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The Potters met up with old friends.

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A/N. Sorry about the long update, this chapter was suppose to be short one, but unfortunately one scene led to another, and I couldn’t find a decent part of the chapter to end it so I could continue on in the next chapter so I’m sorry about making this a longest chapter I did for this series,

Also I don’t own Harry Potter and please review.

Great Hall

An hour after the morning announcement the volunteers and professors got ready as flashes of white light announced the arrival of Wizards and Witches with various stages of malnourishment and injuries, immediately they were work on.

It was chaotic as Hogwarts staff work one the injured, and students move about handing out potions or getting more, from the both overwork Potion professor and Potion Master, whom both had more then a dozen boiling Cauldrons filled with the much needed Potions.

After an hour of hard work, the professors and students were just finishing tending to the injured, when there more flashes of light and a loud scream a second later.” HERMIONE, RON!” Ginny yelled as she rushed up to her friend and an unconscious brother,

“Ginny what just happen?” Hermione weakly asked as the Healer quickly went to the new arrivals.

“Ms. Granger, you and all the innocents of Azkaban Prison was just broken out of that fowl place.” Madam Pomfrey informed the young witch as she magically scanned her body with a Wand.” Well accept for some bruises, you are malnourish, nothing but a few potions daily will cure. “Pomfrey smiled but frown as she turned to a young Wizard lying not far form her. “ But I see your friend will need medical attention.” Pomfrey suggested as she moved over to a red hair Wizard with dried and fowl smelling blood-coated parts of his ruined clothes.

“I think Ron’s cuts are severely infected Madam Pomfrey, I tried all I can to help him but I couldn’t stop it from spreading further.” Hermione worriedly informed a startled Healer.

“Ms. Granger, didn’t the Healers at the prison look after Mr. Weasley?” Pomfrey quickly asked, as the young Witch quickly shook her head.

“I heard the Healers were threaten if they tried to treat the so called Blood-Traitors and Muggle-Born’s and Ron been like that since arriving in my cell.” Hermione worriedly informed a not so happy Healer.

“Not to treat the injured, this goes against all that we Healers been studying for, don’t worry Ms. Granger, I will make a formal complaint against the Healers at Azkaban, right after this war with He who must not be name!” Pomfrey firmly informed the young Witch with a promise before starting the treatment for the young Wizard.

With the Healer busy, and once the young Witch gotten enough potions to make her feel better, she turned to her friend.” Um Ginny why are we in Hogwarts, I thought He who must not name took it over?” Hermione worriedly asked, as her friend looked to her.

“You are here Hermione because our school was liberated two days ago, and all that serves that so call Dark Lord is now in a temporary prison here in Hogwarts.” Ginny angrily informed her friend.

“Hogwarts Liberated, but how?” Hermione could only asked, as a bright flash of blue light got everyone attention.

“That husband of mind is a dead Wizard once if he lives threw this!” Catrina yelled as a young Witch quickly went to her.

“Professor Catrina, what’s going on, where is Professor Harry?” Ginny worriedly asked, as the not so happy professor turned to her.

“Here I will show you what my foolish husband is doing!’ Catrina angrily informed her student, as she waved her hand into the air to create a twenty-foot screen showing a Wizard in white Robes standing on a sea battered rocks.” He is going to fight Riddle!” Catrina informed Ginny as she glared at her husband.

“WHAT HE CAN’T, we hadn’t started with Riddle remaining Horcruxes!” Ginny quickly yelled as he friend came up to her.

“Wait a minute Ginny how do you know about the Horcruxes?” Hermione quickly asked, as she stepped before her friend, but gasped as she saw the Wizard on the big screen.” That is Harry, but how I thought he was dead?” Hermione only could stutter out, as she looked faint when the one who she called a friend turned into a pure black panther with golden wings, fly in almost blinding speed towards a dark cloud.

“Oh don’t worry Ms. Granger I will make sure Potter is dead before the day is up.” Catrina informed her student with a promise, causing the teen to back up in fear.

“Don’t worry Hermione, professor Catrina would just probably make they won’t have another child, but of course I could only hope.” Ginny sighed, as she watch the panther fly around the cloud either shooting white lightning from his wings at the very agile cloud, or dodging black lightning that shout out of it.

