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A Weasley Anger

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Harry comfronts a not so happy ex-girlfriend.

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A/N; Earlier I was originally going to have Ginny learn about the Potters after they rescue their friends, but I decided to change my mind, when I realized this could have happen when the Potters were introduce as professors.

Also I won't do any classes, since I can't think of anything the Potters can teach, but like before I will probably add some scenes right after a class.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

The following morning, a couple walked down the hallways with an excited little girl telling them about the night before.” Grandma said she will have lots of fun things I can do when I come over, plus Grandpa said he will take the day off so he can spend the entire day with me.” Kat rambled on as she walked with her parents, whom smiled at their daughter’s excitement.

“That nice dear, I hope you won’t cause trouble with your Grandparents.” Catrina kindly warned, as her little daughter looked innocent towards her mother.

“I won’t mommy, I promise to be a good girl.” Kat innocently informed her mother, but as she walked backwards, she bumped into a large man.

“Wow did the first years get smaller?” The large man shockingly asked, as he spied the small child at his feet.

“No that is our daughter Kat Hagrid, and I see you got Headmistress McGonagall message?” Harry smiled since the friendly half giant was on the run from the Ministry for some months now.

“Yeah I did, and I can’t believe you are alive and now a professor, I know your parents will be proud of you.” Hagrid smiled as he wiped a tear from his eyes.

“I know there are, but I also want you to meet my wife Catrina and I guess you already meet my daughter Kat.” Harry smiled as his daughter back up so the Half-Giant could see her better,

“Good to meet you both and I will look forward to talking with you in the near future.” Hagrid smiled as he looked to the small family.” But sadly I must report to the Headmistress that I’m here, and I will see you guys later.” Hagrid waved a good-bye as he walked pass the couple and disappeared down the hallway.

Sometime later as the couple stepped into the Great Hall, they were greeted by their friends.” Harry I hadn’t seen you all day, I almost thought you disappeared again.” Ginny worriedly informed her friend.

“Ginny I will never do that again, I promise you that, but I need to see the Headmistress, I will talk later alright.” Harry assured his friend, as he continues walking towards the Head table.

“I wonder why are they seeing the professor?” Neville wondered, and then looked startled as his friend was gestured to sit at the Head table.

“Neville did you forget what happen yesterday, I think Harry was just hired as a professor.” A very shock Ginny informed an equally shock friend.

“But how, Harry never graduate from Hogwarts yet.” Neville could only stutter out.

“Maybe we will learn that now.” Ginny suggested, as the Headmistress stood up to address the students.

Moments after standing from her chair, the student body went silent as they looked to the Headmistress.” Good morning students, as you all saw yesterday a student returned to our Hallow halls, but he came back not as a student but a professor.” McGonagall informed everyone, as gasps sounded threwout the Great Hall, including many of the professors.” All I can say is that Harry been abroad, and to him many years had pass as he learn very powerful form of Light Magic, and not only he learnt new things, he gotten a Wife and child whom will be helping with the teachings.” McGonagall smiled at the young couple, as a Ravenclaw stood from her seat.

“Excuse me, when you said they will teach us, does that mean their daughter too?” The Ravenclaw uncertainly asked, causing some snickers from those around her.

“Oh no, Kat Potter will be staying with her Grandmother while her parents teach, unless if you want to learn how to draw, I’m sure she will teach you.” McGonagall grin as many others.” Also to let you know the Potters has a year of teaching experience, which doesn’t include teaching the DA.” McGonagall firmly informed the students on the last part since many of the remaining DA members had raised their hands.” Now that said, I want to welcome back Professor Harry James Potter, and a warm welcome to Catrina, and Kat Potter.” McGonagall proudly announced as she clapped her hands at the new professors, as did many others.

As the students cheer for the new professors, one student was not too happy, as she quickly got up and left the Great Hall in a rush, which got the couple attention.” I think I better have a talk with her.” Harry informed his understanding wife.

“Harry dear be easy with her, just remember only five months had pass for Ginny, not seven years.” Catrina worriedly warned her husband as he got up and rushed after the destruct friend.

Out at the entrance of Hogwarts, the Guardian found his unhappy red headed friend leaning against the doors with tears falling.” Ginny I know you are hurt, please listen to what I have to say.” Harry gently asked, as he slowly came up to his friend.

“What can you say to heal me Harry, I thought you and I was going back together once this was all over, I would have waited for you!” Ginny shouted as the Guardian sadly looked to her.

“I know Ginny, and I would’ve too , but to tell you the truth when I was hit with the Killing curse that summer, I believed I had died and resurrected nine years in the past.” Harry informed a startled friend.

“Resurrected in the past?” Ginny quietly asked, as she looked to her friend with wide-eyes.
“That was what I was told, but the truth I was sent to another Dimension, where for seven years I not only learnt the type of advance magic Dumbledore could only dream off, I met and married Catrina,.” Harry started, as his friend listened with a look of interest.” And before I left that world, I fought and killed the Dark Lord there.” Harry finished as his friend slightly looked convince

“But why are you older, and can you defeat Tom here?” Ginny quickly asked as hope shine in her eyes.

“As for your first question, there is a time difference between ours and their World, even though I spent about seven years there, only five months pass here.” Harry started, as he sighed with his eyes closed.” As for Tom, I have a way to destroy him once and for all, but this won’t be an easy task since I need to find certain objects he used to make himself immortal, and once there are gone, I will have a clear shot of finishing him.” Harry regrettably informed his friend.

“Why would it be hard, aren’t the objects the same in both Worlds.” Ginny press on as her friend shook his head,

“I‘m afraid not, except for the Riddle’s Diary and Gaunt Ring which already been destroyed, and Slytherin’s Locket that I need to find, the last three items is unknown to me.” Harry regrettably informed a lost in thought friend.
“Fine I forgive you for hurting me just let me help you find those items.” Ginny firmly asked, with a look that strongly said, don’t you dare say no.

“OK, you can help Ginny, since we can do some research in Hogwart’s Library during our free time, but unfortunately this needs to wait until I free my friends that is in Azkaban Prison.” Harry stated with a promise.

“Can you really free Ron and Hermione?” Ginny choked out, as her friend nodded.

“Both Catrina and I will have a working plan by tomorrow morning, and I assure you by lunchtime, we will be celebrating their freedom.” Harry informed his friend with a promise.

“Just make sure I’m there to greet Ron and Hermione, I want to be the first person to welcome them back.” Ginny warned and her friend accepted it.

“Now that you forgive me, I believe I have a little girl to hand over to her Grandmother, so care to help me.” Harry smiled, as did his friend.

“If the little girl is your daughter, I would love to meet her, but who is her Grandma?” Ginny confusedly ask her smiling friend.

“I believe you know her, the one other I would consider as my mom, other then my parents of course.” Harry hinted, as his friend slap his shoulders.

“If my mom will be here, of course I want to go with you.” Ginny scolded as she walked towards the Great Hall, to pick up the special little girl.

With his friend gone, the Guardian sighed in relief.” That was close, I was sure she was going to blow up like her mother did.” Harry cringed as he remember that night as he followed his friend, while hoping his plans for tomorrow will work without any problems.
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