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Chapter 3

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What goes on behind a locked door?...don't think that way, that's just rude;)

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AN: I am back peoples. I know it's short but really just exactly how long can you go on this thought?

Chapter 3


I waited for about 20 minutes after sound check was over and was going to leave if they hadn't shown up.

"And what about Brendon? Don't you thik he's acting weird lately?"

"How so Spencer?"

"I don't know Jon. Can't really put my finger on it, help me out here."


"Wasn't exactly what I was gonna say but ok."

"Who's diabolical?"

"Nothing!" said the both of them as Brendon walked through the door.

Brendon looked all around the dressing room except for where I was currently hiding. He would get close and then while smiling and laughing to himself he would turn away. He found what he was looking for though.

"Hey Ry! I found your camera!" He yelled turning back to the door.

When he left I let out the air I had no clue I was holding. I wanted to go to sleep now, who cares what time it is. I turned the knob but it was locked.
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