“Potter you are flying too close for my comfort, fly at least five more feet from Riddle or I will have your hide before the Fireplace.” Catrina yelled into her Crystal and to everyone surprise the panther flew further away from the cloud.” Good now try aiming at Riddle your lightning are not even close to disperse that cloud.” Catrina quickly ordered, and the panther attacks now better aimed.

As the professor started ordering the panther about, one friend looked confuse at another.” Um Ginny, who is she, and why is she so angry at Harry?” Hermione whispered, as her friend sighed.

“That is Professor Catrina Potter, the soon to be THE late Harry James Potter wife.” Ginny informed her wide-eye friend.

“Wife, how is Harry married, but wait a minute isn’t Harry dead?” Hermione quickly asked as her friend shook her head.

“It’s a long story Hermione, but I’ll just say for now Harry somehow survive the Killing curse, and was sent to another school where he not only spent seven long years learning very advance magic, he gotten himself a wife and daughter.” Ginny sighed looking jealous about the fact.

“Seven years, is that why he look older?” Hermione shockingly asked, just the battle on the big screen shown the Dark Lord blasted into the ocean.

“Hermione please wait, we’ll will tell you later, once Harry comes back and hopefully survive his wife anger.” Ginny quickly suggested.

“Does Harry really have a daughter?” Hermione sighed as she decided to wait.

“Yeah she is four years old, and her name is Kat Potter.” Ginny started as she smiled.” Oh I can’t wait for you to meet Kat, she is so adorable, and unfortunately for us she already knows how to use it to play the innocent child very well, so please if she gets into trouble, don‘t fall for her innocent act.” Ginny warned as another voice cut in their talks.

“Harry James Potter please stop taunting Riddle and get back here this minute!” Catrina yelled, causing the panther to disappear after a shivered.

The second the panther disappeared from the screen, a flash of blue light in the Great Hall announced the arrival of the large panther, which made a number of Witches scream in fright, as distraught wife storms towards the now very frighten panther.” Harry James Potter do you have anything to say for yourself before I gut you and make me a new rug?” Catrina yelled, as the panther shrank away.

“Your Majesty, I bring a gift to sooth your anger.” The Harry gently informed a startled wife, as he bowed foreword.

“And preys tell what this gift is?” Catrina glaringly asked, as the panther waved his wings to summon an eight-foot Marlin before her.

“Is this gift acceptable for my survival?” The Harry quietly asked, as his wife eyes quickly shifted between the Marlin to the panther.

“I hate you for knowing my weakness!” Catrina yelled in a defeated tone, before waving her hand to surround herself and the Marlin with a curtain, and soon sounds of tearing and delightful purring came out of the enclosed area.

With the Panther life no longer in jeopardy, he turned to a not so happy red hair young Witch.” Harry James Potter your wife isn’t the only one who is not too happy with you!” Ginny angrily yelled with her hands on her hip, causing the panther shrunk under his friend’s glaze.

“I’m sorry I bare no gift for the charming young lady, but how about twenty points to Gryffindor for not killing her professor.” The Harry begged, as another step forward.

“Professor Potter I don’t think you should bride your student with House Points.” The very amused but stern voice of the Headmistress sounded, as the panther turned to her.” Also where did you get that Marlin your wife seems to be enjoying herself with?” McGonagall sternly asked, as the panther looked guilty.

“Since I know my wife was watching my battle here, you must have seen me deflect the Killing Curse right?” Harry calmly asked, and with a nod from all around him, he continued with a sigh.” Well I didn’t aim it at the ocean for nothing, I saw the Marlin in the water, so I sent the Killing Curse at it, and instant sea food.” Harry cringed as sounds of braking bone was now heard from the curtain,

“Well in that case, I would like you to tell your lovely wife that Mr. Snape and professor Slughorn would like her assistance with brewing the much needed potions.” McGonagall smiled as the younger professor nodded.

“I’ll tell her once she is done eating, which I doubt will be long.” Harry grinned as the curtain faded out of existence, to reveal a satisfied Witch, and a young little girl trap in a fish bone cage.

After seeing his daughter trap in the cage, the father looked puzzled at his wife.” What she knows not to interfere when I’m eating, and plus she hogged all the good parts.” Catrina complain as her husband sighed.

“Well at least it’s not me in there.” Harry sighed as his daughter gave him a look of innocence, so she could be freed soon.” I’m sorry Kat you should’ve known not to bother your mother when she is eating her favorite food.” Harry kindly scolded, before turning to his wife.” Catrina dear, McGonagall needs more help with the Potions, can you lend a hand.” Harry suggested as his wife agreed.

