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The Apprentice

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What happens when Delilah is forced the join the other side? She becomes the apprentice of an evil villan. Why? Read to find out. JxD

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The Apprentice

Rated G – Suitable for all audiences.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the show but I do own my story.

Chapter One – The Dangers of Knock-Out Gas

A/N: Hi. I haven’t really watched D&J very much so I’m not sure if I know all of it. But I have just started to watch the show and I like it a lot. I’ve read pretty much all of the fanfictions on the site so I’m hoping that I can make my own contribution. I got the idea for this story from a Teen Titan’s Episode so here I go.

“Man that girl has a way of getting on my nerves!” Spat Delilah angrily.

She had such a serious look on her face that Julius couldn’t help but laugh at her. But that’s what made Julius so… in love with her. The fact that they were total opposites. They were each other’s other half. She was the sophisticated half and he was the humorous half.

“And what exactly do you think is so funny Mr.?” Delilah pouted.

“Oh nothing. Just you.” Julius was still laughing. The look on her face was priceless.

Delilah and Julius were in his room discussing –or rather laughing- their most recent encounter with Ice, when the loud speaker made an announcement.

“Will Delilah, Julius, Nosey, Emmet and Ursula please report to the big mans office.” Scarlett’s voice rang over the P.A.

The two shared a questioning glance but shrugged it off as they headed to the father-figures office. When they walked in, they were laughing about some stupid, cheesy line that Ice had used on Julius. They took a seat on the green couch –the color was similar to Al’s signature housecoat that he always wore- beside the three other spies. Scarlett and Al stood before them.

“I suppose you’re all, like, wondering why you’re here dudes.” Said Al of course.

A chorus of “Yeah.”’s, “Mhmm.”’s and nods were the solemn reply.

“Well kiddos, there’s, like, an old, abandoned, ginormous mansion on the outskirts of Halifax. There has been mysterious noises and rapid climate change in the area. We think that it might be one of Ice’s nasty doings.”

“In other words, we’d like you kittens to investigate.” Said Scarlett in a motherly tone.

/‘Why would she want to send all of us?’/Delilah thought.

“All of us?” she asked.

“Yes sweets, all of you.” Scarlett answered.

Julius brushed it aside. “Well then, okay. Let’s get going.”

“Not yet. I’ve got a couple of new gadgets I’d like you five to test out while you’re there. Also, make sure you bring an extra jacket just incase the civilians are right and it does get a bit chilly.”

Scarlett lay out the gadgets on Al’s desk and handed them out individually.

“Julius, I believe you’ve used this before.” Scarlett handed him the retractor belt. “The house is pretty old so it might not be stable enough but why don’t you give it a try.”

Julius clipped it on and thanked Scarlett.

Next, Scarlett handed Delilah three small capsules.

“What-“ started the brunette.

“Knock-out gas. Be careful though. That stuff is pretty powerful. Wouldn’t want to knock yourself out too.” Scarlett winked at her.

“Sure thing. Thanks Scarlett.” She said as she placed the capsules into her jean pocket.

Then she handed a bag of truth dust to Ursula and a laser ring to Nosey. Lastly, she gave Emmet an ultra violet flashlight that could also be switched back to a basic white light.

After, she gave them each some basic supplies; a flashlight, snacks, utility belts and mini cameras.

The group split up and retreated back to their rooms to grab a couple of other items before setting out on their missions.

Delilah and Julius met outside of Delilah’s room.

“Hey,” Greeted Delilah.

“Hey.” Replied Julius.

“What do you think we’re going to find?” Delilah asked.

“I don’t know. Hopefully nothing. We really need a break. I don’t think that I can do any more consecutive missions. I might just go insane and end up dating Emmet.” Julius said making a face that clearly said ‘Blegh!’

Delilah laughed and patted him on the back.

“Now wouldn’t that be a sight. ‘The Amazing and Gay Julius Chevalier.”

They both burst out in laughter.

They met Emmet, Nosey and Ursula at one of the Academy’s helicopters. They figured that a car would be too small and if it was Ice that was behind all of this then the ground would probably be covered in ice. It would be too dangerous to bring in a car or bikes. If they slipped it would be sure death or injury. The helicopter was made specially to land on any terrain, including ice. So they threw their stuff in the back and Julius was selected to drive. Beside him sat his partner and in the back was the remaining three. Scarlett and Al were there to say good-bye and watched them fly off.

In Delilah’s hands was a map with the location of the abandoned house. She told Julius where to go and soon enough, they landed in the correct area.

Just how they had suspected, the ground was covered in cold, slippery ice. They suited up and cautiously exited the helicopter.

“So are we going to split up or what?” Asked Ursula snobbily.

“Well, does everybody want to split up or would you rather stick together?” Julius questioned them.

“I think it would be better if we split up.” Delilah responded.

“Yeah.” Agreed Emmet.

“But there’s an uneven number meaning that one of us would have to go alone. We can’t split up by ourselves. It could be dangerous!” Pointed out Nosey.

“He does have a point.” Delilah considered.

“Well then we’ll split up into two groups. Emmet and Ursula can go together and Nosey will come with us.” Julius said as he wrapped his arm around Delilah’s shoulder.

“Perfect.” Delilah said –More to herself then anybody else. She sighed. Whenever Julius did something like that, it made her melt like the Wicked Witch of the West soaked in water.

“Okay then. It’s settled. We split into two groups.” Confirmed Julius.

“Well then, what are we waiting for? Let’s hit it!” Exclaimed Nosey.

They started towards the house. When they reached the door it was already open. They eyed it suspiciously and entered slowly.

Suddenly, the floorboards caved in and they all fell through. It happened too quickly for any of them to think. As Delilah hit the ground, the capsules in her pocket broke open releasing the powerful knockout gas that Scarlett had given them. They all fell into a deep, deep slumber. None of them knew what would happen next.


A/N: Well I hope you liked it. I’ll update as soon as I can. I don’t think it was the best I could have done but I’ll try harder next time. Who do you think the villan is going to be in this story? Ice? Wednesday? Dr. Dismay and his evil side-kick Nurse? Read to find out! RxR.

Brittany McMillan – 2007 –©
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