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Moving Forward

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Plans mean nothing without the drive to move forward.

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It seems that my fears about Ferres and the investigation were warranted. He recently removed everyone, but his most trusted officials off the Legatis project. To “Keep delicate information out of the wrong hands.” However I feel the information is already in the wrong hands. I tried pleading my case to Equatis Templar, Seguis, but to no avail. He believed that Ferres’s decision was an understandable one and due to my foolish mistake of voicing my concerns I am now suspected of trying to steal information on the Legatis Templar. To clear my name or at least the suspicions surrounding it I left my councilman seat to my second so that I could go into the field and wait for things to cool down. Currently I am making my way west of Myren. There is no need to rush since I have no destination in mind, so I shall wander until it is safe to return.

Recently rumors have been spreading of a Dark Lord in Britain…perhaps I can be of use there. Besides I’m already heading west and Britain is to the west of Myren so it’s not like it’s out of the way. I’m not sure why I’m writing my thoughts on where to go…it has nothing to do with Ferres or the Legatis, but I felt compelled to write it. Whatever the case there is not much I can really say about the current situation since I am no longer in Myren and my information network is somewhat lacking at the moment.

My best regards,
Life Templar

(Chapter 15 Start)

“Ahh young Templar…Oh! And I see you brought friends.” The portrait of Alaman spoke.

“Greetings Alaman, we need some advice.” Jericho replied. His tone gave away the seriousness of the situation.

Alaman quickly lost his smile and spoke in a somber tone, “Something tells me this will not be anything to be joyous about.”


Albus Dumbledore sat in his office after the Order meeting had finished. Too much was going on and he felt couldn’t keep a stable hold on anything anymore. Some people had once said that he shouldn’t try to control everything, but in war sometimes it takes a dictator to get things done. That being said, Albus clearing felt is biggest flaw as a war leader was his morals. Despite his many years of life and the battles he had fought he couldn’t bring it upon himself to watch his students, his children fight and kill one-another.

He knew the light couldn’t afford to just sit and hope for the government to sort things out, and with the corruption and incompetence in said government there was little to no hope anyway. So who better to lead the fight against Voldemort than the defeater of the last Dark Lord? But that too was a mistake, during the fight against Grindelwald, Albus wasn’t the leader, another, more competent man was. Albus let out a bitter laugh; all prophecies concerning Dark Lords tend to point out who can defeat them. There is nothing in them about leading the fight.

‘I wonder what would have happened if Harry were still with us…’ he thought.

As he continued to think on the recent course of events his thoughts turned to the newest group of players in the war, the Templar. But his thoughts were more-so on the group helping the light.

‘It may seem juvenile, but I would love nothing more than to throw this heap of trouble onto them. Whether the Order realizes it or not, they are much more capable at leading than I am. After all, they are bred to fight and how to act in these types of situations. So far every plan they have come up with has got the job done. They fled when I would have hid, they hid when I would have fought, and they fought when I would have fled. Every action may have resulted in the loss of life to the light, but they greatly reduced the number of casualties the Order would have suffered had they listened to me.’ Albus mused.

Flipping through a few papers on his desk, he came across the report Mad-Eye gave him earlier on the Order’s retreat from Grimmauld. He could tell just by looking at the events that some of his Order members were realizing just how competent the Templar were when it came to battles. When he first received the report he had wanted to yell at his members for using the darkest unforgivable imaginable and curse the Templar for ordering them to use it.

But remembering the look on his current group of student’s face was enough to make him think twice. Had none of his Order members fought to kill there is no doubt in his mind that most if not all of the children would now be orphans or worse. It was that revelation that led to his current situation of sitting at his desk and going over how he had been commanding the war.

So far he hadn’t liked what he had seen. The entire time he led the war he always thought he was commanding soldiers, now he realized he was just herding sheep. This revelation made him feel that he was no better than the Ministry of Magic. Sure he could and would respond more quickly than the Ministry, but the fact remained that he held a dangerous attachment for the opposition. The bottom line for his recent discovery was that he slept in a pit of vipers and every time there was a battle he would invite the Order for a slumber party.

‘I think I may need to restructure the Order soon, or this war may as well be over…’


“I see…so that’s what’s been going on in the Templar world.” Alaman said after digesting the news of Myren’s fall.

“Yes, what we need to know is how to fight against fellow Templar. The small-fry are nothing, but the fully trained Templar can easily overpower us.” Marcell replied, having got over his hero worship.

“Well that’s easy,” Alaman answered before looking at Jericho. “Did you learn the difference between skill and skill yet?” he asked emphasizing the second “skill”.

