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The Day

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urm CHAPPIE3 IS UP. YAY. >.> hahas. okay, this is a longer chapter and i hope i can keep at this length. slowly increase it as time goes chap is the job adv. chap =]

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Inuka woke up to the smell of the salty sea, the constant breaking of the waves on the wall he was sleeping beside.
His thoughts traveled back in time, to how the four of them met.
He was together with Mauve, trying to finish off 20snails for their shells. Rogers recommended them to train under Maya, but he warned them she was hard to impress, as she was one of the best in the world. And sure enough, she had high expectations.

‘Man…I wish I could just magic claw the snail’s heads off! This is hard work… Why am I using a weapon in the first place, I’m going to be a Magician!’
Whined Inuka, ‘How many snail shells have you got?’

’10. You know, you could go a lot faster by killing the snails rather than complaining.’ Answered Mauve, sword slashing through the air to obtain a pained squeal from a decapitated snail.

Inuka winced at her ruthlessness. Bringing down his wooden club on another green snail that was attempting to chew his shoe off, he grabbed its shell from its carcass and tugged, a long slimy stretch of…well, slime, dribbled from the shell’s opening.


Mauve rolled her eyes. Skewering two snails by her sword, she relieved the corpses from the burden of their shells and threw it to Inuka.

‘There’s 10… Let’s go visit this…Maya...’ Mauve commanded.

‘R-right…’ Inuka had never really gotten used to his fear of snails. ‘Say… Maya’s a Chief Bandit right?’

‘Yep, and I wanna see just how good she is.’ Answered a blonde haired teen beside him. ‘The name’s Brandon. Future Chief Bandit. Nice to meet you.’ Offered Brandon.

Pretty big ego for someone his age, Thought Mauve, mentally rolling her eyes. If he’s about to be a Chief Bandit then I’m a Night Road.

‘This is Inuka, I’m Mauve. Guess we’re acquaintances huh? I’m about to be a Rouge too.’ Introduced Mauve, flashing an unnervingly large smile, revealing perfectly even white tooth.

‘Urm… Yeah, sure...’ agreed Brandon, slightly puzzled by Mauve’s eccentric actions.

‘Let’s go!’ muttered Mauve, dragging Inuka Eastwards, towards the crossroad between Amerthyst and Southperry, where Maya is awaiting Beginners.

‘What’s up with you?’ asked Inuka, just as puzzled as the blonde teen that was left behind. ‘He was just trying to socialize.’
‘Socialize? SOCIALIZE?!’ Shrieked Mauve. ‘I’ll show you SOCIALIZE.’ Her voice stressed inhumanely demonic on the last word of her sentence.

Puncturing 3snails through their eyes like a kebab, ignoring their screams of protest and the acidic secretion they’re letting out profusely for protection, she brandished her sword towards the blonde teen, his back facing her. The snails slid through her swords like a spinning top, pelting determinedly towards their unprepared target, acidic slime shimmering through the afternoon air. Three loud, squelching sounds of shells cracking against a large blob of slime, accompanied with the unnaturally high pitch scream of disgust mixed with shock of Brandon’s proved Mauve’s trick worked.
What was once a tall, clean statue of pride was now a slobbering, pillar of cracked red, blue and green shells, dripping wet with a gooey covering.

‘OH MY GOD. WHO THE FUCK DID THIS TO ME?!’ Bellowed Brandon, spinning around, sending flecks of the snails’ oozing slimy blood around, intent on finding out who created this tragedy.

Laughter immediately melded away to nothing from an ice-cold glare given by Brandon. Mauve started striding away, towards a small crowd of Beginners.

‘What did you do that for?’ It was Inuka’s turn to shriek.

‘I hate egoistical air heads like him.’ Mauve reasoned, not even sparing her back a glance. ‘I feel that everyone like him should deserve a well-learned lesson.’

‘What’s your damage?’ demanded Inuka, furious. ‘That wasn’t even called for!’

Mauve turned and stared at him.

‘You actually liked him? It was because of his kind of attitude that got my brother killed. My brother bragged about how much he was going to be a world’s best “Dragon Knight” ‘Mauve informed Inuka, drawing very exaggerated quotation marks around the last two words.

‘And what happened? He finally got on the tail of a high leveled crusader. What we found tomorrow in his burning flat in Perion was his ashes. The crusader wrecked total carnage on him and his apartment using Panic.’

