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Hogwarts receive two important guests.

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A/N; To let my readers know, that I again start calling Jerold by his real name.

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Headmaster Office

It was close to midnight when the quiet and empty office of the Headmaster was suddenly interrupted as a large flame appeared, and the second it was gone a couple holding a four-year child appeared with a Phoenix, which took flight the second the couple let go and was gone in a flash of flames.

With the Phoenix gone, one looked to where the Phoenix disappeared.” I guess Catrina we are on our own now?” A messy hair Wizard informed his wife.

“My dear, I guess when Toadias told you that this was a one way trip he wasn’t kidding, since I believe Fawkes left this Dimension this time for good.” Catrina guessed, as they took a step to look around, an alarm sounded, and the door to the second floor quickly open.” WHO’S THERE, IDENTIFY YOURSELF OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!” A Wizard shouted as lights illuminated the office.

“SNAPE, how dare you take over Albus office?” Harry yelled, as the professor looked surprised.

“James, Lilly, but how you are dead?” A very shock Snape yelled, as he slowly walked down the stairs to the ground floor.

“You are gravely mistaken, I am not my parents.” Harry informed his former professor, and before recognition set in, the young Wizard wave his hand and the Traitor flew upwards about ten feet, and was immediately tied up.

“POTTER LET ME GO, I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU SURVIVE, I WILL MAKE….” Snape stated to yell, but a well place Wandless-silencing Charm, shut the older Wizard up.

“No you listen to me, what you are doing here!” Harry angrily asked, as the professor looked blankly at him.

“The Dark Lord put me in charge of the school, luckily he still believe I fully support him.” Snape emotionlessly informed a startled Guardian.

“What do you mean Tom still believe you, aren’t you a traitor to the Light?” Harry shockingly asked, as the professor looked down at him, with emotionless eyes.

“I never betrayed anyone, earlier that year Dumbledore ordered me to kill him, so Draco won’t be a murderer.” Snape emotionlessly informed a wide-eye Wizard.

“But why Snape, why did Dumbledore ask you to kill him, there must have been another way?” Harry urgently asked.

“The Curse that inflected Dumbledore’s arm would have killed him before the end of the school year.” Snape informed the Guardian, and then continued.” And since Dumbledore didn’t want to die a slow and painful death, he ordered me to kill him when the time was right.” Snape regrettably informed the Guardian, and the younger Wizard knew now that he was wrong about the professor.

As soon as the professor confessed the truth of the year before, a hand gently squeeze the Guardian shoulder.” Harry what are we going to do, I can tell Snape was force to killed Albus.” Catrina whispered, as her husband nodded in agreement before releasing the truth spell on the professor.

“Snape we can do this two ways, first you can spend the rest of the war in an inescapable jail cell, or we can work together to end Volde….” Harry started, but the professor quickly cut him off.

“Potter, don’t say his name, it’s now curse, so that his followers can target potential enemies easily, and because of it, there are only a few Order Members left!” Snape hissed, as the Guardian nodded.

“Fine, Snape will you help us to rid Riddle once and for all, since I have the knowledge to do so.” Harry sternly asked, as the professor weighed his option.

“If I help you Potter, will you make sure I don’t get sent to Azkaban Prison!” Snape snapped at the younger Wizard.

“As long as I don’t see any betrayals between now to the end of Voldemort, I will make you are free of the Dark Mark, once this is all over.” Harry informed the professor with a promise.

“Then you leave me no choice, I accept your offer, I will help the Light.” Snape informed the younger Wizard with a defeated tone.

“Snape you seem to agree to our term pretty quickly, why is that.” Catrina wondered as the professor looked to her.

“I can tell you both are very powerful, and somehow I knew, you both will have a chance to rid us of the Dark Lord.” Snape informed the Guardians, as he gently brought to the floor.

“Very Slytherin Snape, but I have one last request, turn down the Headmaster job, and give it to Professor McGonagal, so you can focus on helping us make the needed potions for the war.” Harry suggested, and the professor agreed.

“Well it will be better then teaching a bunch of Dunderheads.” Snape snapped at the Guardian, as he was release from his binds.

“I’m glad that you agree with me, and Snape would you please contact Headmistress McGonagall, and have her meet you here now.” Harry suggested, as he and his wife sat down waiting for the Potion Master to do as he told.

“Before I do that, care to tell me how you gotten older and far more powerful then when I last saw you!” Snape quickly asked, as the Guardian looked to him.

