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Reunions Prt 2

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Plans are underway for the former prisoners.

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A/N; To the reviewer asking about what Toadias did to the Guardians, he only sealed Harry’s ability to travel between Dimensions, they still have their Guardian powers, as you may have notice in this story.

Also sorry if I had sped threw this part of story, I wanted to end it quickly to get to other parts, especially Harry’s finale encounter with a certain Toad.

PS; I’m not talking about Toadias, just to clarify who I meant.

Also I don’t own Harry Potter, and please review.

Headmaster Office

The following morning in a large circular office, the stern Headmistress of Hogwarts just finished explaining to the Order of Phoenix of the events that inspired that week, and when she was done a member quickly spoke up.” A likely story what proof does Potter have to prove what he so call claims.” An Order member rudely asked.
“Profess Harry had a written letter with the former Headmaster magical signature, and we all know that can’t be faked.” McGonagall sternly informed the unbelieving member.” And plus both Potters gave me a Magical Oath that would’ve stripped them of their own magic if they lied, and since they both still have their magic, I’m sure what they said was the truth.” McGonagall firmly finished, as another spoke up as he glared at the former speaker,
“I don’t see any reason for not believing the Potters, but one thing I would like to bring up is how are we going to get back our lost Wands?” Shacklebolt worriedly asked as another spoke up.
“Maybe I can be of services.” A short old Wizard informed everyone as he stepped into the room with a red hair Witch.” Professor Catrina was kind enough to bring my entire shop into Hogwarts, so I can fit everyone with a new Wand.” Ollivander informed the group who looked like Christmas had come early.
“In that case I want the Order Members to be first to get their Wands, and then later the former prisoners can have their chance to get theirs.” McGonagall thoughtfully suggested, and everyone quickly agreed, as the group got ready to leave.

Great Hall

On a Hospital bed, a young Wizard with messy hair slept peacefully until the bed flipped over, but luckily he rolled to a defensive position to face his attacker.” UNCLE VERNON…” Harry yelled in shock as he stood up looking at his so call relative.
“You freak how you dare send us to prison to torture us!” Vernon madly yelled causing the young Guardian to realize his Relatives was part of the prisoners he and his wife just rescued.
“Believe me my dear Uncle I would’ve left you there to rot if I knew you were sent there!” Harry spat out, as he stood upright to face the large man.
“I don’t care what you think Freak, you will pay for the torment you place on our respectable family.” Vernon shouted as he lounge foreword with fist flying, but the Guardian step aside and with surprising strength and speed, caught the enrage man’s hand and twisted it behind his back.” Let me go Freak!” Vernon yelled as he struggled against the Guardian.
“My dear Uncle, how much I hate to do this I give you a chance to redeem yourself, either stop tormenting me, or spend an unknown amount of time in my special jail cell!” Harry warned as his uncle continued his struggles.
“Yeah right Freak, you can’t hurt me, you are not allow to do magic.” Vernon shouted, as he somehow slipped out of the Guardian’s grasps, and swung around to slam his fist into the Guardian’s face, but a Crystal wall that surrounded him stopped it.

It took a moment for the uncle to realized he was trap in a large Crystal, and started shouting at the Guardian, which luckily he couldn’t hear one word from his uncle.” I did warn you Mr. Dursley, so now you pay for your stupidity.” Harry informed his uncle, as he waved his hand to make the Crystal glow brightly for a few seconds, and once it was clear, his uncle was replaced with a small cottage, surrounded by a forest.” Enjoy your little vacation, my dear Uncle!” Harry spat out, but as he turned to leave, he groaned when he saw another relative.” Hi Aunt Petunia, how is your stay at Hogwarts.” Harry kindly asked, as a wide-eye aunt looked not so nicely at him.
“Ungrateful brat, what did you do to my husband!” Petunia demanded, as the Guardian sighed.
“The same I will do to you Mrs, Dursley if you don’t show some kindness to me and my friends, or at least stop calling us names.” Harry informed his aunt with firm warning.
“But you can’t just imprison us, we have rights.” Petunia quickly stuttered out, as she realized her nephew was serious.
“Rights you should be one to talk!” Harry angrily started, as his aunt step back in fear.” For ten years of when I first arrived at your home, you made sure I had no rights by being your personal slave, you barely fed me, you gave me your oversize sons clothes, and not only that you made me sleep under the stairs.” Harry now shouted, releasing the dam up feelings of years of abuse.” Mrs. Petunia, you are lucky I will more lenient to you then you would ever be to me.” Harry now glared as he started to wave his hand, but quickly stopped by his aunt.
“Wait Harry, please give me another chance.” Petunia quickly begged as she fell to her knees, and started crying.
“If I do, will you try to behave, and get along with us Wizards.” Harry firmly asked, as his aunt quickly nodded.” What about Dudley?” Harry quickly asked, as his aunt looked to him,
“My son changed his ways since the Dementor attack, so he will accept anything you ask of him.” Petunia quickly assured her nephew.
“Fine I will leave you alone for now, but if I hear one complaint, you will be joining your husband.” Harry informed his aunt with a promise, before leaving the area.