“Off course dear, and can you please keep an eye out on our troubles.” Catrina smiled as she gestured to the trap child.

“Sure leave me with the hard job while you do the easy ones.” Harry complained as his wife left for the side room, where all the potions brewed.

With his wife gone, the panther flashed into a messy hair Wizard, whom in the next second was in a bone crushing hug.” Harry why didn’t you write that you were alive, what did you learn at the school, and how you met your wife?” Hermione quickly said in one breath after letting her friend go.

“Please Hermione, I will tell you once we are all together, but where is Ron, I thought he would be with you?” Harry worriedly asked, as his friend look grimed.

“Ron is being looked after by the Healers, since his wounds he got from a former professor are severely infected.” Hermione warned, as her friend looked furious.

“Hermione please take me to Ron, I might able to do more to help him.” Harry quickly suggested, and with a startled looked his friend led the Guardian to where some reliable Healers from St. Mungo’s was working on their friend.

In an isolated part of the Great Hall, a few Healers was in mad rush to heal a gravely injured young Wizard, when they were interrupted as a Guardian rushed up to them.” Stand aside now!” Harry yelled as he magically pushed all the Healers away.

“What is the meaning of this, can’t you see this child is badly hurt!” A Healer yelled as he tried to get back to his patient, a shield stopped him and others from entering.

“I can see that, just stand aside so I can do my job!” Harry snapped back, as he places his glowing bluish hands on his best friend chest.” Don’t worry Ron, I‘m now here.” Harry assured his injured friend, as his body radiated with so much power, everyone standing outside the shield quickly move back.

For a few intense minutes the body of the severely injure young Wizard glowed brightly as the Guardian poured his magic into his spell.” Come on Ron please be alright.” Harry begged as his hands glowed brightly, and soon the glow diminished as the Guardian fell to the side unconscious.

It took a moment for anyone to move from their spot, and it a yell from a friend to break the shock they were in.” RON, HARRY!” Hermione yelled as she moves to her two friends, and was surprise that her injured friend was fully healed.” Did Harry do this?” Hermione shockingly asked, as the Healers rushed over their patient.

“This can’t be his injuries should’ve taken a week before they would close to be fully healed.” A Healer shockingly asked, as he and others quickly rescan the once injured teen.

“Um excuse me, if Ron is fully healed already, shouldn’t you be checking Harry?” Hermione quickly asked, as she pointed to her unconscious friend, which the Healers only discover that the Guardian just needed some Magic restorer Potions, which someone quickly brought over.

With her friends out cold and nothing to do, Hermione went back to the cage girl, to not only to discover her missing, there was a adorable little pure black kitten, that was making a number of little girls swoon over, as they pet the little kitten through the fish bone cage.” Ok where did Kat go?” Hermione worriedly thought as she spied her red hair friend.” Hey Ginny did you see where Kat run off too?” Hermione worriedly asked, as her friend turned to her.

“Unfortunately no I haven’t, but I’m sure she is safe with one of the professors here.” Ginny lied, since she knew the Kitten was the little girl her friend sought.

“Ah I wanted to meet her.” Hermione grumbled as she went to the Fish cage, to adore the trap kitten.

After a few minutes of petting the kitten threw the cage, Hermione grew tire of seeing a trap animal, especial one that melt your heart by just looking at it.” Hey Ginny do you think it will be alright to release her?” Hermione quickly asked, as the kitten meowed happily at the thought of being release.

“I guess it would be ok, since we don’t know how she got in there.” Ginny suggested, while looking about to see if the Potters was around.” So Hermione do you know any spells?” Ginny smiled as her friend gave it a long thought

“Most cutting spells will cut threw anything, we just need to control the amount of power or else we could accidentally hurt the Kitten.” Hermione thoughtfully suggested, before suggesting that her friend use a simple cutting curse.

It took a number of tries before the cage of the little kitten had a decent hole for it to crawl out of, and once it was free it literally flew at Hermione and started licking her face.” Hey that tickles.” Hermione laughed as she gently removed the happy kitten from her clothes.” I wonder if she has a name?” Hermione smiled as she petted the content looking kitten.

“I’m not sure, but I think she IS Kat.” Ginny hinted, but her friend focused on the cute kitten didn’t take the hint.

“Wow an adorable kitten, for an equally adorable child. “ Hermione smiled, as she gave the kitten a light hug.

