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Escape from Azkaban

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Harry and Catrina storm the prison.

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A/N; I will have more details for the battle between Harry and Voldemort in the next chapter, I made it quick for a reason.

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Great Hall

The first day of returning to classes at Hogwarts had gone without a hitch, until the following day during breakfast the stern looking Headmistress stood up to address the student body for an important announcement.” Today classes will be cancelled since we are preparing to accept an unknown amount of Wizards and Witches, many we believe will need medical attention!” McGonagall announced as the students looked worriedly to her.” Right now I will be requesting Volunteers from Six years and up to help tend for those who need it, and please if you are squeamish I would suggest that you don’t volunteer.” McGonagall warned as a number of students whispered to each other.” Now that said, I would also suggest that all students that don’t Volunteer please don’t enter the Great Hall once you leave, since we need will be using this room as a temporary Hospital Wing.” McGonagall ended the announcement with a sighed as she sat down knowing that today will be the turning point of the War against the Dark Lord.

Azkaban Prison

Somewhere out in the coast of England sits an unseen island surrounded by rough seas and on it sit a dark and foreboding prison castle filled with horrors that would make its prisoners and even their guards insane.

As the early morning mists settled on the prison Island, none of the Guards notice two flashes of blue light which immediately two figures in white hooded Robes appeared at the entrance of the prison.” You know I don’t believe Minerva let us go on this insane rescue mission with just us two?” Catrina complained to her messy hair husband.

“I’m guessing Minerva believes we are very capable of this mission, since we do have in our possession Guardian Magic, which is ten times more powerful then normal Wizard magic.” Harry reminded his wife.

“My darling you make it sound like we are invincible, which WE ARE NOT, we still can be killed if we are not too careful.” Catrina reminded her husband with a glare.

“I know already my dear, but since we are just going in to place some special Wards, and NOT getting into any fights, I’m sure we have a hundred percent successful rate, when we go in invisible.” Harry reminded his wife, as she sighed as they each took out special magical compass that will help them by pointing to the imprisoned Light Wizards.

As Harry looked to his normal looking compass, he smiled at his wife. “I’m glad we found that book to create these compasses, but I do hope the modifications we made to them will help us find our friends.” Harry worriedly suggested since he would not rest until he knew his friends was out of this hellhole.

“They better work, or I spent the last two days on it for nothing.” Catrina complained, as they gave each other a hug, before separating to go down two different corridors to follow their compass.

Once in the dark and damp hallways of Azkaban prison, one Guardian had to flatten against the dirty walls, to let groups of the fowl skeleton creatures that are known as Dementors unknowingly pass him.” That was too close I better stop focusing on my compass and be more aware of my surrounding.” Harry thought since he almost ran into the foul creatures.

About five near misses with both Human and non-human Guards, the Guardian hit pay dirt as he glance into a foul cell, cramp with an unknown amount of prisoners.” Oh Riddle will pay for this, and they thought me imprisoning children was wrong, at least I gave them a decent place to be imprison in.” Harry scowled as he saw young children of various ages in the foul cell.” Well at least I can take them out here soon.” Harry sighed as he placed a Time activation Rune the door, and set it to activate in an hour, which should give them time to place the Runes on all the cells, without alerting the Guards of a breakout.

Almost hour into the rescue, one Guardian was running out of cells, and to his disappointment he had not seen his friends.” Catrina please tell me you found our friends.” Harry whispered, as he spoke into a special communication Crystal on his wrist.

“I’m afraid I didn’t find them Harry, and I’m already checking the last few cells in my part of the prison.” Catrina regrettably informed her husband.” But Harry there was a section of wall that made the compass go crazy, I which have no idea why?” Catrina uncertainly informed her husband.

“Catrina do you think there could be a hidden hallway there?” Harry wondered, as his wife quickly agreed.

“You could be right, and I’m betting the Maximum Security Cells, is in that hallway.” Catrina guess, as her husband agreed.

“Then once we get all the Runes in place, let’s meet at that area of wall, and break into the Hidden Hallway.” Harry quickly suggested, and his Wife regrettably agreed.

“Harry I’m sure the Guards will be on to us if we break into that Hallway.” Catrina worriedly informed her husband.” And because of that I think we activate the Runes before we try to break into that Warded area, so the prisoners will be safely transported out of here before the Guards know what we are doing.” Catrina quickly suggested, and with an agreement from her husband, they quickly finished their jobs.

