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Silver Silence

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Sorry... I back again everyone! This is a very long H/C fic of Billie and Tre. If you don't like... Don't read! Tre finds Billie with Mike! Everything goes down hill from that....

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Tre stretched and tiredly rubbed his eyes. 'Hmm... guess I did fall asleep.' He thought as he saw his clock in the tour-bus showing 10:38.
He yawned a little bit more before finally getting off his lazy ass... "Maybe I'll go see what Billie's doing!" He said out loud, happiness surging through him as he thought about his "boyfriend".
Tre began zipping up his pants and placing his shoes back on. As he started tying the laces he began humming Dominated Love Slave.


Tre stood staring at the singer's own tour-bus door. He really wanted to kiss Billie!
He wanted to kiss the singer so bad that his hands began twitching around the handle.
He took a deep breath and open the door. "Billie?" He called, waiting for a answer.
Only silence was heard. Tre looked around the small kitchen area, and finally heard a noise coming from the singer's bedroom.
'He must still be asleep.' Tre thought as he nearly skipped to the bedroom. He stopped outside the door.

Tre decided that he would like to "pounce" on the unsuspecting singer.
He snickered, and as he pulled the door open he almost died from what he saw....

Billie was on the bed with Mike on top of his chest. Both had their jeans and shirts tossed away. Clothed in only boxers.
Tre grimaced at the two with their tongues down each others throats!
He felt pain in his chest and knew that his heart was breaking!
Tre uttered a squeak of shock and hurt. He covered his mouth, but Billie had already heard the sound.
He too stared at Tre with confusion. "Tre... it's not what you think..." Billie began, but Tre only rushed from the bus.


Tre ran blinded by tears straight into a brick wall.
He screamed at it and began punching the wall.

Suddenly there were hands pulling him away from the wall into a warm body.
"Tre... shh..." Billie said softly, trying to pull the drummer towards him.
Tre cried a little and felt hurt by Billie. "Leave me alone Billie!" He said sharply, struggling under the singer's touch.
"No. You know you want this..." Billie said, kissing ever so softly against the drummer's neck.
Tre's heart finally torn. He knew he wanted Billie to kiss the pain away, but this pain was unbearable.
"I don't want it Billie. Get off me!" He finally said, twisting his body; trying to bolt.

"Tre! Tre please... calm down!" Billie said, grabbing a hold of the drummer's wrists and trying to pin it above the drummer's head.
"Never! Full of shit! That's what you are Billie! A backstabbing piece of shit!" Tre raved, trying to free himself from Billie's death grip.
"Get off me!" He shouted, trying to tug his wrists free.
Billie offered everything to calm his hysterical drummer down, but nothing was working.

Finally Billie's anger got the better of him and he watched as he drew back his hand and smacked the drummer hard!
Tre fell to ground clenching his burning cheek and staring wide-eyed at Billie.
Billie hovered over him before kneeling next to him and hissing in his ear, "I never loved you Tre! You hear me? NEVER!"
Billie then stood and walked away as if nothing had happened between the two...

Tre watched Billie walk away and cried softly before getting shakily to his feet...


"What was that all about?" Mike asked, as Billie came back on to the bus.
"Oh... Tre's being an idiot again." The singer stated, before pressing his lips to Mike's.
Mike kissed back and the two fell on to the bed...

'I can "take care" of Tre for you Billie.' The bassist thought in between kisses.


The next day Mike found Tre sitting on the grass near his tour-bus.
"Hey there..." Mike said softly, plopping to the ground beside Tre.
Tre uttered nothing and stared at the trees swaying in the breeze.
"Sorry about last night Tre. I don't really care about Billie. He made me do it. I actually have a crush on another.... person." Mike said, watching the drummer turn and look at him.

"Who...?" Tre began, but Mike's lips crushed upon his. Mike wrapped his arms around Tre's neck; pulling him closer...
Tre moaned into Mike's mouth, making the bassist smile seductively.

Caught up in each others mouth; neither saw the singer staring daggers at the both of them.
Billie turn his head slightly and Mike noticed him out of the corner of his eye.
He dropped his arms from Tre, and Tre reached for them.
Billie saw Tre pushing more into Mike.
"You filthy drummer..." He spat underneath his breath.
He turned and headed back to his own tour-bus.


"I like you Tre... see you later." Mike said few moments later, standing and pulling away from Tre.

Tre stared at nothing, but a smile crossed his face...


Feedback is loved! Thanks for reading ~~ StripesCO
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