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Chapter 4

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Billie needs to get back to his Tre! Short, sad, but worth reading!

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Help me Billie... please...!

Billie pulled sharply away from the bassist's mouth as pain coursed across his side.
"What's wrong Billie?" Mike asked, eyeing the singer worriedly.
"Don't really know... But my side hurts like hell right now." Billie replied, turning his attention to the scenery rolling by.
'My side started hurt just as suddenly as my cheek.' He thought, his fingers trailing along his cheek; which was somewhat numb.

The singer switched his gaze from the window to the bassist who was only snickering slightly.
"What's so funny Mike?"
"You getting so worked up over a little side pain. Not like the pain Tre's probably in right now." Mike's smile instantly vanished, and Billie heard him gasp, "Ah shit!"

'What pain could Tre be in? What happened between him and Mike?' The singer thought.
"Mike," Billie began, wetting his dry lips before asking the question Mike dreaded. "Where's Tre? What happened to him?"

Mike lowered his eyes to the floor and made a strangling noise; something between a sob and a sigh.
"Billie..." He began, closing his mouth tightly.
"It's okay Mike. Tell me." The singer pressed his hands on top of the bassist's.
"Billie... I-I did "things" to him." Mike whispered out, a few tears springing out of his eyes.

"What kind of "things" Mike?" Billie asked quietly, already seeming to know the answer.
Mike sighed a little before telling Billie everything that had happened over the course of weeks; The way he had beaten Tre, and then had his way with him. Or in other words... raped him.

Mike sniffled a little and stared at Billie; who was bitterly cursing himself for leaving Tre.
'Oh God! Why did I leave you Tre? I should have stayed...' The singer thought as tears sprung for freedom down his cheeks.
A ding and whistle alerted the men that the train had finally pulled into the station.

Billie took his bag and exited the train, Mike hot on his heels.


The two purchased tickets and boarded the same train back... 'Hopefully back to Tre.' Billie thought sadly.
The train lurched and moaned before again pulling out of the station...

Billie closed his eyes and that was when the nightmares began...


"BILLIE! Help me please!" Tre screamed, stretching his hand out towards Billie.
Billie stood shock still as the drummer pleaded with him.
"Please Billie! You said you'd never leave me!" Tre choked out, tears streaming down his face.
"I didn't promise anything Tre..." Billie said, softly.
Tre stared at the singer, before shouting out, "Billie... You'll be the reason I die, as well as Mike's!"


A crack of thunder boomed and Billie's eyes shot open. He sniffled slightly as his thoughts traveled back to the dream.
He clenched his eyes close and adverted them to look out the window. Rain beat madly at the train's windows, and lighting bolts surged downwards from the heavens, followed by thunder.
Someone's voice came on the intercom, "Folks... due to weather we'll be just at least 20 minutes late."

'20 minutes?! No! I need to get to Tre now!' Billie thought as he looked at Mike curled up asleep in the train's seat.
'How can he be asleep at a time like this?!' He thought bitterly...

'Hold on Tre. I'll be there as soon as I can.' The singer thought as he stared miserably out the window.


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