnt their anything with it? That makes no sense" Said Frank.
"I dont think their was" Said Mikey, they both looked back to the open door and saw something blowing across the lawn. Frank darted out of the house and took a flying leap. He landed heavily on the grass but he managed to grab the paper before it blew away. "What does it say?" Asked Mikey as Frank came back into the house. They shut the door and Frank looked down at the piece of paper. Instantly he went pale and tears filled his eyes, his jaw dropped in pure shock. "What? What is it? What does it say Frank!?" Cried Mikey.
"I - its a picture" Whispered Frank. Mikey looked scared.
"Of what!?" He cried, thoughts of a picture of his dead brother went through his mind and he snatched the photo off Frank who was too shocked to do anything. He looked at the picture and at first couldnt take it in. He was so relieved to see it wasnt dead Gerard that he didnt take in what it actually was until he went to hand it back, then it suddenly dawned on him what he had seen and he pulled his hand back to re - look at the picture in disbelief. "Holy shit..." He whispered. It was a photo of Tom and Gerard, the top of their shoulders and heads could be seen and they were kissing - their tongues clearly seen, their eyes closed, and Gerard didnt look like he was trying to pull away or pull back or...anything. Infact, the thing that made it so horrible was it looked like Gerard was as into the kiss as Tom was. Mikey looked up at Frank who was still stood their with his mouth open, silent tears were streaming down his cheeks. "Frank I -" Mikey began, but he didnt know what to say. Frank shook his head violently as if trying to clear his thoughts before he sank to the floor and buried his face in his hands and sobbed. Mikey couldnt believe this, Gerard loved Frank...didnt he?
Frank felt like his heart had broken. He loved Gerard so much, and it looked as if Gerard had been taken under Toms spell. Frank wished he could die - he felt like he had been torn apart at the seams. His dreams had turned to tears, he couldnt grasp what he had just seen. He wanted to run away, he wanted to hide. He hated Tom. He fucking hated him and now...he hated Gerard too.

A/N: Yeah, slightly depressing chapter. Anyone notice the last couple of lines are sorta like Bullet for my valentine lyrics from 'All these things I hate'. (Torn apart at the seams and my dreams turn to tears, I'm not feeling the situation, run away try to find a safe place you can hide). I wasnt going to use them but I'm listening to that song and when I was writing down how Frank was feeling that part played and I was like - Hey. That works! lol.
Anywho - please reveiw and let me know what you think of it. Oh - and thanks to StupidMF, EvolHexx and Me222 for reviewing. I wasnt gonna bother updating today cos' i really couldnt be arsed, but i saw your reviews and thought 'what the heck, i'll add'. :P
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