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When you lose your way its best to set a goal and forge a new path...

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(Disclaimer: Don’t own Harry Potter my ever growing number of OCs are mine though)

In light of recent events I have chosen to start writing this journal with the hopes that I’ll never use it for the intended purpose. I shall start by writing what I know and my concerns for the near future. I write this, yet I don’t know where to start. So much information must be written and I have a few different places to start.

I guess…I’ll start from the moment my concerns began. Not to long ago a Temple…or should I say a burial ground was discovered. In this cemetery laid the body of the first and last Legatis Templar. The name of the Templar was worn off the grave and sadly no information on him is available. I know it seems unbelievable, how can someone who was practically a hero to the Templar society be forgotten? It isn’t impossible really time can forget a lot of heroes and those it doesn’t forget end up becoming things of myth and legend. Such is the case with the Legatis Templar, the “figure” for lack of better word became a myth, a bedtime story for young Initiates. But I’m getting off topic. When this grave was discovered information and research on the Legatis became top priority and the person to lead this investigation was a recently promoted Blood Templar named Ferres.

Now Ferres is an amazing man. He is as cunning as he is ruthless and he is also incredibly intelligent, the perfect person to lead an investigation on something with very vague details. However, I fear that this investigation may lead to troubling times. If the stories of the Legatis Templar are true then a man in Ferres’s position would most definitely seek to use such powers. I can’t really come out with these concerns because I have no proof to speak against him, and even as I write this I can’t help but wonder if I’m being paranoid. However it is a wise man that worries about everything and a fool who worries about nothing.

I will write more…if more develops,
Life Templar and Councilman of the Order of the Templar

(Chapter 14 Start)

It had been two day since everyone had evacuated the Order of the Phoenix’s headquarters and things were finally settling down. The majority of the people that chose to stay at Hogwarts were kept in Gryffindor Tower, as most of the people staying had been a part of Gryffindor at one time or another.

Currently the tower was nearly empty, most of the inhabitants being at breakfast. The only ones left in the tower were the Templar and the initiates, though Elizabeth was about to escort her students to the Great Hall momentarily.

“Are you sure you won’t join us?” She asked her fellow Templar.

“Sorry, but we have much to discuss and this is the only time we may have the privacy and time to do it.” Jericho answered.

“Don’t worry we’ll head down when we finish talking.” Marcell added.

“Okay, but are you sure I shouldn’t stay here and discuss things as well?” She questioned.

“Nah, you have more important things to worry about than rambling with the likes of us.” Amadues answered as he motioned to the initiates.

Elizabeth hesitated for a moment before nodding and leading her class out of the tower.

When she was gone, Marcell let out a sigh before speaking up, “I really don’t like excluding her from this. She has just as much a right to be here talking with us as we do.”

“I know, but since we will be discussing what to do with her and her class I’d rather not have to argue with her when we come up with a decision.” Jericho replied.

“Agreed,” Amadues added.

Marcell let out another sigh, “Yeah, yeah let’s just get on with it.”

“Best to start with the most prominent thing,” Jericho said has he laid out Raimond’s journal on the table. “What to do with Harry Potter.”

“Marcell and I can’t really discuss this. You are Harry Potter so it is your decision on what to do with that information.”

A strange tingling was felt in the back of Jericho’s mind, but he ignored it and continued discussing his plans. “Well…while revealing Harry Potter is alive to the wizarding world could help us, it could also bite us in the ass.”

“How so?” Marcell questioned.

“Harry Potter is a sixteen year old wizard that disappeared, not a sixteen year old veteran Grand Templar. While being Harry Potter could get us access to resources previously inaccessible there will be too many obstacles.”

“Care to name them?” Amadues asked this time.