“Oh no the Kat charms bit another one.” Ginny thought, since she knew the little girl knows too well how to act cute to get attention.

Sometime later a red hair professor stepped back into the Great Hall exhausted, since she spent several hours making Potions for the former Azkaban prisoners.” And I thought being a Potion Mistress would make making potions easier?” Catrina yawned as she walked over to a fish bone cage, only to discover it empty” Great either Kat is with my husband, or she conned someone into letting her out.” Catrina thought, and when she heard the laughter of children, she knew it was the later.

Not far from the fish bone cage, a circle of young children was cheering a little kitten as she chase her tail, play with a yawn, and do many cute tricks, that got the child laughing and all happy until a young professor stepped up to the group.” Why is everyone so happy about?” Catrina smiled as she saw her daughter stop dead in her tracks looking worriedly at her mom.

With the Kitten looking worried, all the kids looked to the professor, until one spoke up. “Oh hi Professor Catrina, I do hope Kat don’t mind we borrowing her friend?” Ginny smiled as did the professor.

“No I don’t think Kat will mind, but have you seen my husband around?” Catrina firmly asked since she was still upset with her husband.

“I know where Professor Harry is, he went help to heal Ron, whose wounds was gravely infected since they weren’t immediacy treated by a Healer.” Hermione worriedly answered, causing the young professor to turn to her.

“Is Mr. Weasley alright?” Catrina worriedly asked, as the young Witch nodded.

“Ron is still out cold, but according to the Healers he is fully healed, and will be fine with a few days of rest.” Hermione started, as she sighed in relief of the fact.” As for your husband, he has been out cold since healing Ron.” Hermione finished, as her professor sighed.

“Great my husband must have put to much power into his spells, and he been complaining of his counterpart overpowering his magic.” Catrina loudly complained, but whispered the last part.” I guess there nothing much I can do to my husband now, and in that case Hermione, Ginny can you both look after Troubles, I am still needed to help the injured here.” Catrina quickly asked, as she pointed to the little kitten now again playing with the other children.

“Um professor, you name the kitten Troubles?” Hermione uncertainly asked, as both the professor and friend grinned.

“Trust me Hermione, even though Troubles is so adorable she is more trouble then she is worth.” Catrina joked, as she left the friends to see what help she can offer.

As the professor walk passed the former prisoners, she was glad that there were no serious injuries except for one, but as she came to a thick screen, she saw a group she recognized as part of the Order of the Phoenix.” I wonder if Remus with them?” Catrina thought as she walked over to the group

The Order as it turns out was discussing the protection of Hogwarts when the professor came up to them.” Excuse me, I doubt Hogwarts needs anymore protection, thanks to my husband and I.” Catrina firmly informed the group, as many quickly reach for their wands, only to realize at the last minute they been wandless since their imprisonment.

“And prey tells who are you to tell us what is needed!” Mad-eye barked out as he and many other stood up to face the young professor.

“The name is Catrina, the very Witch that not only helps remove the Dark Forces from Hogwarts, I also help freed all the Light prisoners from Azkaban.” Catrina smiled at the shock looks that was on the Order faces.

After a moment for their shock to wear off, one quickly shook himself. “I’m sorry about our rudeness and thank you for helping us.” Remus thankfully thanked the Guardian.

“No thanks is needed Mr. Lupin, but you all can relax for now since Hogwarts is a hundred times safer then when Albus was Headmaster.” Catrina assured the group, before changing the subject.” Not that is out of the way, I need to speak to Mr. Lupin please.” Catrina kindly asked, as the former professor look puzzled.

“Is there something wrong?” Remus worriedly asked, as the Guardian took him aside and away from the others.

“I’m sorry I didn’t fully introduce myself, my name is Catrina Potter.” Catrina smiled at the shock look on the older Wizard face.

“But I thought all the Potters is dead, at least the main family line.” Remus shockingly asked, as the Guardian shook her head.

“To tell you the truth, the last Potter didn’t die that summer, he survived the Killing Curse again.” Catrina informed an unbelieving Wizard.

“You better not be lying, or I will make my werewolf side look tame once I’m done with you.” Remus firmly warned a startle Guardian.

“I assure you Mr. Lupin I AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH!” Catrina firmly informed the startled Wizard, before leading him to the beds that was set up for the injured prisoners.