Jericho nodded, “I fought a Dark Templar who was borderline on Blood Templar level and won. Before he died he said that someone of a Grand Templar level should never have the ability to win against a Dark Templar, let alone a Blood Templar.”

“So what did you learn?” Alaman prodded.

“I learned that you could give someone all the power in the world, but if they don’t know how to use it correctly, then they’ll never be able to maximize on that potential.”

“Close enough. You see almost all Templar higher than the Grand Templar level rely solely on their new powers and neglect the basics. What they don’t realize is if you master the basics you master everything.”

“How so?” Amadues questioned.

“Because everything you learn after the basics is just an expansion. No matter what the field, all advanced teachings will lead back to the basics.”

“That doesn’t mean that our opponents won’t get a lucky shot.” Marcell stated.

“Yes, that is quite possible. All of you will undoubtedly need training. Training that I and a few friends can offer you. However, my teachings are only for those who are worthy of them. I will not waste my time teaching brats who want everything handed to them. If you want to learn more from me then all of you need to relearn the basics and master them. Jericho, you’re the closest to mastering them since you have used them for so long. So I expect you to make sure your friends learn them as well. Now go, I have business to attend to.”

The three left the portrait more confused than they came, but now they had a wider path to follow and every passing minute was opening more roads.


As the sun set on Hogwarts, Fleur could be found walking hand in hand with Rachel away from the Great Hall. The day had been a blur, between the meeting, giving tours to the new residents, and holding a brave face despite her own anguish over recent events, left Fleur feeling drained. She was walking in a daze as she turned a corner and bumped into someone. Looking up she locked eyes with Jericho.

Jericho…he was such an enigma. When she first met him he seemed cold, calculating, and extremely dangerous. But, as time moved on she learned more about the mystery that was the Grand Templar Jericho. He had a soft side to him.

“Sorry Fleur, if you’ll excuse us we need to get going. We have to meet up with Albus.” He apologized before walking off with his friends tailing.

“Hi Jerry…ko,” Rachel started but stopped when Jericho passed, seemingly ignoring her.

The young girl’s eyes misted up, but she turned her gaze to the floor to hide her tears. Sadly despite her best efforts, she couldn’t hide her sobs. Fleur gazed sadly at the girl then turned a hardened gaze to Jericho’s back.

“What’s up with him lately?” She asked herself.


As the group approached the entrance to Albus’s office the gargoyle guarding the door moved aside to grant them entry. The three paused at the entrance for a moment.

“Seems we’re expected,” Amadues mumbled.

“…Yeah,” Jericho answered as he led the way up the stairs.

As they reached the door, Albus’s voice beckoned them in.

“Funny how you seem to know everything that goes on in this school. Makes me feel uncomfortable knowing I have no privacy.” Marcell commented.

“Actually, despite popular belief, I don’t. It’s merely passive legimency, I pick up trace thoughts coming from behind the door and guess who it is based on their thoughts. But, don’t tell anyone, it’s supposed to be one of Hogwarts great mysteries.” Albus replied with a smile.

The three Templar mentally sighed with relief, the secret of Harry Potter was still safe.

“So what can I do for you?” Albus asked.

“Shouldn’t that be our question?” Amadues asked.

“I’d say it’s both of ours at the moment.” The aged headmaster replied.

Jericho nodded his agreement to Albus’s statement, “We plan on finding a place for the Initiates. They’re too young to be a part of your school and there would be no justifiable reason for them being here anyway. However, the people we need to find are in an unknown location and we’ll need help if we are to discover their where-abouts.”

“Unfortunately I doubt any of my Order members would be of much help…That being said, I do know someone who you might find useful.”


“The young brown haired witch, Hermione Granger. She is great at researching and figuring things out. But if I ask her to help and she agrees you’ll need to make protecting her your top priority while she is in your custody.”

“Why would she need protection?” Amadues questioned.

“For quite sometime she has helped the Weasley children in foiling Voldemort in a few of his attempts at resurrection and because of that she is high on his hit list.” Albus answered.

“How could such a young girl achieve something when so many adult wizards and witches can’t seem to even look at the man without pissing their pants?” Marcell asked.

“Well I’ll save you the details but in her first year, they stalled one of Voldemort’s minions long enough for me to stop him. In her second year she figured out that a journal possessed a student and alerted McGonagall who in-turn informed me before anything bad could really happen. In her third year she nearly captured the man who helped raise Voldemort in her forth year. As you see there has been three times she either stopped or nearly crippled Voldemort, of course with help from the Weasley children and other students.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask, how was Voldemort resurrected?” Jericho asked.

