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Chapter 1

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The sequel to Love...What is that anyway? The boys, Marie, and Brandon go on tour. And there's a mystery going on about Pete's death, who killed him and why?

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Chapter 1

It had been 3 weeks since I had lost Pete. I don't think I'll ever give myself completely again, he'll always hold my heart.

Life hasn't been the same since then. Taylor had left after the funeral leaving Brandon lonely and helpless. Fall Out Boy had to go back on tour for their new album Infinity On High. I was glad though, couldn't stand to see Wentz's face anymore without holding him. He reminden me too much of Pete. Panic! was on tour also but there was something else, Brandon and I were invited. Which brings me to where I am now...

Somewhere in the United States, on a bus, in a bunk bed. It was quiet on the bus, well as much as it could be with all the snoring boys. To drain that out I stole Brandon's Ipod and guess what was the first song to play... Camisado by none other than Panic! At The Disco.

Leaving Pete's house (where I previoulsy lived) didn't help in forgetting and listening to this didn't either. It reminded me of how he got me away from my father, who was tolerable when he wasn't drinking.

I sat down to eat my ceral, facing the drivers side, and ate. About halfway through two pale, skinny arms snaked their way around my waist. On instinct I hit them in the face.

"Ow! What was that for?!" yelled Ryan. Oops! I guess I'm still not used to that since the last time.

"I'm sorry Ry." he ducked towards the bunks and came back carrying a frame. It was silver with some flowers in the corners but that wasn't just it. There was a picture inside with me, Pete, and Ryan. They were about to throw me into a pool.

"There's a note on the back if you wanted to read it." he said nervously

I almost opened it but was interrupted by Brendon walking in his boxers, shirtless, saying something about an interview and disappeared with Ryan to get dressed.

I wonder what was on the note, oh well I'll find out later.
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