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Leaving On a Jetplane

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HOLY SHIT! SHE UPDATED IN A DECENT AMOUNT OF TIME! SAY IT AIN’T SO!!! =) Yep, I’m le proud of myself. Horrible title, sorry I couldn't think of anything at ALL! Hopefully the quality of my story is improving, I hope so. It should be… Well, thank you to all who read my story. Special thanks to Clutsy, who reviewed even before my real life friends did. Thank you, and here is the next chapter:

Winter break starts tomorrow. It was now or never.

“Aw, come on! Ask her, please?” Gerard pleaded with me on the phone just moments before.

My Chemical Romance hadn’t been in the country since Projekt Revolution tour. Luckily, Frank planned on flying to the states to get yet another tattoo by Kat Von D, and Gerard insisted that he bring me back. The timing was perfect too, because he was coming tomorrow. Gerard had already bought the plane ticket in case.

Yes, Gerard and I had kept in touch this whole time. After a few days, it had gotten to a bearable point. By the time school had started, you could say we were buddy-buddy. Even though it was no longer summer, the late night phone calls continued, and sometimes during the day on weekends and after school. In fact, they became more frequent, seeing as how during the summer Amanda would mostly occupy the phone line at night, and now Gerard did.

It’s not like he helped me with homework, not unless I asked him. He would make sure that I was doing my homework though, because he didn’t want to be the cause of my grades slipping, if they were to slip. He was stubborn, and he would have blamed himself even if he wasn’t to blame.

At first, I had feared that I was taking time away from the band, and his comic. But he somehow assured me that that was not the case, and I wasn’t depriving him of sleep either since the time zones were different. This was hard on my part, but it didn’t matter as long as he called.

I crept my way downstairs, regardless that my sister was at school and my brother and dad were at work already. My mom was in the kitchen cooking up something for breakfast. I approached her and said good morning with a hug.

“Hey mommy! Um… can I ask you a question?” I asked nervously.

“Mmhm,” she said absentmindedly

“Well… I was wondering if, instead of going on vacation with you guys this year… if maybe, um, if I could go on tour with My Chemical Romance?” my voice squeaked at that last line.

The look on her face told me that she was about to lose it.

“I’d be back before school starts back up again! I already have plans made and all I need is your approval.” I said hurriedly.

“What about Chanukah? I know you love them but I don’t know about you sharing a tour bus with them for two weeks…”

“Aw, but mom! It’ll be over too soon and you know it! Plus they’re very respectful, hell, I already talked to Gerard about that and he told me that like, half the crew was Jewish. There’s really nothing to worry about.

“Oh really? And all the plans are made?” she asked me quizzically.

“Yes. Frank is returning to the U.S. to get another tattoo by Kat Von D,” my mom’s face scrunched up at the mention of tattoos, but I continued. “Oh, don’t look at me like that! Anyway, Gerard already bought the plane ticket for me and I’d come back with Frank. He can return the ticket but I’d really rather him not mom. Please? This would mean so, so much to me! I mean, my grades are good and, and, please?” I begged. It was quite pathetic, even entertaining in a sense.

She sighed, hopefully in defeat. I held my breath, anticipating her answer. “You have to tell your father. If it’s okay with him it’s okay with me.”

Fuck. I let out the air that I had been holding in slowly. “Can I lie?” I asked.


Fuck. I turned away and grabbed my phone of the counter, dialing my dad’s cell phone number. I’d be leaving tomorrow and I couldn’t wait for him to get home.

“Yeah?” he asked me when he picked up, recognizing the speed dial.

“Hey, dad? Can I, er, ask you a favor? I already asked mom and she’s totally fine with it but I would only feel comfortable if I had your consent.”

He sighed, knowing that he wouldn’t like what I would be asking him. “What.”

“Well… Gerard kind of… invited me to go on tour with them, temporarily. If you say yes I’d be leaving tomorrow and I’ll be back before school starts back up. The plans are already made and I talked to mom and she agrees with the conditions and everything, all you have to do is approve! It’s as easy as that.”

“Emily,” he said in a disapproving tone, “nothing is as easy as that. Let me talk to mommy.” He said. I sighed and handed the phone to her, listening intently as my mom tried to talk him into it.

She hung up after about 2 minutes and looked at me. “You better make it up to him.” She said finally.

“YES! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!” I said jumping all over the place, hugging her and giving her a kiss on the cheek before running upstairs like a madwoman.

I dialed Gerard’s phone number and shouted into the phone, “I CAN GO! YESS!!!”

“Woo! That’s awesome!” he said in relief and excitement.

“Aw, Gerard thank you SO much for inviting me! This means soo much!” I said, my words rushing together as I talked at super speed.

He chuckled, “No problem kiddo. I just can’t wait for you to get out here. You said you have a passport, right?” he asked.

“Yea, I already told you I got it in 6th grade.”

“Great. So it’s all set, all you have to do is pack!”

I laughed quietly, “You wouldn’t happen to have a list of things I’ll need, do you?” I asked.

“Haha, are you serious?” he asked as if I were joking.


“Oh, well, I guess I could talk you through it when you get back from school or something…” he said trailing off.

“Great. I’ll talk to you then, ‘kay? Right now I have to finish getting ready for school and all that shit. Love you!”

“Love you too, bye.”


Holy shit.
I was going on tour with My Chemical Romance.
That actually wasn’t a big deal.
But I was excited to see them all again. Honestly, I only talked to Gerard. And I was nervous that Frank would be the one escorting me to the venue tomorrow. I breathed in sharply. Frank.
Yea, a lot of people would probably be over it after developing a friendship with another member in the band.
Nope, I was head over heels in love with Frankie Iero.
That’s what I believed. Even Maria, Lisa, and Amanda couldn’t deny it. Gerard didn’t know.
This should be interesting.

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