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Chapter 2

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Timing and flirting.

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Chapter 2


Brendon has the greatest timing ever. Sometimes I get the felling he doesn't want me to be with her. I guess I am taking things too fast, I did kiss her the first day I met her. She felt something I'm sure, maybe it was love, maybe regret, either way I can make her fall for me.

We got dressed, well everyone eles was; I couldn't find my black dress shirt.

"Jon! Have you seen my shirt?"

"You check Bden's bunk?"

"Why would it be in there?"

"I found my shirt there last year and I still don't know why."

Sure enough it was there...almost as if it was placed there to make me lose time in my plan.

"Ryro," Spence called " we gotta go!" I followed him to the radio station and in the back room which lasted for 30 minutes. Once again, Brendon announced sound check.

"Hey Bren I uh...left something on the bus." He was hesitant as first but said yes anyway.

Back on the bus she was nowhere to be found. I had about a 5 minutes wait, she must be in the bathroom or something.

"Ryan what are you doing back so soon?"

"I forgot something." 'You' I wanted to say but that might be just a little werid. "You want to come to sound check?"

"No, but I'll go to the dressing room. I'm sorry I kind of want to be alone, get me when you can though."

"Take your sidekick I'll text you."

"You texting me? But I'me just a regular person Ryan."

"Just don't give my number out to the public." I said back. Is this really me flirting? The Ryan Ross flirting? The George Ryan Ross the... ok even I am getting sick of this now.

Spencer was at his drums, hitting something every once in awhile to get the sound right. Jon was...not there. Brendon was checking all the microphones. "Hey man I'm back." no reply.

"Dude?" still no reply. Great now he's ignoring me.
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