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Can You Spell A-W-K-W-A-R-D?

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OMG! I'M FINALLY UPDATING! HOLY SHIT SAY IT AIN'T SO! So yea, had this chapter for a while now, FINALLY finished it and I know, it REALLY REALLY SUCKS! But from now on I promise to attempt to update more often or at least produce a good chapter next time I make y'all wait. Yes, REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW! Hey, ya know what? I actually did NOT get the 6 reviews I demanded last time, so you're LUCKY that i'm updating haha. REally, the story (so far) is not that great but i appreciate anyone who's reading this, really, I do. Welp, that's enough chit-chat, HERE YA GO:

I stared at my closed phone feeling… guilt?
Well, then again, I had a picture of Frankie on the cover of my phone. Stupid and obsessive, I know, but he was absolutely ADORABLE!

Still, I had to call Gerard. And I wanted to as well, but fear is a funny thing and very, very intrusive in my life.

I opened the phone and added the number to my contacts before calling him, a habit of mine. But before I could call, I felt the need to go to the bathroom and… well, vomit. So I did. I walked into the bathroom, lifted the seat, held back my hair, and threw up. I didn’t do this often, and it wasn’t a body issue, but sometimes I just felt the need to.

I brushed my teeth, feeling slightly sick with myself but not too worried since I didn’t voluntarily chuck my food often enough for it to be harmful. Then, I flipped the phone open and pressed ‘send’ before I could change my mind.

The dreaded ringing.

“Hello?” Gerard picked up. Fuck.

“Uh… hey Gerard. It’s… Emily…” I said unsure if he would remember me, or mistake me for someone else. With that thought, I added, “Miller, from the concert Friday.”

“Yea, yea! I was wondering when you were gonna call.” He admitted. I heard shuffling and faint voices disappearing from the background and then a door shut. He must’ve gone into a different room.

“Oh, really?” I said jokingly. “So uh… what’s… up? I guess…” nervousness claimed my voice.

I heard him chuckle slightly, it sounded nervous as well but I figured that was my imagination playing tricks on me. “Day off, ya know, time to be human.” If he was nervous, he was much better at hiding it than me.

“Yea, sounds like fun. What exactly do you do on your day off?” I wondered out loud. Stupid. I resisted hitting myself in the head at that very moment.

“Oh, the usual. Coffee, cigarettes, relaxing… phone calls.” Okay, I think he’s playing mind games with me.

“Sounds like hell of a lot of fun.”

“You can say that. What about you?”

“What about me?”

Laugher. “What’s up?”

I. Am. Stupid. “Oh, right. Well, school starts soon. Still kinda wiped out from the concert to be honest.”

“That’s good…. I mean, well, I guess that means we put on a good show?” it sounded more like a question than a statement. It made him sound more human. I sighed in relief, covering the mouthpiece of my phone of course.

“Oh definitely, you bet. Every time I see you guys it just keeps getting better and better.” Truth.

“Haha, I’m going to sound stupid, but, why was this better than last time? Uh… whenever that was.” Gerard added.

“April 22nd,” I told him, “and well… you’re going to laugh because this is really, really fangirly.”

“Try me.”

“Well… this time Frank sat on you. Sorry, it kinda made my week.”

“Oh, wow. I definitely need to get back at him for that.” he chuckled. Probably laughing at how stupid I sound.

“Aw, you know Frankie was just messing!” I laughed, hoping he didn’t hear the way I unintentionally said Frank’s name in a dreamy tone…

But alas, he laughed. “Want to help me get payback on the midget?” he asked jokingly.

“Hey!” I said as though I were offended, “I’m shorter than Frank, Gerard!”

“Oh… right. But he’s like… 25!”

“And my mom was 48.” I said leaving him to think of that. Hopefully he remembered my mom’s height.

“We’re vertically challenged.” I said laughing, I didn’t want him to think I was being serious when stating my offense.

“Oh.. haha, sorry.” Okay, I feel bad for making him feel bad.

I sighed, into the phone this time.

“Is this weird?” he asked finally.

What, should I lie? “Well… slightly awkward.” I admitted, I mean, it was obvious anyway. He sighed. “Hey, Gerard?” I said softly, “I’m glad you gave me your phone number.”