In less then ten minutes the two Guardians met at a bare wall and with a nod they both slammed a glowing fist into the wall, which immediately shattered the magical barrier that hide the hallway.” Harry dear you better get a new Barrier set up while I set the Runes.” Catrina quickly suggested as she rushed into the new Hallway.

“I’m on it my darling, but please be fast I don’t know how long I can keep the Guards at bay. “ Harry quickly informed his wife, as a siren sounded about them he knew the Guards were heading their way.

Down the new hallway the lone Guardian found those who they sort.” Ron, Hermione, I’m glad I found you.” Catrina gladly yelled into the cell.

“Who are you, are you in the Order?” A dirty and not too well looking Hermione quickly asked as she came to the small opening of the door.

“In a way I am, but for now I need to get you out of here, and back to Hogwarts.” Catrina informed her friend as she place a Rune on the door, immediately the entire cell glowed white and once it diminished their were no prisoners in the cell.

After a few cells down the hallway the Guardian found most of the Order Members, and sent them to Hogwarts, and as she came to the last cell, a worried voice called out from her communicator.” Catrina please hurry, Tom must have been called upon, I can now sense him.” Harry’s worried voice sounded, as Catrina quickly place a Rune on the last cell.

“I’m done, the last of the prisoners have been sent to Hogwarts!” Catrina quickly called into her wrist, but got no reply.” Oh don’t you dare Harry, don’t go after Tom we are not ready!” Catrina shouted into her Crystal, but deep inside, she knew her husband did that.” Fine if you come back home, I will have a long chat about your stupidity!” Catrina yelled in despaired before disappearing in a flash of blue light.

Just outside the prison, a lone Guardian shivered as he heard his angry wife shout at him.” I’m sorry my darling, I need to know how powerful Tom is here in this Dimension.” Harry silently apologized as he spotted a dark as night cloud flying towards the island.” Ok this this different, Tom didn’t fly in the other Dimension, at least I never saw him do this.” Harry thought as he grinned.” But two can play it that way.” Harry smiled as he turned into his panther form with a bright bluish glow surrounded him, he flew up with a blinding speed, instantly he was in a mid-air battle as white lightning clashed with dark lightning.

After an intense battle that put both opponents in stalemate, the pure black panther spoke out.” Tom I should warn you, I just freed all your prisoners of the Light.” Harry growled, as the Dark Lord slowly rose from the cloud looking glaringly at him.

“How dare you use that Muggle name, and then go against me Voldemort the most powerful Wizard in this century!” Voldemort spat out, as he threw a green spell, which the panther use his golden wings to deflect into the ocean

“You call that a Killing Curse, I blocked far more powerful curses then that weak one.” Harry laughed as he flew just five feet from the now surprised Dark Lord.” You are nothing but a pathetic wannabe Dark Lord!” Harry now spat out as he glared at the not too happy Dark Lord.” Mark my word Riddle, I WILL put a stop to your Evil deeds and before the end of this school year, you will be nothing more then a forgotten memory.” Harry growled before disappearing in a flash of blue light, and before the Dark Lord knew what was happening a bright explosion hit his back causing him to slam into the ocean far bellow him.

Some time later a very wet and sore Dark Lord crawled onto the rocks of Azkaban Island, and with the help of its Guards that been watching the mid-air battle, got him standing to glare at the still flying panther.” Who ever you are, you made a grave mistake of making me your enemy!” Voldemort angrily hissed as the panther flew before him.

“I really doubt that Tom, my wife would be far more of a threat then you will ever be.” The panther cringed before disappearing in flash of blue light.

With the panther gone, the Dark Lord turned to his men.” I want Azkaban fully search, I want to know how many prisoners escape.” Voldemort angrily ordered, and within an hour, he was furious to hear he had lost all of his prisoners.

Once getting a full report of the lost, a Guard nervously spoke out.” My Lord, I saw the panther before he flew after you, he was a Wizard Animagus.” The Guard stuttered out, as the Dark Lord looked to him.

“If that so open your mind so I can see what this Wizard look like.” Voldemort hissed, and immediately the Guard started screaming as the Dark Lord tore into his mind for the information, and when it was over, the Guard fell into a heap, while a not so happy Dark Lord turned to another Guard, whom immediately shook in fear.” POTTER LIVES! “Voldemort screamed in rage as he sent out Killing curses to everyone in his sight.
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