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Retaking Hogwarts

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Harry and Catrina rids the Darkness the plagues Hogwarts

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A/N; This story seem to moving along fast, I will try to keep this up, as for my other story, I working on some bugs, so I will put it on hold, but it won't be for too long before I again start it again.

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Hogwarts grounds

The following morning, while the unexpected students and professors started to eat their breakfast, two Guardians finish placing special Runes on the Wards of the school, which will be fully protected the school against the Dark Forces.” Catrina dear, are you sure this is all we need, there was a few Runes I saw that we could’ve used.” Harry unsurely asked, as he examined the newly place Runes.
“Hmm let see, Ward enhancements that would increase the original Wards to over a hundred percent, an entrapment Ward, and Dark Magic Detector.” Catrina listed, as before giving it a thought about what the Wards they read about.” Yes I believe that is all we need, unless you want to add some Offensives Wards, I know a few that will stop Death Eaters in their tracks.” Catrina smiled thinking of the consequences of anyone triggers those Wards.
“In that case let’s place them now, but only activate them when we are under siege, since I think we should just use the Wards to capture the unexpected Death Eaters for now.” Harry suggested as his wife agreed before placing the new Wards.

Great Hall

Breakfast was halfway done when the doors opened for two figures in white hooded Robes, and as they calmly walked in, a professor quickly pulled out his Wand as he rose from his seat, alone with a large number of Slytherins, and a few others from the other Houses.” Who are you, and what are…” The unknown professor screamed, but a bluish shield surrounded him, and many of the students who stood up.
“What we are doing Death Eater, we are removing the Darkness that took over the Great school of Hogwarts, so this could be a sanctuary for the Light.” Harry informed the wide-eye professor.
“You can’t do this the Dark Lord will have your hide.” The professor shouted, before waving his Wand.” Avada Kadavra!” The professor yelled, sending a green spell at the shield, but to his surprised the shield absorb the Killing Curse, and for a few seconds sent waves of pain at the trap professor, causing him to scream.
“I would suggest that you don’t try that again, that shield is almost indestructible, and will attack you back.” Harry now warned, as he walked over to the trap professor.” Now tell me are you a full supporter of the Dark Lord?” Harry quickly asked, and the professor painfully nodded.” Good, now answer some of my questions will you.” Harry started, and had the professor list every Dark deed he done, and to the other professors horror, included torture, murder, and rape.

After the professor, the Mysterious Wizard walked over to the others trap in a shield, and once got their confessions, only a few was release since they showed signs of resent against the Dark Lord.” Now that we got this sorted, I’m placing you all in an inescapable prison, only to let out when this war is over.” Harry warned as the newly reinstated Headmistress spoke up.” Um Harry, where are you going to imprison them, and are you really going to send those children to jail also?” McGonagall quickly asked, as she looked shock at hearing what the young Wizard was planning to do.
“Headmistress McGonagall you heard what the students confess that they fully support the Dark Lord, we would be in danger if I set them free.” Harry warned, as the Headmistress gave a sad look to the trap students.
“You are right Harry those students will be endanger to us.” McGonagall sighed in defeat, as the Wizard waved his hand toward the corner of the Great Hall, Conjuring a ten foot Crystal.
“As for their prison, that Crystal holds a Artificial world, that can fully support well over a thousand Wizards and Witches, by providing food, water, housing and other needs for as long as it is needed.” Was Harry only warning, as all the shields glowed brightly and flew into the Crystal.

Once all the trap Wizards and Witches was gone, the Headmistress walked over to the Crystal, and to her surprise saw a miniature Village filled with shops, Library, a park , surrounded by forest and a lake.” This is incredible I guess this is better then being in a prison cell.” McGonagall informed the Wizard, as the other professor looked into the newly created prison.
“It is, and even though they still able to do spells, the Crystal will stop them from casting Dark spells, and as you look carefully, I separated the Wizards and Witches, with a magical Barrier for protection of course.” Harry informed the impress professors.
“Um sir, what of they need Medical or other matters that would need outside help?” Pomfrey worriedly asked, as the Wizard looked to her.
“If there is trouble, the Headmistress, the Head of houses and I will be alerted immediately, since I will give you all full excess to the Crystal but only when an emergency arises.” Harry suggested as the professors agreed with the plan.