“Well first there will be the wizarding world in general. The ministry will use Harry Potter to try and raise morale…he’ll be nothing more than a figurehead. Second would be Albus. If what Raimond said is true, then there is some prophecy about Harry Potter and Voldemort, and Albus knows the contents of that prophecy…we don’t. He’ll likely use that fact to try and use us to do his bidding. Plus, he would coddle Harry Potter. As Jericho I can fight and move about freely, as Harry Potter I’d be shielded because I’m considered “too important”. So for the meantime I’ll stay Jericho. Our goal on this is too keep the information on Harry Potter a secret as long as possible.”

Amadues was silent for a moment before speaking again, “You’ll need to cover your lightning-shaped scar you know. You can’t keep that bandage wrapped around your head forever. Plus your parents-“

“Harry Potter’s parents,” Jericho interrupted. Raimond would always be his parent, not two people he never knew about.

“Right Harry Potter’s parents,” Amadues continued. “You’ll share similar looks with them and people that knew them will notice.”

“The scar can be covered with a bandana to “keep my hair out of my eyes” as for the similarities between me and James and Lily Potter, we’ll just play dumb. No one can extract that information without the use of a truth potion so we’re safe as long as we don’t accept anything from people that might be suspicious.”

Marcell and Amadues nodded at Jericho’s explanation.

“Now let’s move onto the topic of Elizabeth and the initiates.” Jericho said changing the subject.

“As much as I hate to say it, they can’t stay with us. We haven’t the time to train the initiates and Elizabeth no longer as a weapon. While she could continue to train them, we honestly have no place to keep them.”

“But where could they go? Myren’s gone and we have no idea if and where any survivors are holding up. We can’t just kick them to the curb.” Marcell argued.

“You’re both right. We can’t keep them here, but at the same time we can’t abandon them. They could be all that’s left of the Order of the Templar. That being said we may have to do something unethical and unorthodox.”

“What are you hinting at Jericho?” Amadues asked.

“We may have to leave them with the exiles. The exiles have remained well hidden and have had over a century to recover from their fallout with society.” Jericho said.

“Are you crazy? Those religious zealots!? We might as well just hand them back over to Ferres.” Marcell nearly yelled.

“I don’t think they are as fanatical as they used to be. After all, God didn’t save them from the wrath of man so they’ve likely become a lot more placid over the years. However, incase they are like the history books say, we will meet with them first to insure we aren’t sending the initiates to their death.” Jericho explained.

“What makes you think they’ll help and how do you propose we find them? They were able to drop off the face of the earth in case you’ve forgotten. Even Myren’s best trackers couldn’t find them.” Amadues questioned.

“Well I’m hoping we can use their morals to have them take in the initiates. After all, the initiates haven’t even killed yet so their practically innocents. As to how we find them, we follow their trail to the point that they disappeared, then locate the most reclusive places near where they disappeared and hope to get lucky.”

“And if we fail to find them?” Marcell asked.

“We’ll deal with that obstacle if we get to it.” Jericho calmly answered.

Marcell sighed “Ok so that covers the initiates. Now what about Liz?”

“Liz?” Amadues repeated looking curiously at Marcell.

Marcell lowered his head to hide his face, “Well you see, ummm…I figured it would be shorter than saying Elizabeth?”

Jericho and Amadues looked amused. It was rare to see Marcell so caught off-guard. Under normal circumstances they would have enjoyed teasing him into further embarrassment, but since the situation was far from normal by their standards they refrained.

“Well, as far as Liz is concerned,” Amadues said emphasizing the name. “What she does is her decision. If she chooses to go with her students, that’s fine. If she chooses to stick with us, that’s fine too.”

“Agreed.” Jericho second.

“What’s left to discuss? We seemed to have covered all the important things.” Amadues asked.

“Well, we need better clothes. Our robes are in tatters and even if they weren’t we’d stand out too much.” Jericho answered.

“True, but we lack money and personally I don’t think wizard robes are practical for melee combat.” Marcell said.

“Well…perhaps we can turn our Templar robes into more suitable clothing? There is enough fabric for that and it won’t cost us money.” Amadues suggested.

