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Chapter 3

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Billie's leaving and Mike's torturing Tre! *Hands out tissues* Might need it, T_T

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Beep beep Billie's cell phone beeped, letting the annoyed singer know that he had once again received a text from Tre.

Billie lift his phone up and inspected the message; Billie... please... just pick up the phone for once! I hurt all over... I need you, I'll probably going to die soon...! Please Billie listen to me! Please... ~ T.C.

'Give it a rest Tre. You've been texting me all the time. I don't care about you anymore...' Billie cursed at his mind; He did still care about Tre, but the drummer had broken his heart by running off with Mike.
It had been the same over the course of weeks... Tre kept texting or calling the singer, and Billie only turn his back on the drummer...
'I'm leaving Tre. Have fun in the mess you created! Goodbye.' Billie thought as he continued looking out the window of the taxi...


'Damn... he still won't pick up! Billie why won't you talk to me?' Tre thought as he stared blankly at his cell phone; willing it to start beeping and vibrating.

Tre closed his eyes tiredly as he kept glancing at his phone...

"Get up." A stern voice said, breaking Tre of his "wonderful" dream. "Up! Did I say you could lie down?"
Tre groaned as he tried to get into a sitting position. Hands were on him and he was shoved hard back onto the bed.

"Mike..." The drummer beg, as the bassist gripped his head upwards and smashed his lips upon the younger.
"I said shut up!" Mike whispered darkly, squeezing his fingers against the back of Tre's neck; making the drummer wince slightly.
Mike pulled away from Tre, and stared the drummer in the eyes; his hands trailing downwards...
"You don't have to do this Mike..." Tre pleaded with the bassist.

"I think I do..."

"AAAGGGHHH! Please Mike! Stop... Please!" Tre choked out as he felt Mike's hard on near his entrance....
"I said fucking shut up!" Mike shouted, striking Tre across the face.
Tre closed his eyes and mouth as he felt Mike shove into him; no mercy and so much pain...

'Billie I need you... Can't you see what he's doing to me?' The drummer thought as a sob flew from his lips.
"I said to be QUIET!" Mike roared, smacking Tre harder.
Tre only prayed silently that he wouldn't die as the beatings of hell reigned on him...


Billie stroked his cheek as it stung madly. 'Damn my cheek hurts. What did I do to it?' He thought as he waited patiently outside the train-station. He had an hour before they would call for his train.

An hour later Billie heard a person yelling his train number. He hurried along and finally boarded the train.

He found an empty compartment and sat down heavily into one of the train seats. He dozed off, as the train began pulling out...
Billie awoke later after the train hit a nasty bump in the tracks...
"Had a nice sleep Bill?"
Billie turned his attention away from his window and stared in shock at Mike who was seated next to him.

"Mike what are you doing here?" He asked, unable to keep his shock out of his voice.
"Just traveling with you?" The bassist shrugged.
"Shouldn't you be with Tre, Mike?" Billie asked, staring suspiciously on the older man.
"Maybe, but I really had my hopes up that I could be with you... Billie." Mike edged his face closer to the singers.

"Mike..." Billie began as he closed his eyes and felt the searing heat go through him as Mike's lips touched his own...
'Please forgive me Billie. For what I have done to Tre.' The bassist thought as he listen to Billie moaning underneath his lips...


Tre cried loudly as he tried hard to untangle himself from the bed sheets. They were glued to him with his and Mike's sweat, as well as his blood.
'I just need to get out of this room. Need to go get... help...' He thought, leaning against the wall for support as he paused for a breath.

'I can do it... ' The drummer thought as he continued moving through the tour-bus. But his legs gave up on him and he crumpled to the floor of his bus.
'I can't do it... I need help! BILLIE HELP ME PLEASE!!' He screamed out loud, before falling into his desperation...

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