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Chapter 2

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Second chapter for Silver Silence! Mike makes his move against Tre! And Billie decides to leave! (Somewhat short...)

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Mike arrived on the bus to see Billie squeezing a beer bottle tightly.
"Billie... you okay?" He asked, never noticing the angry stare the singer gave him as he searched the fridge for anymore beer.
"Am I okay? I've been better!" Billie retorted bitterly.
"What happened to you man?" Mike asked, cracking open the beer bottle, and taking a swig.
"What happened to me?" Billie repeated, staring daggers at the bassists, "I saw you with him! I'm trying to get over him and trying to start something "new" with you and what do you do? You go and kiss him!"

"Who?" Mike asked, staring intently at Billie.
"Who?! Tre! That's who." Billie literally screamed at him.

"Oh..." Mike said, casting his eyes downwards, "Billie... I was trying to comfort him, and he lent forward and kissed me. I didn't start it."
Billie stared at Mike, trying to believe him or not...

'Tre was pushing into Mike when I saw them, but what if Mike's lying to me... and... and...' Billie thought uncertainly.
He stood from his position on the sofa and said quietly more to himself to Mike, "I'm planning on leaving..."
Mike jerked his head up and stared with confusion at the singer. "Why?"
"I don't understand what's going on, but I need some time alone... away from both of you." Billie said sadly - his eyes locking with the moving shadows.
"That's cool... but when will you be back?" Mike asked meekly.
"I'll tell you that later..." Billie replied gruffly, heading towards his own bedroom.

'Hmm... Billie's already jealous of seeing me with Tre. Now time to break the so called "Best Drummer"." Mike thought smugly, as he drained the last of the contents of liquid down his throat...


Tre looked at the warning signs on his drink.
"Warning... Live without warning..."
"Damn you Billie." He thought bitterly, some tears leaking out.

His thoughts were shattered as he heard his bus door open.
"Hey Tre..." Mike said, walking into Tre's tour-bus.
"Hi Mike." Tre said, wiping the tears and smiling hugely at the bassists.
'Mike can help me not think about Billie...' The drummer thought happily.

"What's the matter with you? You seem down." Mike noted, sitting himself next to the drummer.
"I wish I could get my mind over Billie." Tre stated, leaning into the bassist.
Mike got up and locked the bus door. "I can help you Tre..." He said, turning his gaze to the drummer.
"What do you have in mind?" Tre asked, smiling smugly.

Mike laughed inside his mind; Tre was too easy to fool...

"Come with me..." He said, stretching his hand out for the drummer.
Tre took it and the two's lips were upon in seconds!

If only Tre knew what Mike would "really" do to him...


Feedback is loved as always! ~~ StripesCO
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