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An Average Day.

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Frank thinks he knows what's wrong with her; and Stephanie can't get hold of her disturbing cravings.

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"What's wrong?", Frank had run up behind me and held my shoulder, stopping me from walking any furthur.
"Nothing.", I said, putting on the best smile I could. He looked at me and frowned.
"You look creepy, with your forced smile. Tell me what's up?", He asked. Frank and I had been friends before campus, he was actually my next door neighbour back at home while Mikey had lived in the next street down. I always told him everything.. up until now.
"Seriously, nothing Frank.", I said again, starting to walk again. He still persisted, following at my pace.
"Are you.. not eating again?", He asked. I stopped in my tracks and turned to face him.
"I am eating."
"Which explains perfectly why you look like a stick.", I glared at him.
"I do not!", I said. He smiled at me and embraced me in a hug.
"They rang didn't they?", He whispered in my ear. I froze immediately in his arms, and as he felt this he hugged me even tighter.
"It's ok Steph. Do you want to, talk to me about it?", he asked. I shook my head, looking down. He brought his hand up and lifted my chin to look at him.
"I think you should." And with those words he hugged me again. I just nodded and walked with him for the rest of the way to school, not talking though. He understood I just didn't want to at the moment, not now. When we reached the mass of buildings, he turned to me and kissed me on the cheek.
"I love you Stephanie.", He said, gripping my hands a bit tighter. I nodded in response and smiled, then watched as he walked away to class.
I sighed and hitched up my bag on my shoulder, suddenly feeling a bit mellow and hoping I could go home with a deadly sickness or something.
"Where did you two go?!", I heard from behind me. I turned sharply to meet Mikey, panting and gripping his knees. I smiled and patted his back soflty, he then looking up and smiling back.
"We took the shortcut straight here." I said. He nodded and stood up straight again, clearing his throat.
"What do you have first?", he asked. I cocked an eyebrow and guestured toward the nearby field right next to the classroom buildings.
"I have study, but I don't know.. thought I might do it outside today.", he nodded and threw his bag to his front to check his diary.
"I have study too, but I got to do it in the library. If this assignment for english isn't typed up by wednesday I'm a dead man." He said. I laughed slightly and gave him a final hug.
"Well I'll see you later then, have fun." I said, walking toward the field. I watched as he rolled his eyes, smiling and headed the opposite way. I kept my eyes on the ground as I made it to the field, dropping my bag under a tree and sitting down next to it. Now for the work. I unzipped my bag and pulled out some history books, before putting my head down and starting the work. But before I had done a paragraph of writing, the bottom of my arm had started to burn. I turned it over straight away and saw that everytime I went to write, my arm would slide over the page. Therefore not really helping my situation. It was red and itchy, but with closer inspection one would see that it had started to bleed again. I was surprised Mikey hadn't noticed, I mean, I probably would if he did. Right?
I shook my head of it's thoughts and started my work again. I was in senior year.. I needed this done.
After the hour and a half of study time was over, I had managed to finish both my history and science homework. Though the bell did startle me when it rung, so I stood up and gathered my things. Wow I have a lot of shit in my bag.
"Hi Stephie, Bye Stephie." I heard from behind me. I turned just to catch a glimpse of Frank running while a very large guy, probably only in 10th grade though still, extremely large, chased after him. I smiled and shook my head, Frank was always getting into shit like this; the idiot. I started to walk toward the classroom building, now it being time for history. Luckily I had gotten my homework done. I entered the building to be faced with a thinning sea of kids, though just gently pushed my way past until I found my classroom on the first floor. I opened the door and walked inside, spotting a place up the far end of the room where no one had really inhabited. Perfect. I walked up and dropped my bag, sitting down in the blue, uncomfortable thing these people called a chair. More like a lego building block with a large back.
"Morning class." I saw miss get up from her table to greet us, we all responded with our goodmorning as she then started the lesson.
"I hope you all completed your homework on King Arthur.. and.. where's Mikey?", she asked. He was of course and by far, her favourite student and she actually looked a bit worried as she glanced around the room.
"Umm, Stephanie! Have you seen him here today?" she asked, the whole class turning to look at me. My eyes went a bit wide as I nodded silently, then watched as she bit her lip and called for someone to run up to the office and check for him. Then the classroom door opened and closed, the teacher letting out a sigh of relief.
"Morning Miss." Speak of the devil. I smiled at him as he walked toward me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before he sat next to me.
"Um, Mikey could you care to explain why you are so late for class?", she asked. He shrugged and pulled out his books.
"I lost track of the time, sorry miss." Of course, him being loved the way he was, she just smiled and clapped her hands together.
"Right then.." I watched him as he continued to pull out his things, and when he caught me looking he winked at me. I smiled and turned to the front, trying to concentrate on what the teacher was saying but with not so much luck.
"Miss." I put up my hand, therefore drawing attention to myself from the rest of the zombie-like 'I hate history' class.
"Yes Stephanie dear?"
"May I please be excused?" I asked, pointing to the door. She smiled and nodded.
"Of course." I stood up and didn't look at Mikey, as I walked toward and out the door. Closing it behind me softly, I made my way toward the bathrooms, feeling sick and distracted.
I shouldn't be doing what I'm doing.
It's not healthy.
But nothing stopped me last time, did it?
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