Inuka gaped in shock, he was amazed at how open-minded Mauve was about speaking to a stranger how her brother died, and how negative an attitude she developed towards a certain action.
She had every right to feel agitated, Inuka berated himself for being so insensitive; he should’ve been more tactful, knowing that a person wouldn’t rage about something unless it had something to do with the death of a close friend or relative.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t-‘ Began Inuka, somewhat awkwardly
‘Forget it. It’s nothing.’ Interjected Mauve. ‘C’mon, first day of our goal in trying to get our jobs, and if I’m not wrong, we’re each other’s first friends in this journey.’ Mauve flashed a bright, toothy genuine grin. ‘Lets remain friends forever! Ah… Crap this is fucking childish or corny or whatever shit you call it… Race you to Maya!’ Shouted Mauve, already sprinting towards the tall shadow in the distance.

Inuka chuckled, Mauve was always optimistic and cheerful, ever since the first second he met her. Although she was sometimes dry and sarcastic, she was great to talk to. Picking up speed, he tried to keep up.

‘Ah! A few arrows! Great!’ exclaimed a rather mature female voice, somewhere in front of their path.

‘Hey, congrats! My prey dropped some too, here take it.’ Came a boyish voice.

Inuka realized what was about to happen, everything reeled into slow motion.

‘Mauve! Heads up!’ Inuka’s warning shot out of his mouth. He watched in growing horror as the scene unfolds itself.

Mauve had too much velocity to stop, she craned her neck to look at Inuka, eyebrows raised in confusion about what the commotion was about, a dark haired boy, having a respectable sized torso seem to be magnetically shooting towards the unsuspecting Mauve. Right behind him was a dark blonde girl, eyes also cracked open in Inuka’s similar expression. Mauve snapped her head to the front, only to collide with the dark haired teen, he too, toppled and crashed onto the frail built blonde female, the trio domino-slammed onto the ground, a resounding thud rang through the still and tense atmosphere. Almost every Beginner had looked around to see what was all the noise about when Inuka gave his loud warning. The atmosphere was as tense and taut as a drawn bowstring; everyone was silent, afraid of the impending outburst.
The tangled trio slowly detached themselves and got up slowly, like zombies rising up from the dead. The crowd held their breath.

‘Ow…’ moaned Mauve, clutching her head, eyes closed. ‘What’s a wall doing in the middle of the road?’

The dark haired teen grunted in pain, opening his eyes, he saw the item that bombed him. A girl.

‘Yo, mind watching where you’re going next time?’ He questioned Mauve, massaging his ribs. ‘You’re charging packs a punch.’

The blonde haired female was dazed,sprawled on the ground, eyes spiraled endlessly, long hair cascaded all directions onto the ground, arms and legs stucked out at awkward angles.

‘Sorry,’ apologized Mauve sheepishly, flushing at her embarrassment. ‘Didn’t notice you there.’

The crowd breathed a huge sigh of relieve. They were dead sure that Firon would pulverize that metor-girl there and then. They dissipated, doubling up with pent-up laughter.
Inuka ran up to them, apologizing profusely for the carelessness of his friend.

Ye might wanna loosen up down there? Thought Firon, Are they afraid I’ll stick a fairfrozen up their nostrils or what?

‘No problem, I’m Firon,’ informed the dark haired guy. ‘The girl down there is Regina. ‘

‘I’m Inuka, this is Mauve.’ Repeated Inuka, for what seemed the umpteenth time. ‘You two going for Maya’s training?’

‘Yep’ answered Firon. ‘You two?’

‘Yup’ repeated Inuka, on behalf of Mauve, it seemed that she was still kinda squeamish about what she just did.

‘Could we tag along? We need some help, I here have no strength,’ Inuka flubbed his thin arms pointedly.

‘I wanna be a mage you see, and Mauve here,’ Inuka paused, grabbing hold of this chance to thump Mauve forcefully on her back.

Mauve scowled. ‘Is going to be a thief… so yea, we need some help. Could we come along?’ enquired Inuka hopefully.

A warrior friend is always great. They’re very helpful and they have strength. Inuka feels a lot safer from Maya with a budding Warrior by his side.

‘Urm… yea sure.’ Agreed Firon, slapping Regina awake.

‘W-what?! Who’s there?!’ screamed Regina, heads shaking frantically from side to side.

‘Maya time remember?’ Firon reminded her.

