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The Past

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Katlyn's POV;


Walking out of the warm darkness of the movie theater into the cold darkness of a deserted alleyway, my mother, sister Ellie, and myself we're very satisfied by our choice of film, Alexander starring the famous actor Jared Leto.

"Did you enjoy the movies girls?" my mother asked the both of us.

"I didn't really understand it, I mean Jared was really hot, and it was really sad when he died." Ellie answered in a high pitched voice.

Of course she thinks that Jared was hot, I mean he was very attractive in the movie, but he played a very important part.

"I enjoyed it a lot actually, I'm not really a gladiator movie freak, but this one I liked, because Hethaestion, had a good character, and his love for Alexander really touched me. Especially the balcony scene." I explained.

"Of course you think they're love was special, because you LOVE things like that..." Ellie teased me.

"So what? I think that if you love someone, it shouldn't matter what race, or gender you are. Love is love, and that's my opinion."

"Alright girls, let's get you home, you both have to get up early for school." my mother explained.

The night was bitter and cold. The only light was the street lights above us. Suddenly, and man emerged from the shadows. With a gun....

"Give me the money, or I'll blow your brains out!" he shouted

I stood, terrified in my tracks. What could I do? Sweat trickling down my forehead, I could feel my face going pale. Suddenly, my mother stepped forward.

"Okay," she said calmly, "Just take it easy.."

"Lady, I swear, I'll fucking shoot you!" the man threatened.

He whipped the gun to my mother's head. I could see her shaking in fear. She handed him her wallet, slowly. I shut my eyes so tight, I thought my eye we're going to rip throough my eyelids.

I waited to hear foot steps on the pavement, but instead of leaving, I heard a gun shot, and a scream. I opened my eyes to see my mother on the ground, blood pouring out of her motionless body. My sister screaming for dear life.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he shouted, pointed the gun at my sister, and shot her in the head. I buckle to my knees, shaking uncontrollably on the cold ground, as the robber ran as fast as he could. I couldn't move, I couldn't speak, all I could do, was sit there.

"Katlyn..." I heard my mom choke out. I looked over to see my mother in pain from the gun wound. I scooted beside her. Tears filled my eyelids. She lifted her hand to my cheek and wiped away the stray tear.

"Don't be afraid, baby girl, never let anyone take advantage of you," she coughed up blood.

"Mom, I can't go on....I can't go on....without you.....please don't leave me!" I coughed out.

"Be brave, Katlyn, you can do anything...."

Then, she spoke her last words..

"I love you...."

Her eyes shut. Her head tilted to the side...

She was gone.

I sat there, in front of my dead mother and sister. Tears falling from my blood-shot eyes. I stood and screamed as loud as I possibly could.


Shards of glass remained in my hand. Blood trickled down. The moon shined bright. But my spirit didn't. I was alone. I had to be strong. I was only 15 and on my own. But I knew I could conquer anything if I put my mind to it. I will find my mother and sister's killer. And when I do...that motherfucker will wish he never stepped foot on this earth. That bastard is NOT going to live as long as I'm around. I'll make sure of it...
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