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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4


I can’t believe Brendon is ignoring me. I’ve only know him since forever, well not as long as Spencer, but you get what I mean. “Rehearsal” and why is he all of a sudden acting like he’s the boss of us; he didn’t even form the band, Spencer and I did. “Ryan!”


“Ryan we got to rehearse.”

“Oh, sorry I spaced out.” Damn Brendon, he’s making me concentrate on everything I shouldn’t be.

Rehearsal didn’t go well. I kept messing up in guitar and missing back up vocals. I guess that’s all I’ll ever be to Brendon the person who backs him up so he doesn’t look bad when he’s playing the crowd. “Hey guys I don’t think I’ll be able to play the show tonight. Just tell them it was for personal reasons.” I said making my way back to the bus. Technically, I wasn’t lying. “Brandon, where were you all day?”

“Sleep, I didn’t wake up on time because someone took my Ipod which I can’t find by the way.” I didn’t really want to hear about his Ipod troubles at the moment.

“I know who stole your Ipod, they attacked me this morning. Have you seen Marie?”

“No but I was looking for her. She’s been known to steal things of mine; you want to help me in my quest?” That sounded like something Joe would ask someone, especially if he was playing a game. I love indulging him so I shall do the same for Brandon.

“After you my good man," I said bowing down before actually joining him.
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