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Dark days

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With the Death of Harry Potter, Darkness grows strong. Sequel to Animal Gaurdians, Deathly Hallow spoilers.

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A/N; This is the sequel to Legend of the Animal Gaurdians, I know I'm not done with the story, but since I have two more chapters left, and had a idea for the prologue, I decided to post it now to give my readers a preview of what to come

The actual story starts after the last date, I won't go into anymore detail of what happen before that, and this is a AU to Deathly Hallows, but with some spoilers.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.


July 30 1997

Harry home was attack and he disappeared from his home.

Voldemort dead body is found, and many believe he was cast out of his body, and will again return.

Using one of Dumbledore magical items, McGonagall sadly informs the world that Harry Potter is dead.

August ?? 1997

Bill and Fleur Wedding is attack by Death Eaters, while at the same time Minister of Magic falls.

Order Members are rounded up, and the few that escape went into hiding.

Muggle-born’s and Half-blood’s are rounded up, and immediately sent to Azkaban Prison.

Hermione Granger while on the run with Ron Weasley to obtain the Horcruxes, is captured and immediately imprisoned.

Ron Weasley now left alone, head back to Hogwarts.

September-November 1997

Under the cruel rule of Snape, for the next two months Ron rallies the DA to secretly wreak havoc amongst the school, until he was caught, and not only was severely punished by Professor Carrow, then Ron and a good number of DA members was sentence to Azkaban.

November 1997

Death Eaters resurrect Voldemort, and he start his search for a certain item.

December 1997

In Professor McGonagall’s private room, she is awaking one night to find a special Jewel shinning brightly in her bedroom, and for the first time since Dumbledore’s death, she smiled knowing there is hope for the Light.
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