“That’s possible, we’ll need help with the tailoring…unless you two learned to sow behind my back.” Jericho replied.

“Well you know, between killing bad guys and running for my life. I figured I’d find a hobby to spend what’s left of my already scarce time.” Amadues joked.

“Yes, it is quite relaxing.” Marcell agreed.

It was a dumb joke, they all knew it, but it helped break the tension in the room. The three let out a light chuckle, feeling more refreshed than they had in sometime.

“What about our weapons? If we want to blend in we can’t really carry them around.” Marcell said after he quieted down.

“In can’t be helped, we’ll continue to carry them. None of us know how to use a wand and personally I feel a bit naked with out my blades.” Jericho answered.

“So much for blending in.” Marcell muttered.

“If worse comes to worse we’ll talk to Albus. He’s bound to know something we could do.” Jericho said.

“Okay then what do we do while we are here?” Amadues asked.

“Again we’ll have to leave that to Albus. We’re here under his good graces after all.” Jericho repeated.


Elizabeth walked into the Great Hall with her students and looked around. Most of the younger wizards and witches were present but not the older generation. Her class walked past to one of the tables as she contemplated the situation.

“What are they up to?” She quietly asked herself.


The three male Templar walked down the castle halls in silence as they headed towards breakfast. However, an abrupt stop from Amadues caused the other two to stop and look at him curiously.

“How will we fight off our fellow Templar? In case you two forgot we all nearly died when we last fought them.”

Marcell and Jericho nearly bashed their heads into the nearest wall. Something so obvious and they had completely forgotten it. They both silently cursed their teenage minds and the belief that they were invincible.

Standing in the hall with a thoughtful hand holding his chin, Jericho thought aloud, “Looks like we’ll have to talk with him.”

“Him?” his friends asked in unison.


“Alaman? How are things?” Jericho asked as he walked up to the portrait. Amadues and Marcell stared in awe at the man in the painting.

“Quite frustrating young Templar. I know there is something big is going on but I haven’t been able to leave my portrait to find out.”

“Why not?” Jericho questioned.

“Oh some years ago a little punk put a charm on my frame sealing me in this place. Damn good charm to since none of the staff have been able to break it in all its years of being on my portrait.

“Can’t your portrait be moved?” He questioned.

“Yes, but you forget here I’m nothing but an ancient groundskeeper. Not some well known Templar celebrity. So there was little reason to move me.”

“I see, well would you like to come with us? We have much to discuss. Discussion best kept away from prying eyes and unwanted ears.”

Hearing the gravity in Jericho’s voice, Alaman unstuck his portrait from the wall and instructed the Templar to an abandoned classroom where they could speak in private.


Meanwhile in the office of Albus Dumbledore, a small Order meeting was being held between the top members of the Order and the members that were residing in Hogwarts.

“We’ll commence this meeting starting with the topic of our recovery from the large offensive brought about by Voldemort and the rogue Templar. Kingsley?”

The tall black man stood up cleared his throat as he gave his report, “As the Templar told you, Albus. The Dark Lord and his minions as well as the rogue Templar have ceased their attacks and have been extremely quiet considering how well their attacks had gone. If they indeed continue to stay silent as the Templar predicted then we will have ample time to recover.”

“Very good, and what was the damage?”

“As you know the entrance to the ministry was destroyed, our headquarters was taken, and the prisoners in Azkaban have been freed.”

“And the department of mysteries?” Albus quietly asked.

“The prophecy room was successfully raided. All but one prophecy was recovered.” Was the tall auror’s answer.

“This is indeed grievous yet joyous news my friends.”

“What do you mean Albus?” Moody asked.

“The contents of the prophecy in the hands of Voldemort is dangerous information, as the contents dealt with him and the missing Harry Potter. However, at the same time this may be good for us as it tells us that Harry Potter is alive. However, we must find him before Voldemort does or it will be the end for us.”

