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A Familly Reunion

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During the interview, a problem rises.

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A/N; Sorry for the short chapter, just a special reunion to the only person they can get to for now.

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Headmistress Office

Right after breakfast, the Headmistress led the Guardians for their interview, which went pretty quickly since the letter of recommendation was more then enough to hire them, but unfortunately they hit a snag when came to teaching positions.” Even though I see no reasons to hire you both, I may have a problem, I already have a Potion professor.” McGonagall regrettably informed the Guardians.

“Maybe I can assist Harry, since Defense Against the Dark Arts is my second choice to teach.” Catrina suggested as her Headmistress gave it a thought.

“I don’t see why not, and you both can split up the class so those who need the help the most can go to one professor, while the other advances the rest of the class.” McGonagall thoughtfully suggested, as the Guardians agreed.” But another problem, what about your Troubles?” McGonagall wondered using the nickname for the Guardian’s daughter.

“Um we hadn’t thought of it, since we always had Sirius and Remus looking after her.” Harry now worriedly informed his Headmistress, since Sirius was dead, and Remus from what he learnt earlier is missing along with Tonks.

“What about Molly, she adores Kat and from what Harry told me, I don’t doubt that Molly will be the same here.” Catrina suggested, as Harry smiled.

“That could work, Minerva can you Floo-call Molly, and not to worry the new Wards will block the Ministry from spying on us.” Harry informed a smiling professor.

“In that case I’ll contact Molly, and hopefully she can visit now so can get everything set.” McGonagall suggested as she got up to make it so.

After a few minutes in the Fireplace, the Headmistress turns to the Guardians.” Molly will be here shortly, and I’m sure she will love to look after Kat.” McGonagall smiled as she looked to the corner, where a messy hair girl looked up as she was playing with some toys.

“Who’s going to look after me?” Kat innocently ask as she stood up to walk over to the grownups.

“Why your Grandmother Molly will look after you when we are teaching my dear.” Catrina smiled as place her very happy daughter on her lap.

“Grandma Molly, yah I like her cooking.” Kat squealed as the adults smiled at the child happiness.

“That nice dear, your Grandma will be here shortly, but do you remember what we told you last night?” Harry gently asked as he looked to his daughter whom had to squeeze her eyes to try to remember what her parents told her.

“Um that everyone I know, will not remember me and mom?” Kat guess as her parents smiled.

“Good memory, and because of that you need to reintroduce yourself alright.” Harry warned and the little girl nodded

“When Grandma will be here?” Kat excitedly asked, but the answered came as the Fireplace flared up, and a plump red hair Witch walked out.

The moment the new arrival dust herself, a happy little girl jump down from her mother and quickly rushed over to her.” Hello, my name is Kat Potter, and will you be my Grandma.” Kat innocently asked, while her parents groaned since this is not how they want to introduce Kat.

“Excuse me, did you say Kat Potter?” Molly shockingly asked, as she looked to the Headmistress for confirmation.

“That is right this little girl is the daughter of Harry James Potter and Catrina Potter.” McGonagall introduced as the elder Weasley turn to the couple whom now nervously waited for the explosion of a not so happy mother.

“Harry is that really you?” Molly could only ask and as the younger Wizard nodded, he was suddenly in a bone-crushing hug.

After getting use to not breathing, the young Wizard was quickly let go and got a not so happy look from the only person he would call mom.” HARRY JAMES POTTER, what is the meaning of this, first I get news that you died, and now you shows up with a daughter!” Molly yelled as the young Guardian shrank back in fear to the Headmistress amusement.

“No matter how powerful Harry is, he still afraid of the famous Weasley temper.” McGonagall amusedly thought, before clearing her throat to get the Elder Weasley attention.” Molly before you yell the ears off my new professor, please listen to what he has to say, and don’t worry he told me everything under a Wizard Oath, so what he says IS the truth.” McGonagall informed a slowly calming parent.

“Fine I will listen, but Harry my dear, you better have a good explanation or I will make sure you will not have another child.” A not so happy Mother informed a cringing Wizard.

“Then I better start at the beginning, when Tom came for a visit that summer.” Harry started and several hours later, which included a light lunch, the Guardian was done, and a wide-eye Weasley could only stare at the young Wizard before her.

With the elder Weasley speechless, the other Guardian sighed as she spoke up.” Molly because we know you care very much for Harry, we wondered if you would mind babysitting our daughter, when we are in classes or too busy to look after her, which I assure you that only will happen if we have no choice.” Catrina informed a now thoughtful parent.

“I guess I will since it gives me a chance to care for another child, especially yours.” Molly smiled at the little girl cuddled in her father’s lap.

“Thank you Molly we will come by later today to add special Wards to your home to ensure our daughter’s and your family protection.” Harry informed a startled parent.

“No it’s alright I can have Bill come by, you two needs to get ready to teach your classes.” Molly quickly suggested, but the Guardians shook their heads.

“Molly please think this as payment for all you done for me, and now doing for my daughter, I already know you will never accept payment from me nor my family.” Harry press on, as the Elder Weasley looked to him.

“Fine, but you two must promise you stay for dinner so I can get to know my Granddaughter better.” Molly smiled as the little girl jumped off her father lap and over to the Elder Weasley.

“Yeah I get my Grandma back!” Kat happily yelled, as her Grandmother picked up and gave her a hug.

“Look like you almost got your family back.” Catrina whispered as her husband agreed.

“Now we need Remus, Tonks, and my missing friends and our family will be complete.” Harry suggested, with a smile but knew deep inside it never be the same as before because of one who is lost forever
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