In another part of the Great Hall a messy hair Guardian smiled as he saw his friends playing with his daughter.” Hey guys, how is Troubles doing?” Harry smiled at his unhappy daughter.
“My name is not troubles!” Kat pouted as her father pick her up.
“Are you sure little one, you seem you are not capable in staying out of trouble.” Harry smiled at the pout his daughter sent his way.
“Actually Professor Harry, Kat been an Angel since she woke up this morning.” Hermione smiled as she came up to the Guardian.
“Especially with all the attention she has been getting from all the kids and grownups here.” Ginny added as the Guardian groaned.
“Yeah I know Kat likes attention as much as I hate it.” Harry sighed as he smiled at his daughter, but another interrupted them.
“Harry dear, Minerva is calling for another Order meeting at Ten AM we both are to attend this one.” Catrina informed a startled husband.
“Another meeting, what happen during the first?” Harry confusedly asked his wife.
“Minerva was just catching the Members up with what is happening here at Hogwarts, and I just help secure Ollivanders Wands shop, so all the former prisoners could replace their lost wands.” Catrina informed her husband.
“That is good to hear, I will be there once I eaten.” Harry suggested, as he took his daughter to some tables laden with food.

Headmistress Office

Some hours later the office was filled as everyone waited for the meeting to begin, and luckily they didn’t need to wait long.” Come in Professors Harry and Catrina!” McGonagall called out from her desk and the doors open for the two young professors, and they were warmly welcomed and thanked for the Order released from Azkaban Prison.

Once the Order calmed down, and was settled back on their chairs, the Headmistress looked to everyone.” Now that we are all here, we need to see about what are we going to do about the former prisoners.” McGonagall calmly asked, as an Order member spoke up.
“Can’t we ask the America Wizarding Government for sanctuary for those not fighting against the Dark Lord?” Shacklebolt uncertainly asked.
“I believe I can pull some strings, but unfortunately the America Magical Government might not take the Orphan children because they won’t have adult supervision.” McGonagall regrettably informed everyone.
“Are you sure they won’t accept the Orphans?” Mad-eye barked.
“I believe they won’t, unless we hand them over to the Americans for full citizenship, so they can be sent to their Orphanages to be adopted by the Americans.” McGonagall informed a not so happy group.
“But that will mean, that those children will be out of England’s jurisdiction, we can’t allow this since we will lose our value resources.” An Order Member yelled in protest, as did many others until another spoke out.
“Um excuse me, how come we have Orphans here, and are there any other places we could send them?” Harry quickly asked, as his Headmistress looked to him.
“Harry as you weren’t here during last summer, right after the Death Eaters took over the Ministry, and then soon our school, they gotten hold of the Registry, and used it to find all the Muggleborns.” McGonagall sadly informed the now wide-eye Guardians.” The Death Eaters tortured and killed the Muggle parents and young ones, but left the Magical ones alive only to be brought to Azkaban Prison for stealing magic from magical beings.” McGonagall informed two not so happy Guardians.
“Stealing magic, it’s not possible for Muggles to steal Magic to make them Magical!” Catrina yelled in rage.
“We all know that Professor Catrina, but the since the Ministry is now under the Dark Lord control, they is making up stories that made it so, and unfortunately many of the citizens of the Wizarding world is either believing them or is force too.” An equally angered McGonagall informed the Guardian.
“Excuse me exactly how many Orphans are we talking about and why can’t we keep them here, shouldn’t we have more then enough room in the school.” Harry quickly suggested.
“There are exactly a hundred-sixty-nine Orphans, and about thirty should be first years, and a little over sixty is already attending our school.” McGonagall started, as she gave it a thought before speaking.” I guess with some help we could keep the younger Orphans here.” McGonagall informed everyone after a long thought.
“I’m sure we could get Volunteers from the former prisoners to help with the Orphans.” Harry suggested, as they all agree with the plan.