The four of them slowly made their way up towards the stand where Maya is standing. (Stand. standing… >.> no pun intended)
Introducing themselves and repeating the past event. Inuka learned that Regina was going to be a bowman.

‘Hey, cool! The four classes, all together!’ exclaimed Inuka excitedly.

‘yea’ repeated the other three. They were pumped for Maya’s task alright.
Maya looked at the four of them beadily, eyes narrowing to little slits.

‘The four of you, quite the attention seekers eh?’ Said Maya, voice full of distaste.

‘Urm…well… We brought some snail shells…’ started Mauve meekly

‘Snail shells?’ repeated Maya, raising an eyebrow. ‘That proves nothing.’

Maya swung her sword in a large arc, bringing it down onto the pile of shells the four teens placed in front of her, reducing the little mound to dust.
Firon and Mauve looked dumbfounded, how could she do that? Was written all over her face. Inuka and Regina shivered at her strength.

‘Ready for my quest?’ Questioned Maya.

‘Yes!’ came the eager replies of Inuka and Regina.

Maya raised an eyebrow, Mauve and Firon were still gazing at the pile of dust at her feet. Maya brandished her sword to her left, creating a miniature gust, sweeping the ashes away. Maya coughed loudly.

Firon and Mauve snapped into attention, reddening with embarrassment.

‘Yes!’ came their simultaneous reply.

‘Good. Now, I want 20 green snail shells, 40 blue snail shells, 30 red snail shells, 20 mushroom spores and 15 orange mushroom caps.’

Firon and Mauve’s jaws opened in shock again.
Regina and Inuka stared.

Maya coughed again.

‘Get going, you’re getting no where standing there.’ Chided Maya.
The sun met the sea, casting a horizontal luster across the land, seagulls soared overhead, singing their song.

The four of them returned to Maya, gasping from exhaustion and excitement.
Their task had included a lot of slime, several close calls, and a lot of sneezing from the spores.

Maya nodded in approvement. She rarely smiled, and she didn’t smile, though she was very surprised that the four of them could accomplish her entire quest in a day.

‘Good. The four of you can proceed to Southperry now, board the ship and go to Victoria Island.’
Maya’s quest indeed had even them ample experience to get to their desired level.
Inuka at 8. Mauve, Firon, Regina at 10.
With this final thought in mind about how they first met, Inuka drifted off to sleep again.

Mauve was awoken with a thud on her head, Inuka had just hit her.

‘Ow-‘ started Mauve.

‘We’ve arrived.’ Said Inuka.

Firon and Regina were all awake.

‘Morning.’ Greeted Regina.

Mauve raised her hand in form of returning the gesture.

‘After getting our jobs, how will we meet?’ asked Firon.

‘I heard Ellinia’s Fairies need a lot of help, we could get lots of quests from them.’ Said Regina. ‘We shall all go to Ellinia’s potion store once we get our advancements, we shan’t part until we meet.’

The friends murmured their hastened agreement. None of them were in the mood to talk, they were all too nervous.

‘How will we get to our towns? What IS my town anyway?’ Inuka chipped in.

‘Well, we can use the Taxi, we all have at least 3k mesos right?’ said Firon.

They all nodded.

‘Well, Perion is for warriors, Henesys is for bowmen, Ellinia is for Magicians and Kerning City is for Rouges.’ Continued Firon.

‘We’ve arrived!’ shouted Mauve.

Inuka’s stomach dropped, finally, he was getting a Job, so soon too.
Firon’s gut gritted. No matter how, he was going to be a Warrior.
Regina merely smiled. She was confident in her abilities. Moreover, she hunted about a thousand arrows during her time in Maple Island. Not too bad if I say so myself. Thought Regina.

The ship jerked to a halt. A cheer as loud as a war cry erupted around the ship. Everyone rushed out.

The four friends looked at each other. Just by doing this they confirmed their plan, this was a mark of their friendship. With equally determined hearts, the friends strode out of the ship, towards the Taxi stand.
‘Remember! Ellinia potion shop!’ shouted Regina as a Taxi whisked her away.

‘See you there’ Inuka gave a wry smile as he felt his seatbelt tug forcefully on his waist.

Both Firon and Mauve gave each other big grins, still too shy to talk.
Two white flashes, two disappearances.

The four wise men of Victoria Island will grant four exceptional people their powers, who would use them beyond their wildest thoughts
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