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Gaurdian Troubles

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Catrina discovers something that would cause Harry to sleep on the couch for a long time.

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A/N; To the reviewer who asked about what Toadias did to Harry, he only sealed his ability to travel between demensions, Harry and Catrina still have their Guardian powers.

Also about this chapter, I was planning to do this later, but I had so much fun thinking of what Catrina could do to Harry when she discovered what had happen to her, I decided to do it now.

I also notice the mistake in the last chapter, which I now corrected, the Ravenclaw Goblet should've been Hufflepuff Goblet, which I did correct it in this chapter.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Guardian’s Quarters

The weekend came up fast, as the Guardians got ready for the day, until one stopped as she looked unwell.” Catrina dear, are you feeling alright?” Harry worriedly asked, as he quickly went to his wife.

“It could be nothing I might have just caught a cold or something.” Catrina smiled, as her husband shook his head.

“Sorry my dear, I don’t care what you think, you should go straight to the Hospital Wing for a full checkup!” Harry firmly suggested, as his wife look shock.

“You suggest that I go to the Hospital Wing, when you the Great Harry Potter either try to avoid it or try to leave before you are excuse!” Catrina scolded, as her husband looked to her.

“You don’t know Madam Pomfrey like I do, and please just go and make sure you are alright.” Harry begged as his wife pouted.

“Fine I’ll go, but mark my words, if this turns out to be nothing, I will be making sure you sleep on the couch for the next month.” Catrina threaten as she finished getting dress and left.

Hospital Wing

The lone Guardian sighed as she lay on the bed as the school Healer magical scanned her body, and making some notes on a parchment.” Hmm Mrs. Potter your blood pressure is a bit high, but nothing serious to worry about, but other then that you are quit healthy.” Pomfrey informed a not so happy wife.

“I should have known this was nothing, wait till I get my husband for this.” Catrina grumbled, as the Healer continued her scans, but stopped as her Wand came to the Guardian’s stomach.

“Actually Mrs. Potter, I think you better wait on that.” Pomfrey quickly informed the Guardian as she cast several spells.

“Why Madam Pomfrey what did you find?” Catrina worriedly asked, as the Healer smiled.

“Oh it’s nothing to worry about, but I think congratulations are in order.” Pomfrey smiled, and the Guardian eyes went wide as she realized what the Healer meant.

“No it can’t be! We were taking Potions and such, and I couldn’t be.” Catrina cried out in shock, as the Healer finished her scans.

“You probably forgot to take your potions at one point Mrs. Potter, but I’m sure I am right about this.” Pomfrey informed a not so happy Guardian.

“Then if you don’t mind I'm going to kill my husband, but I will be back to get the require potions to help me with this problem he help caused.” Catrina informed the Healer with a promise.

“That will be fine with me, and if there is anything left of Mr. Potter please send him my way, so I can heal him.” An amused Pomfrey suggested, as the soon to be Widow sped out of the room.

Headmaster’s Office

While his wife was being check, the other Guardian was in a meeting.” Mr. Potter how is your plans to break into Gringotts going?” McGonagall sternly asked, as the younger professor sighed.

“I just need Bill’s help, since he just need to accidentally leave the open files on the Lestrange Vault on his desk during my visit this evening.” Harry smiled, as did his Headmistress.

“Just be careful Harry, upsetting the Goblins is not a good idea.” McGonagall warned as her fireplace flared up in green flames, and the head of the Healer was seen.” Madam Pomfrey, what can I do for you?” McGonagall worriedly asked, as she looked to the Healer.

“Headmistress I just want to warn you that you might need a new DADA professor, once his enrage wife is through with your old one.” Pomfrey warned as the soon to be former professor looked to the Healer.

“What did I do now Madam Pomfrey?” A very frighten Harry asked, as the doors burst open for a catlike female human, to everyone’s shock.

With everyone staring at the new arrival, the catlike professor rushed up to her husband with incredible speeds to grab at his robes to lift him into the air, while looking murderously at the ready to wet his pants husband.” My darling husband, I just want to warn you that you will be sleeping on the couch for the next six months!” Catrina hissed and then dropped her husband, before leaving the room with a catlike grin.

Once the wife left, a very shock husband looked to his equally shock Headmistress.” Harry was your wife?” McGonagall shockingly asked her young professor.

“I’m afraid so, and if she was using that form, Catrina is really mad at me.” Harry shivered before realizing what his wife just said.” No, no it can’t be we always use Potions or spells.” Harry stuttered out as his Headmistress looked to him.

“What can’t be, do you know why your wife is so angry at you?” McGonagall quickly asked, as her professor looked defeated.

“I do, Catrina is pregnant, and I have a terrible feeling I’m going to regret doing this to her again.” Harry sighed as he finally stood up to sit on a chair before the Headmistress.

“Well I’m not sure if I should congratulate you, or severely scold you for breeding more Marauders.” McGonagall grinned to show her support.

