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Chapter 5

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Closets and plans

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I have been sitting here in this backroom for maybe an hour now. I have no clue as to what Brendon has got against me lately but I am going to find out. I wonder has Ryan even thought about me or does he even care?

Where are you?-Brandon I forgot I had my cell phone on me, could’ve be out long time ago. I should probably text back.

Locked in Ryan and Brendon’s dressing room-Marie

Why?-Brandon Ugh! He is so stupid sometimes!

Why…the hell aren’t you here yet?!-Marie

There was a knock on the door. "Marie?" It was Ryan! Thank God, I’m saved!

"Open the damn door already!" Why am I being so rude? You’re starving and have been here for an hour. Oh yeah, thanks voice in my head… that I’m never talking back to again.

Ryan opened the door along with Brandon but I ignored him and went straight to Ryan. "You saved me!" I yelled jumping on him and hugging him.

"Where’s my Ipod?" Brandon said with an accusing stare. It was still in my purse but I wasn’t done with it yet, so I ignored him with a revealing smirk on my face.

Hours later, I was watching TV alone in the living room part of the bus while everyone else was sleep. Since I got back on the bus, I haven’t talked to anyone. "Hey! There goes my little quiet person."

"Hey Ry."

What happened earlier when… you know." He asked shyly. I don’t know why he’s being shy; I’ve known him for months.

"Brendon was getting your camera for you and I think purposely locked me in!"

"I never asked him to get my camera…" he drifted off thinking. As far as I have noticed, Ryan is the only one who ever uses it. Brendon is up to something. Well I got something for him.

"Ryan I got a plan…" He sat down on the couch to listen, suggesting more ideas here and there and we stayed that way until neither of us could stay up any longer.
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