Once the subject of the now call Crystal Prison was over, all but one professor sat back at their table.” Now that the school is clear of Dark influences, I will be taking over the duties of Headmistress, and Mr. Snape will be only here as Potion Master, and since he is no longer a professor, he will not be able to add and subtract House points or give out detention.” McGonagal smiled as three out of four tables celebrated, for a few minutes before she called for silence,” Now for our two Saviors, whom not only helped remove the threat to our Great school, they also provided very powerful Wards which as you recently saw, will capture anyone that is against the Light.” McGonagall stopped as she smiled at the still hooded stranger.” With that said, I want to personally thank Mr. Harry James Potter, and Mrs, Catrina Potter for their help to put me in the position as Headmistress.” McGonagall proudly announced, as the two Guardians removed their hoods, to reveal their faces.
“HARRY…” A red hair Witch screamed, as she got up from her table to run up to her lost friend, both colliding against him, and both fell to the ground with the young Witch crying into his Robes.
“Ginny it will be fine now, that I’m here.” Harry assured the crying teen.
“No it’s not, what happen to you, why did you leave us, we all thought you died.” Ginny stuttered out as she continued crying.” And do you know what happen to Hermione and Ron, the Ministry sent them to Azkaban for no reason.” Ginny chocked out, at the memory of losing her friends.
“I know Ginny, and I promise that I will see that my friends and everyone is set free, but I’m afraid I need a few days more for that to happen.” Harry assured a destruct Witch.” And please can you get off me, you are heavy.” Harry smiled, as the young Witch partially lift herself off the older Wizard chest.
“Harry but how?” Ginny quietly asked, as she slowly got up from her friend.
“I will tell you later, but for now I think I have others who want to greet me.” Harry smiled as he got up, and help his friend from the floor.

As the Guardian stood, a Wizard with dirty blond hair smiled at him.” Harry good to you again, school been a mess without you here.” Neville smiled, as did his friend.
“Then I’m glad I’m back, so anything else been going on?” Harry press on, as his friend looked nervously toward him.
“Oh we restarted the DA, and even without Ron, and a few others, we been secretly learning things, and causing havoc to the school.” Neville regrettably informed his friend, but grew nervous as his Headmistress stepped before him.
“Don’t worry Mr. Longbottom, I will not put you or anyone in detention, BUT I will give everyone in the DA twenty points, for their help to help bring down the Darkness in our school.” McGonagal proudly announce, as a embarrass student looked to her.” But a warning, I don’t want anymore Mischief do I make myself clear!” McGonagall sternly asked, as her student quickly nodded.
“Crystal clear professor, but will we be allowed to continue the DA?” Neville nervously asked.
“I don’t see why not, since we just lost a Defense against the Art professor.” McGonagall sighed knowing she needs to find a new professor.
“Actually Headmistress McGonagall, I think this will solve that problem.” Harry smiled as he handed over several letters he found in his pocket that night.
“Is this for real?” McGonagall quickly asked, as she read the letters, which not only had Dumbledore‘s name, and magical signature, it was a letter of recommendation for the Guardians to teach at Hogwarts.
“It is professor, and we can start as soon as we filled all the paperwork and such.” Harry suggested, but cringe at the thought of doing them.
“In that case you both are hired, we can work out the details right after breakfast.” McGonagall suggested before turning to the student population.” Today all classes will be cancelled until we can sort this mess the Dark Forces caused, and start teaching the way we suppose to teach.” McGonagall smiled, as the students celebrated a free day of classes, and looking glad that things will soon be back to normal.
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