“Don’t remind me, but I do really hope our next child will not follow in Kat’s footsteps.” Harry sighed, before praying that will not happen.

As her professor was silent, his Headmistress sighed.” I guess we need to change our plans, I will contact Bill to set this up for another day.” McGonagall suggested, but her professor shook his head.

“No it would be best if we do this now.” Harry started as he sighed.” And plus Catrina would probably be in the Hospital Wing for the entire day getting a full checkup to make sure our child will be alright.” Harry cringed knowing he will be in for a long six months.

“I guess you are right Harry, but why did your wife say six months, pregnancies usually last nine months?” McGonagal confusedly asked.

“No not for Catrina, her family line always carried their young for six months before giving birth, which is lucky for me I doubt I will survive the full nine months.” Harry quickly explained, since he knew his wife could safely speed up her unborn child development by changing into her cat form.

“In that case, congratulation Harry, I know you will be a great father.” McGonagall smiled as she stood up from her desk and walked over to hug her professor.” Oh and thanks for the early warning, I will start planning for my retirement in six or seven years.” McGonagall smiled as she let her professor go.

“Thanks allot Minerva, while you are safe in retirement, I will have to teach my prankster daughter.” Harry grumbled, as his Headmasters grinned.

“Well you can think of this as payback for what your father did to us professors, when he was in school.” McGonagall suggested with a grinned, as her professor shook his head, not wanting to think about his possible future, before deciding to leave to get ready for his plans for Breaking into Gringotts.


It went without a hitch, Harry was able to see the Vault number while in Bill private office, and now was flying invisible down in the endless Bowels of the large bank in his panther form.” Great I must have flown for hours, and still not anywhere close to the Vault!” Harry grumbled as he passed hundreds of Vaults, and hundred miles of railroad tracks.

It took well over six hours of flight, and near misses from the large Dragons that guarded the oldest Vaults, and once the Guardian got to his destination, he grinned as he saw the Wards that protected the large Vault.” Wow the Goblins really did a good job setting up the Wards.” Harry thought as he waved his hand.” Too bad this is child’s play to Guardian Wards.” Harry smiled as the Vault great door opened for him, and he went in to search for the cup.


It took no longer then fifteen minutes before the Guardian found the Hufflepuff cup, and was back in his quarters looking glad to be resting after a long flight.” Great I miss lunch and dinner won’t be for another hour.” Harry grumbled as he warded the cup to keep it safe, since he had not yet destroyed the Horcruxe.” That will do for now, I just hope I can get the rest of the Horcruxes without any trouble.” Harry hoped as he closed his eyes for a few moments of rest.

Great Hall

Dinner was well on its way, when the doors open for a late comer, and once he saw the Head Table, he cringed at his wife death glare.” Great I better not be anywhere near Catrina until she calms down.” Harry worriedly thought as he quickly went to the Gryffindor table and to where his friends were sitting.” Hey guys, can I sit here for now.” Harry quickly begged as his friends looked to him.

“Wife troubles Professor Harry?” Hermione grinned at her friend nod.

“I guess can say that Hermione, hopefully in a few days Catrina will be back to her normal self.” Harry sighed as his friends scooted aside to make room for their professor.

“Why…what…did…you…do…now?” Ron mumbled with food in his mouth.

“RON WEASLEY, please swallow your food before speaking!” Hermione scolded before turning to her other friend.” So Harry what did you do now?” Hermione quickly asked, but a tap on a Goblet got everyone’s attention.

At the Head Table, the Headmistress grinned at her professor fear for his life, while she stood up to tap her Goblet to get everyone’s attention.” Now that everyone is here, I got some wonderful news!” McGonagall smiled as everyone looked her way.” It appears that two certain professors are expecting their second child.” McGonagall proudly announce getting loud cheers from almost all the student populations.

After letting the students celebrate for a few minutes, the Headmistress call for silence.” Now that you had been informed, I want to personally congratulate Professor Catrina.” McGonagall smiled as she walked over to a blushing professor, and gave her a hug,” I do hope your next child will be just as charming as your first.” McGonagall whispered as she parted, to let the other professors congratulate the young professor.

At the Gryffindor table, the other professor was being patted on the back, and congratulated from his friends and neighbors.” Wow mate, you still got in you!” Ron smiled, as his friend groaned.

“Ron you wouldn’t be so happy if your wife is after your hide for getting her pregnant.” Harry grumbled.

“Hush Harry, I’m sure you will be forgiven in what a week or so?” Hermione smiled, as her friend looked defeated as he placed his head into his arms.

“I have no doubt that it will be much, much longer then that.” Harry mumbled into his arms, while his friends gave him a reassuring pat on the back.

At the Head Table, a certain professor smiled at her defeated husband.” My how the mighty had fallen.” Catrina grinned knowing she will have so much fun tormenting her husband for a couple days, and then wonder what sort of gifts she will get to get from her husband, to get back on her good side.” Well at least Harry knows what I like.” Catrina smiled as she talked to the professors about the future Potter.
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