With the talk about the Orphans and the former prisoners was over, a Guardian turned to an Order Member.” Mr. Snape I need some info about certain objects Riddle may have possessed during his lifetime.” Harry asked, as the former professor looked to him.
“There is a few items I know of, mainly the Slytherin’s Locket which I don‘t know what happen to it, and the Ravenclaw Goblet, which I believe is in the Lestrange’s Vault in Gringotts.” Snape snapped at the Guardian.
“Hmm both Catrina and I shouldn’t have any problems obtaining the Goblet, but for the Locket…” Harry started but stopped as he waved his hand at another Order Member.” Fletcher I believe you know about the location of the Locket.” Harry firmly asked, as the Order Member eyes went blank.
“What Locket is you talking about I saw many to remember.” Mundungus emotionlessly informed the Guardian.
“I’m asking about the Locket that was in Grimmauld Pl. did you take it out of the house?” Harry firmly asked, and the member quickly nodded.
“I did take it, but when I was captured by the Ministry, a Witch that resembled a toad, took it from my possession.” Mundungus emotionlessly confess as the Guardian release him from the spell.
“Umbridge, I was hoping I would not cross her path again.” Harry sighed as he closed his eyes knowing that he will need to confront the Witch.

As the interrogation was over, the Headmistress spoke up.” Professor Harry, when are you going after these cursed objects, and will you need the Order’s help in retrieving them?” McGonagall sternly asked, as the Guardian looked to her.
“I believe Catrina and I will be enough for this mission, and we should try to get those items this Weekend.” Harry suggested as his wife agreed with the plan.
“Then if that is all, I should start contacting the American Ministry of Magic, hopefully we can come to an agreement for the refugees of this war.” McGonagall suggested, before dismissing the group to end the meeting.

Great Hall

Sometime later the Headmistress walked into the room, where the former prisoners were nervously talking amongst themselves until she spoke up.” May I have your attention?” McGonagall called out as she stood in front of the great room.” I spoken with the American Ministry of Magic and a few others that is against the English branch, and they are willing to give any citizen of England full Sanctuary from this terrible war we are in!” McGonagall called out as the former prisoners looked to her.” So please if you and your families want to be free from this war, see me and get your International Portkeys, which will immediately send you to your choice of destinations.” McGonagal called out, and immediately large groups of Wizards and Witches came forward to get a Portkey.

It took several hours as the last groups were Portkey away, and once it was over the Headmistress sighed as she saw that out of the six-hundred adult prisoners, a little over a hundred chose to stay and fight which she was more then happy to have the extra help.” Thank you for Volunteering, I will have the House Elves set up rooms for you all, and hopefully in a few days we will have some plans that will help us to retake our Ministry from the Dark Forces.” McGonagall informed an accepting group.

As everyone settled down, two Guardians stepped into the room to see their daughter.” Hey Kat what you been doing since we left you.” Harry smiled as he picked up his happy daughter.
“Hi daddy, Uncle Ron is awake, and I already introduce myself.” Kat happily informed a smiling father.
“You did how Ron reacted to you my dear.” Harry smiled faded as another familiar voice got his attention.
“Harry is it really you!” A red hair young Wizard slowly asked as he came up to the small family.
“Hey Ron, sorry I took so long to getting back here.” Harry quickly apologized as he put his daughter down.
“It’s alright mate, I somehow knew you were alive and would come back to help us end the Dark times we in now.” Ron grimly informed his best friend, before giving him a hug.

After a few moments the friends parted as one smiled.” So Harry, did I hear right that you are now married and a professor here in Hogwarts?” Ron quickly asked and his friend smiled.
“I’m afraid so, so you better watch yourself Ron I wouldn’t want to deduct points from Gryffindor.” Harry smiled as his friend look faint.
“Yeah right, that only will happen when Snape washes his hair.” Ron joked as he smiled at the little girl shyly standing beside her father.” So Harry is this little one your daughter.” Ron smiled as he knelt before the little girl.” I can see a family resemblance, but I’m glad she looks much prettier then her father would ever be.” Ron smiled while messing up the little girl’s hair.
“Hey why does everyone want to mess up my hair?” Kat grumbled, as she tried to move away from the adult.
“Sorry my dear Kat, it’s a curse we Potters have to go threw.” Harry smiled as he picked up his daughter, and gestured to all his friends to the side to finally tell them the truth about his time in the other Dimension.
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