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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


Six days had passed. Six days since the incident and six days since the plan. Brendon hasn't even bothered to try anything else; I'm still missing my camera, and Brandon is still missing his Ipod.

The tour was finally being lenient towards us and gave us a week off. Thus the plan was starting to unravel. All of us except Spencer, who visited his girlfriend instead, went back to Nevada.

We had been on a plane for several hours accomplishing nothing except ordering a lot of food but that was free, right? 'Cause if it's not, Brendon owes me some money (I had to be nice to him so I wouldn't be suspicious. Both Marie and I did; she because of her anger, me because I'm hot for her.)

The plane landed and since I was the only one awake, I had to wake everyone else. The person picking us up was already waiting.
"Taylor!" Marie and Brandon screamed at the same time while jumping on her, making Taylor fall over from all the love.
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