“What are the contents of this prophecy Albus?” Sirius asked

“Keep in mind the only reason I’m telling you this is because Voldemort already has the prophecy. I won’t go into details, but the prophecy basically states that Harry must kill Voldemort or vise-versa.”

Sirius choked in surprise as he heard the dreaded words of the prophecy. How could such a burden be placed on someone so young and innocent? He walked out of the room ignoring the looks of pity from his comrades.

“I’m going to keep an eye on Sirius. Please inform me of any other developments.” Remus said as he walked out.

Albus nodded before returning his gaze back to the Order, “Anything else, any of you feel is important?”

“Albus, with the school year coming ever closer I feel that you should address what we should do with our current residents. Not just the Templar, but our fellow Order members.” Minerva spoke up.

“Yes, I do feel that is indeed something that should be covered. First, I’m taking the time to ward the Burrow so that the Weasleys can return home. I’m sure Remus won’t mind Sirius’s company for the school year so we’ll leave that to them. Ms. Delacour you were looking into an apprenticeship with Madam Pomfrey correct?”

Fleur nodded. However, it was a hollow nod. The once beautiful part-veela looked like hell warmed over. She had bags under her eyes from nightmares, her hair was in disarray, and her form was hunched over in exhaustion from the lack of sleep.

“The offer is still available if you so choose to take it.” Albus gently offered.

Fleur grimly nodded again.

“Now that leaves the Templar and what to do with them.” Albus calmly stated. He knew that many of the members came close to hating the Templar for what they were and their rather heartless way of speaking about human lives, both dead and living.

In fact very few seemed to even like their company. The ones that did were Moody, Arthur, Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Kingsley, Fleur, Fred and George Weasley, who liked their disregard of Albus’s authority and rebellious attitude, and Minerva, who was old enough to realize that their coldhearted demeanor was a means of getting through tough situations in the best way possible. Everyone else either hated or resented their presence.

“As they can no longer stay at our old headquarters we’ll have to keep them here for the time being.” Albus slowly and carefully stated.

A few members sneered and glared at the idea of having to continue associating with the Templar.

“How will we explain their presence?” Minerva questioned.

“For now there is no guarantee that they will still be here by the time the school year starts. If they are then I will think of something. You also forget that they are independent of us, they could be making their own plans as we speak.”

“Hopefully they plan on getting as far away from here as possible.” Molly bitterly muttered.

“Yes, well I feel the best way to go about this is to ask them about their plans.” Albus said, choosing not to react to Molly’s words.

No one said anything else.


In the old Riddle house, Voldemort sat looking at the glowing orb in his hand.

“This proves that Potter is alive,” He said aloud to his followers. “Whether he is or isn’t the Templar you saw in the attacks, Avery has yet to be seen.”

“I swear it was him M’lord. He was the spitting image of that Muggle-loving James Potter!”

“Well, I say we ask our guest…” Looking at the corner of the room where a tall figure in a blue cloak stood. “Is it him?”

“Yes and no,” The man answered.

“Care to elaborate?” Voldemort pressed.

“You will understand when the time comes. Just know the Templar working with Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter are one in the same.”

“Very well, give my regards to your master and tell him thanks for the troops he left me with.”

“Two things, one those “troops” are all you’re getting for a while so don’t waste them. And second, I have no master!” The man replied before disappearing in a flash of blue.

The Death Eaters assembled stared at the area the man once inhabited before turning their gaze to their lord.

“My lord, if I may…why not press our advantage?” One of the nearest Death Eater’s asked.

“The Templar advised against it and while I’m not one for following others advise I do know when to listen. By now the Ministry and Dumbledore’s little club are on high alert and any attacks made now would end in failure. All of you are free to do as you want for now…I will summon you again when the time comes.”

And with those words everyone left the Riddle house.

(End of Chapter 14)
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