His voice was all smiles, if that was even possible, “Thanks.” Man, the guy was normal. Who knew? “Let’s say we start this over or something, I don’t know…”

“Uh, yea sure. That’d be great.” I waited for him to say something.

“Um… how the hell did you get that shirt made?” he asked. Ah, he did remember!

“You’re asking as if you’ve never seen a homemade fan shirt before, I’ve seen better.” I started, laughing a little to make myself less tense.

“Yea well, I liked this one. How’d you do it?”

“I didn’t. Well, I just kinda… told the person what I was thinking and pretty much printed out pictures and then like quotes that I wanted on the hood. I really didn’t do that much.” I admitted to him. Really, why make the guy think I’m great?

“Oh, well, it was a cool design.”

“Yea, well, thanks.” What else could I say? Really!

“You said school starts soon?”

A bitterness was hinted in my voice, “Yep. Unfortunately.”

“Ah, so people still hate school.”

“And people always will.”

He chuckled. “Yea well, I’m sure you’ll do great. Or erm… I mean, do you get good grades and all that?”

Aw! I’m sorry, it was awkward to the point of cuteness. “Yea, hopefully I’ll be able to maintain it.”

“So like, what, are you in all those honor classes or something?”

My face turned red and I hesitated, not wanting to seem braggy since I honestly didn’t think myself as smart. “Well… yea, above advanced. Um… yea…”

“Dude, that’s awesome! Seriously.”

-Insert sigh of relief here- “So you don’t think I’m like, a nerd or anything?” I asked nervously.

“Ah hell no!”

I giggled, “Ha! And people ask why I love you guys so much.” I said, hoping it was as complimentary to him as it sounded in my head.

“I hope that’s a good thing…” he said, indicating that no, he did not get it.

“Yea, you’re really sweet Gerard.” There, I said it. For such a smart guy, he seemed like he was having an off day or something.

“Oh, thank you.” And just like me, he was bad at receiving compliments.

Awkward moment.

I heard the front door slam shut. A sigh escaped my lips and I explained that my dad had come home.

“Oh, okay.” He said, “Do you like, have to go or something?”

“Technically, no. So um, what’s everyone else doing on their day off and such?” I asked, trying my best to keep the conversation going, and failing miserably.

“Oh, well… hm, I think Mikey is probably drinking coffee and on his sidekick or something. Ray and Bob are hanging out with some friends in the state… oh jeez, what state are we in anyway? So yea, and Frank actually met up with Jamia I think so they’re probably together somewhere doing God knows what.” he filled me in.

Even on the phone, my sharp intake of breath was noticeable. “Was that too descriptive?” he asked, “I didn’t mean it like that. They’re probably just playing video games or something, just like, enjoying each other’s company.”

I couldn’t breathe, but I managed to wheeze out a “That’s cool.”

He let out a low whistle, probably knowing what this meant. Fuck, I have got to be the world’s biggest idiot. “Hey Gerard, I think I’m gonna go know. I promised some friends we’d play Frisbee or something today and I’d hate to bail on them.”

He didn’t press any questions and just said, “Oh, okay. Yea, I shouldn’t keep you from your life or anything. Um… is it okay if I call you sometime again or something? Or you know, if you ever need to call, or, well, yea… you know.”

“Oh yea! That’d be great. I’m sorry to be hanging up like this but I’ll probably be late if I don’t. I’m sorry. And yea, go ahead and call anytime ya need.” I said in a friendly voice. There was no way in hell that I wanted to call him back, but I had no problem with him initiating the conversation. I did feel bad about lying to him and all but, when I stop breathing it’s time to hang up.

“All right then. Have fun with your friends, talk to you later, Emily.” Gerard said as if we had known each other for longer than well… if you counted up the hours he’s known me it hasn’t even been a day.

“Yea, for sure. Enjoy the rest of your day off. Bye.” And with those parting words we both hung up the phone.

I really couldn’t breathe.
I had talked to Gerard Way on the phone.
And I had to end it because Frank was hanging out with his fiancé.
I. Ruin. Everything.

Again, it sucked, I'm sorry, please please PLEASE review, it would mean the world to me =)
/(Oh, and school started, yippee. Anywho, my classes are hard and I will try to get ahead in my HW so that I can put more focus on my story. Hopefully. Again, sorry and hope you stay tuned in for my next chapter... whenever that'll be.)/
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