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I hate you so much i just want you to love me

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"Oooh Gerard, my lovely little bit of man candy how are you this morning?" Sang Tom brightly as he walked into the room. Gerard was sat on the bed, hugging his knees and looking tired and lonely. He threw Tom a dirty look. "I'm fine" He spat.
"Oh Gerard theres no need to get all pissy. Is this because of that kiss? You cant pretend you didnt enjoy it too" Tom smirked. Gerard flinched at the mention of the kiss, the guilt he felt swelled in his stomach like a disease, like a demon ready to kill him. What would everybody say if they knew? What would Frank say? "Just fuck off" He snarled. Tom frowned and walked slowly over to the bed. "If you want to see Frank and Mikey then I suggest you stop annoying me Gerard" He warned. Gerard bit his lip and looked down. He needed to see his brother and he needed to see Frank. "I - I'm sorry" He mumbled. Hating how the words felt as they tumbled out of his mouth.
"Hm...I suppose I can forgive you" Said Tom casually. He crossed over to the wooden desk and layed a peice of paper and some felt tip pens on it. Gerard watched him with confusion and Tom walked back over to the door without a word. "Whats that for?" Asked Gerard, nodding at the paper and pens. Tom smiled.
"Well, somethings got to keep you occupied whilst your here" He said and then he left. Gerard stared at the closed door for a moment, slightly confused, before he got up and slowly walked over to the desk. He sat down and stared at the piece of paper. Before picking up the black pen and beginning to draw. He covered the piece of paper in doodles of vampires, bleeding angels, guitars, microphones, and the name 'Frankie' in love hearts. He didnt know why he put the lovehearts there, that was more of a teenage girl thing to do but he felt like he needed to. Was it to show Tom that no matter what he would always love Frank? Was it because it just made him feel better to see that name? Or...was it because he had to remind himself that Frankie was out there, thinking of him, and nothing Tom would do should make him stop loving him.
Gerard hoped that wasnt the reason...
After a while he began slowly pacing the room, he was bored, he was lonely and he wanted to go home. He scuffed the toe of his shoe on the floor moodily and sighed. Couldnt he at least have a window? In this room with only the candles as light he couldnt figure out whether it was day or night or how long he had been there. The air was warm and heavy and he felt like he couldnt really breathe. He sat down in the middle of the floor and pulled his knees into his chest, resting his elbows on them and then resting his head in his hands. "God Frankie I need to see you..."

"FUCK OFF MIKEY! I NEVER WANT TO SEE HIM AGAIN FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE!" Frank yelled, trying to pull away from Mikeys grasp and continue storming down the street. "Frank will you please listen to me?" Begged Mikey, trying his best to drag Frank back to the house.
"NO!" Snapped Frank, pulling harder at his shirt which Mikey had a hold on. "LET ME GO MIKEY!" He shouted.
"No Frank! Not until you listen to me!"
"Nothing you can say is gonna change my mind Mikey! I hate him and - WILL YOU GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!" Frank pulled harder at his shirt and there was a loud ripping noise. He fell away from Mikey who held half his shirt in his hand. "Err...oops" Said Mikey with an apologetic grin. Franks jaw dropped.
"Well...come back to the house and we can find another shirt for you" Mikey offered. Frank glared at him. "Oh come on Frank its not like Gerards gonna be there anyway" Said Mikey. Frank sighed and bit his lip before rolling his eyes. "Fine! I'll go back, but only to get a shirt! Then I'm leaving that god damn house forever!" He snapped before stomping moodily back to the house. Mikey couldnt help but chuckle lightly to himself before running after him.
As Frank upstairs getting a new shirt Mikey locked the door and hid the key. Frank walked back down the stairs and without a word went to the door and tried to open it. Slowly, he turned to face Mikey - teeth clenched. "You - locked - it?" He snarled. Mikey gave a cheesy grin and shrugged.
"I just want you to listen to me before you go..." He mumbled. Frank sighed and counted to 10 under his breath before forcing a smile and looking back at Mikey.
"Oookay. What do you want to say?" He asked.
"Well...I dont think Gerard really kissed Tom -"
"Well for a fake picture it looked pretty fucking real" Frank interupted. Mikey gave an annoyed sigh before continueing.
"All I'm saying is, that Tom guy isnt exactly trust worthy is he? And Gerard really loves you Frank, I can tell he does. He might have been forced into it or something."
"It didnt look like he was forced" Said Frank.
"I know but...we should at least wait until we get more news, I think you should wait until you can talk to him. Leaving isnt going to solve anything." Said Mikey. Frank shrugged. "I dont want to stay here" He snapped, but he was starting give in.
"Frank...look me in the eyes and tell me that you dont care what happens to Gerard. Tell me you dont love him anymore." Ordered Mikey, Frank looked at him slightly shocked. "What?"
"You heard me." Said Mikey, staring hard at Frank. Frank sighed and looked into Mikeys eyes...they were so like Gerards.
"I...I dont...I dont..." Frank sighed and looked away. "I cant say it." He admitted. Mikey sighed with relief and smiled.
"See? If you leave you'll just wished you had stayed, all you'll do is wonder what happened. Wonder if Gerard is still alive or not?" He said. Frank nodded slowly and tears filled his eyes. "Its just...I really love him and...that picture really hurt me..." He whispered. Mikey walked over to Frank and pulled him into a hug.
"I know Frank, but I think thats what the picture was for. To hurt you. Dont trust a thing that cunt sends us. We have to have our trust in Gerard more than ever now."
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