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High School

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Katlyn arrives in New Jersey and flies for High School.

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Katlyn's POV;


It's been a year since my mother and sister's death. The day of their funeral I couldn't go, it was too painful, plus the fact I didn't want my other family members to know where I was. I "disappeared" the day of the shooting. I never showed my face to any of my family members ever again. Ever since I've been stronger. I've been able to take care of myself. I got a new used car from the money I saved up, since I'd gotten a job, but that was about a month ago. Now, I'm 16, driving to New Jersey. Hopefully, I'll find happiness there. I have to finish high school, so I have to apply. I didn't really finish 9th grade, but who cares, I had okay grades and the year was almost over anyway. I take a right turn and spot a sign that reads 'Welcome to New Jersey'. For some reason, I felt a spring of happiness in my heart. The first thing I thought was that I have to find Belleville. That's where I was moving to. I took a left turn and drove on. I passed a sign that read 'Belleville-1[mile]" I turned on the radio. "Today" by Smashing Pumpkins came on.

"Today's the greatest, day I've ever known..." Billy Coregan sang. This song alway lifted my spirits.

A street sign finally came up. The street was called "Cemetery Drive". The neighborhood looked peaceful. A park was across the street. It also had a cemetery a few blocks away[go figure]. I kept driving until I saw a school.

'Belleville High School'

"Well, that's original." I muttered to myself.

Driving into the parking lot, I parked my car and got out. I shut the door and looked around. The school was a decent size. Walking into the school, I spotted the Main Office. As I walked in, to middle-aged women greeted me.

"Hello miss, what can I help you with today?" the woman at the front desk smiled.

"Hi, I wondering if I could apply for school here?"

She looked at me and smiled.

"Of course you can darlin'. Here's the form, you can just take a seat over there." She pointed to the chair next to a plant.

"Thank you," I said and took the clipboard.

I walked over to the seat and started to fill out the application sheet.

Within 10 minutes, I returned the sheet. I handed back the form.

"Thank you, hun. You start tomorrow, so here's the student handbook and your schedule will be given to you in homeroom tomorrow morning." She explained and handed me the blue book.

"Thanks for all your help." I thanked her and walked away.

Walking back to my car, I opened the door, and sat in the seat for am moment. Where was I going to live? I could get a job and live on that. For now, I guess my car will have to do.
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