Albus grew sad and seemed to age many years in an instant, “Nearly two years ago we held the Triwizard tournament and a student, who was also a contestant named Cedric Diggory won. When he grabbed the Goblet of Fire he was port keyed away where he was used for a dark ritual then killed. His body was returned with the Dark Mark burned into his chest. For the next year Voldemort gathered his forces and it seems along the way made friends with your enemy Ferres. Attacks led by Death Eaters are recent signs of activity.”

“Didn’t your government do anything over the year that Voldemort apparently remained quiet!?” Marcell asked.

“No, the Ministry tried to say everything was just the act of random Death Eaters trying to stir up trouble. It wasn’t until Voldemort led an attack on Diagon Alley that the Ministry was forced to admit the return of the Dark Lord.”

“Why reveal himself? He could have gone much longer with hiding his presence.” Amadues thought aloud.

“Unless Ferres had him act,” Jericho suggested.

“Why do that?”

“To draw the attention of the Templar so he could prepare for the attack on Myren.”

“That’s possible.” Amadues said.

“Yes, well if I may interrupt,” Albus spoke, gaining the three Templar’s attention. “You must realize that there is a chance that you may not find the people you are looking for, and if you do, you must think of what to do next.”

“We realize that. If and when we find them we will leave to ask for their aid…however, we will not be gone long. Regardless of their decision we have agreed to stay and help your fight. So what you need to do is find a place for us to stay that allows us the freedom to move about as we wish and would be safe enough for us to plan our next move when the time comes,” Jericho replied.

Albus sat in silence for sometime thinking of a place that fit the bill of the young men’s description. He had a place in mind but a little more information would be needed.

“I may know of a place, but you would have to be willing to sacrifice two days of the week in order to keep a relatively low profile.”

“That’s fine. We figured we would have to help you in someway if you were to help us.”

“Well, I can’t really say what you’ll be doing. After all, I said I know a place…how to get you there would be a little more difficult. But I’m certain I’ll have an answer for you within a month.”

“Would it really take that long?”

“Depends, what I’m planning may take time. But then again it may not. Never fear, I will give you a sufficient heads up.”

“Hypothetically speaking,” Amadues started. “Say your plan fails…what then?”

“Oh I don’t believe it will fail. After all, a man as old as me has quite a few favors he can call in.” Albus responded with a smile.

“…Very well, we’ll leave that to you. Starting tomorrow we will conduct our research on our forgotten comrades...what happens from there I cannot say.” Jericho said as he exited the Headmaster’s office with his two friends close behind.

As the door closed Albus turned to his phoenix, Fawkes. “Well, my old friend I do believe getting them into Hogwarts will not be too difficult…putting them on the payroll might be.”

Fawkes merely trilled in response.

(End of Chapter 15)

Ok before anyone goes “Harry becoming a teacher is soooo cliché” in case you haven’t realized this story is all about taking cliché ideas and giving them depth. I do this because I’ve read so many stories that go in this order.

Chapter 1 Introduce Super-Harry
Chapter 2 Harry teams up with Dumbledore, but winds up taking over the OotP
Chapter 3 Harry says his “I love you’s” to a girl he barely knows, shags her, and lives happily ever after
Chapter 4 Harry makes Voldemort look like a three-year-old girl and kill all Death Eaters (Snape optional)
Chapter 5 Harry restructures the Wizarding world for another thousand years of prosperity and peace

In other words, people turn Harry into G. I. Jesus. He’s a super-powered badass that everyone loves.

Now I know I’ve done a few clichés such as Super-Harry, Harry teaming up with Dumbledore, Semi-Manipulative Dumbledore, and now I’ve foreshadowed Harry as a teacher. But I’ve tried adding depth; Yeah he’s powerful but so are his enemies and they are quickly learning how to fight him; yeah Dumbledore is manipulative, but there is more to his reasoning than “Greater Good”. Now whether I’ve succeeded in adding depth or not is up to you the readers.

Now then onto other news. Chapter 16 is done I believe its ten pages, most of which is Jericho/Harry and Fleur development. No kisses for those expecting it nor love confessions. Anyway Chapter 17 will be the start of “The Exiles” story arc which deals with the Knights Templar and my take on what happened to them. Anyway for the length of this story…if I half ass everything I could finish it in 17-20 chapters…but I’m not going to. Anyway hope you enjoyed the reading now get to the reviewing.

FicWad readers (I wrote this just for you): So hows it going? Been a long time thanks to ficwads downtime. Anyway here are the three chapters that have been posted on Not a high number considering how long I've had to write but oh well. Beats nothing right?
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