“I will not answer that now, but once Headmistress McGonagall arrives, I will tell you both at the same time.” Harry informed his former professor with a promise.

“Then this better be good, or you will have an irate Headmistress after your head.” Snape informed a cringing Guardian with smirk as he used his Fireplace to Floo-call the professor.

After a few minutes in the Fireplace, a not so happy Potion Master looked to the couple.” Professor McGonagall will be here shortly, but I should warn you both she was not too happy to be awaken in the middle of the night.” Snape warned, and the couple gulped.
“We had a feeling Professor McGonagal feelings will change when she see’s me.” Harry grinned, as the professor shook his head.

“Are you sure Potter, she will have your hide for faking your death, and then coming back not only the middle of the night, also during the Darkest days I have not seen since the Dark Lord first fall.” Snape warned, as the Guardians looked to the door.

“Then we will disappear for now, and come back once you explain everything to the Headmistress.” Harry quickly suggested, and before the Potion Master could protest, the couple was gone.

“Gryffindor courage yeah right.” Snape hissed, as a knock on the door sounded.

“COME IN MINERVA!” Snape called out as he sat behind his desk, and the sleepy but still stern looking professor came in.

“Headmaster Snape, you better have a good explanation for waking me up in the middle of the night!” McGonagall scolded, as she walked over to the Headmaster’s desk.

“I do since I just gotten two visitors, and they forcefully force me into retirement, so you are now the new Headmistress, congratulations.” Snape emotionlessly informed the shock professor.

“But didn’t He who must be name put you in this position, and pray tell who made you change your mind?” McGonagall shockingly asked her professor, just as a couple appeared beside the Headmaster’s desk.

“That will be us, Headmistress McGonagall.” Both Harry and Catrina happily informed the new Headmistress.

It took seconds before the professor could talk, as she stare wide-eye at the couple.” Harry, is that you?” McGonagall slowly asked with tears forming.

“Yes professor…” Harry only could say, since the professor quickly gave him a hug to his shock.

A few minutes later an embarrass Guardian spoke up.” Um professor McGonagall you better let me go or my wife will think I’m enjoying this.” Harry joked, as the stern professor quickly did as order to look sternly at the younger Wizard.

“Mr. Potter, where you been all this time, and why did Albus Instruments say you were dead, until just a few minutes ago?” McGonagall quickly asked, before her eyes went wide as she remembered what the younger Wizard had said, and as she got a good look at him.” Mr. Potter care to tell me why you look older, and how you came to be married?” McGonagal firmly asked, as both Guardians gulped before looking directly at the professor, with their left hand raise, and their right hand on their heart.

“I swear on my Magic that everything I tell you tonight is the truth.” Harry and Catrina swear as a bright light engulfed them and once it was clear the professors look shock.

“That was a very power Oath, you both better not lie to us or you will lose your magic.” McGonagall warned, and the Guardians nodded.

“Don’t worry, we won’t lie to you, everything we tell you is the truth.” Harry committed himself before telling everything that happen in the other Dimension leaving nothing out.

It took several hours and a light snack supplied by the House Elves, before the couple was done, and the elder professor closed her eyes before specking.” If you both hadn’t said the Oath, I would think you are mad.” McGonagal sighed, as she looked to her younger professor.” Professor Snape, I believe you are sitting in my desk, care to remove yourself?” McGonagal sternly asked, and the Potion Master quickly removed himself.

“I would Glad too Headmistress.” Snape bowed as they both got up and changed seats.

Once Headmistress got seated, she turned to the couple.” So what are our plans for now?” McGonagall quickly asked, as the Guardians look thoughtful.

“First we will strengthen the wards around Hogwarts using Guardian Magic, and once that done it will help make sure all of us inside the school will support the Light and not Tom.” Harry suggested, and the Headmistress agreed.
“If you can do this without attracting attention, I will support it, but I should warn you now that Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and all Muggle-born and Half-blood is in Azkaban Prison, “ McGonagall gravely informed her now shock Guardian.” I thought you know this just before you try to find your friends.” McGonagall sadly informed a not so happy Guardian.

“We will look into our Library hopefully there is something that we can use save them all.” Harry suggested, as the Headmistress look hopeful.

“That you can do tomorrow, but for now we need some sleep, you both can use the guests room here, and I will Conjure a bed for your daughter.” McGonagall suggested with a smile at the little kitten in her former student lap, before leading them to the spare guests rooms of Hogwarts.
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