Once at the beds, there was a gasps as a Wizard rushed up to a messy hair Wizard sleeping on a hospital bed.” Harry…” Remus could only say, as he quickly looked over the younger Wizard,

“Yes Mr. Lupin this is Harry James Potter.” Catrina informed a wide-eye Wizard.

“But it can’t be, Harry look older, almost James age.” Remus shockingly asked, as the Guardian sighed.

“Actually he is twenty-five years old, but I won’t go into details now, but if you need convincing, Headmistress McGonagall will back us up, since we said a Wizard Oath to her, to prove what we told her was the truth.” Catrina informed an already convinced Wizard.

“No it’s alright I believe you since I am familiar to Harry’s scent, so I already know he is Harry.” Remus sighed as he looked over the young Wizard.” So you are Harry’s wife, am I right?” Remus grinned, as did the Guardian.

“That is an unfortunately yes, someone has too keep him in line, since he keep getting into trouble.” Catrina groaned as the older Wizard smiled.

“Well I’m glad someone has Harry on a short leash, but I see he still get into trouble.” Remus joked as the Guardian sighed.

“Harry sure does get into messes a lot even with me yelling at him to get back to safety.” Catrina tiredly informed a grinning Wizard.” And that is not the worse of it, we had an unnaturally cute and adorable child name Kat Potter, and even though she is four years old, she seems to have more of her grandfather Genes, then her own father.” Catrina groaned, as the Wizard grinned.

“So you both have a natural born Prankster, I do hope you both are not going to create more, since I don’t think Hogwarts can survive if there is more then four Marauders in its Hallow halls.” Remus joked as the Guardian groaned.

“If our next child is another Prankster, I will make sure that is the last child Harry will have.” Catrina inform the Wizard in a way he was not sure she was joking or not.

“I’m sure you will, but I would love to meet your daughter, is she around,” Remus quickly asked, to change the subject.

“Yes she is here, since she somehow escape from the Hospital Wing, where a House Elf name Dobby was suppose to watch over her.” Catrina sighed as she wondered how her daughter got passed the Elf.” Luckily she is with Harry’s friends, and is putting on a show for the younger kids here.” Catrina smiled as she remembered her daughter antics.

“I’m glad Kat have friends here, so come on let’s go and see what kind of trouble she in.” Remus joked as the Guardian led the Wizard to the other side of the Great Hall.

As the Guardian and Wizard walked, they got to know each other, and before getting to where the younger children were place, the Wizard was startled as something ran up his Robes and then started licking his face.” Hey that tickles!” Remus laughed as he now noticed his attacker was an adorable little kitten.

“Troubles stop tormenting the kind Wizard.” Catrina joked as she gently plucked her daughter from the Wizard’s Robes.

“Her name is Troubles I can see why you name the kitten that.” Remus smiled, but a scent caught his senses as he smelt the little kitten.” Is it me, or is there more to Troubles then it seems?” Remus quietly asked, as he glanced at the kitten in the Guardian’s arms.

“You are right, you see in my family line we are natural born Animagus.” Catrina quickly lied, as the Wizard looked to her.” And Kat always had this form since she was one years old.” Catrina finished causing the Wizard to smile.

“Then I’m glad we don’t need to train her to be an Animagus, if she going to an official Marauder.” Remus grinned as the Guardian rolled her eyes.

“And I thought I only had to worry about Sirius corrupting my daughter.” Catrina groaned, only to realizing her mistake too late to change her words.

“Sirius, how do you know him?” Remus quickly asked, as he looked the Guardian over.

“Please Remus I will tell you later when we get the Order together, but I should warn you that it will be a long story.” Catrina warned, as Remus accepted it.

“Fine then, but I still want to meet your daughter, if she minds changing herself to a human child.” Remus gently asked, and to his surprise a there flash of blue light, caused the little kitten to disappear, and in her place a four year old girl, with black messy hair in her mother’s arms.

“Hi Uncle Remus, my name is Kat Potter.” Kat smiled, as did her uncle.

“Yep you are a Potter alright.” Remus joked while messing up the already messy hair on the little girl’s head.

“Hey stop that.” Kat complained, as her uncle took the adorable child into his arms.

“Sorry little one, I can’t help messing up that cursed mop hair of the Potters.” Remus joked before playing with the little girl.

As Remus took her daughter aside, the Guardian smiled as she looked on.” Look like our family is almost complete, I just hope Ron will accept Kat like in the other Dimension.” Catrina thought as she followed the pair to make they do not get into too much trouble.
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