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Explanation and Revelation

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Cult of the X
Chapter 9: Explanation and Revelation


It was early morning as the sun rose over Xavier Island. Much of the team slept in, sleeping easy and without fear for once on this paradise world. The rooms were so luxurious and elegant. They were made for royalty with every last detail from the bed to the floors refined for the presence of living gods.

Scott Summers let out a content moan as he reached to the other side of the king sized bed, looking to feel the warmth of his wife, Jean. But he was abruptly awakened when he found the opposite side empty. Getting up and rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Scott scanned the spacious room for his lover.

‘Jean?’ he sent through their link.

At first he got no response, but then he heard a soft voice echo from the private bathroom.

“In here, Scott.”

Slipping out of the fine silk sheets, Scott made his way into the bathroom where Jean was sitting on the side of the oversized bath still wearing a red, toga-like nighty. At first Scott was worried, but as he drew closer he noticed a wide smile on her face. She was just sitting there, looking at the mirror and radiating with happiness.

“Jean? Hun, what’s going on?” said Scott as he sat down next to her.

Jean kept smiling as she slipped her arm around her husband’s neck and rested her head on his shoulder. She stayed silent, letting the happiness flow through their psychic link. Scott didn’t know what to make of it, but he could tell something profound had just happened.

“Scott…” she said with tears in her eyes, “I have wonderful news.”


Remy Lebeau woke up with the thick taste of hard wine still hanging in his breath. He let out a deep groan, rubbing his temples as the morning sun made his head throb. Getting up from the bed, he found two naked women beside him. Memories of last night came rushing back to him. He started drinking heavily and it all went black after a while. It had happened before, but that didn’t make the hangovers any easier.

‘Ah hell, I need a shower.’

Grabbing one of the fancy towels on the rack behind his door, Remy dragged his tired body out into the hall. Not everybody was up yet, but he could make out some activity. Every sound pounded harder in his head. For all the technology and advancements Atlanteans had, hangovers were still annoying. Hopefully a nice shower would sober him up.

He was nearing the bathroom, still drowsy, when suddenly he came across Rogue coming out of her room. They were both so out of it, they bumped into each other despite the spacious halls.

“Oh, sorry cherè,” said Remy.

“Watch where yer goin’, swamp rat,” muttered Rogue.

Remy quickly noticed that Rogue was hung over too. Her clothing was wrinkled, her expression bore the tell-tale signs, and it showed in her mood.

“Sounds like you had a rough night,” he commented.

“Me? Hell no!” shot Rogue defensively, “Ah had the time of mah life yesterday! And it was all thanks to you, swamp rat.”

“Thanks to me?” said Remy in a confused tone, “What do you…”

Just then, he heard a couple of voices come from her room.

“Is everything alright, my lady?” came a male tone.

“Everything’s fine,” she said back, “Never better.”

Remy’s eyes widened as he peered inside Rogue’s room. In her bed were two naked men, still covered in sheets. Strewn all over the floor were bottles of wine and burnt out candles. He also noticed empty vials of oil, hinting there had been some major activity last night. The air was thick with sex, alcohol, and all out decadence. It was definitely not something he would have expected from Rogue.

“Cherè? What did you…” he began.

“Oh don’t be dense,” said Rogue in a crass tone, “Ya know what happened. Ah just got tired of bein’ the only one here not havin’ any fun, so I went and said ‘Ah to hell with it’ and grabbed the prettiest guys Ah could find!”

Rogue’s head was spinning. Using this much energy with a hangover was not good for her. It was so bad that she nearly lost her balance and Remy had to help hold her up. It had the Cajun both shocked and worried.

“Easy dere, cherè,” he said.

“Let go of meh!” she yelled, shoving him off.

“Rogue…” he began, but he didn’t let her finish.

“Don’t touch meh! Ah don’t wanna be near ya, ya thievin’ pig! Ya think that just because now you’re a god ya can do whatever ya want and not care about how ya hurt people! Ya just grab the prettiest thing with legs and have at it, thinkin’ it’s all fun and games! Well it ain’t, Remy! IT AIN’T JUST SOME GAME!”

Tears were streaming down her face as she held onto the wall for support. Remy didn’t know what to say. He was at a loss for words. His womanizing ways had never hurt anybody like this before. He never thought twice about it. But it hurt Rogue. It hurt the one person that mattered most to him.

“Cherè, I…”

“Ah don’t wanna hear it,” she said through a fit of sobs, “Ah swear, Remy, Ah don’t wanna hear it!”

And before he could stop her she retreated back to her room, slamming the door in his face. He could still hear her sobs. The two men in her room got up to help her, but that only made Remy feel worse. He hurt the girl he was in love with. No hangover in the world could make him feel as bad as he did right now.

“Dang…” he groaned, leaning against the wall as he sank to the floor, “What have I done?”


The world was spinning in a maze of inky blackness for Amanda Sefton. One minute she was in her room, the next she felt some strange presence knock her out. It was like a nightmare. It felt so real.

She was still half asleep. Her thoughts were still a mess. Then she heard a dark voice that snapped her back to reality.

“Time to awaken, girl.”

Her eyes slowly opened. The world was blurred, but it sure didn’t look like her room. Letting out a deep groan, Amanda reached up to rub her eyes, only to find out that her limbs were being restrained. Her heart rate jumped as she took in her surroundings. It was dark, confined, and scattered with books and parchments. And she was in the center of it all, strapped to a bed.

Then it hit her. That nightmare was anything but a nightmare. She wasn’t in her room, she wasn’t in her home, and she wasn’t in a friendly place.

“Wha-what’s going on? Where am I?!” she yelled, struggling against her metal restraints.

“Don’t struggle my dear,” said a cloaked figure, “I have brought you here for a very special reason. But I doubt you’re unenlightened brain could handle the truth.”

“You’re crazy!” spat Amanda, still struggling in defiance, “Who are you?! What do you want with me?!”

The figure pulled back his cloak to reveal his face. He bore a dark, sinister appearance that made Amanda’s skin crawl. He looked at her with disgust, as if she were sub-human. And in his hand, he had a large dagger that sent chills down her spine.

“My name is not important,” he said, “All that matters is you are standing in the way of destiny. Your very presence threatens to upset a prophecy over 10,000 years old. I’m sorry, but I cannot allow you to interfere.”

Amanda stopped struggling, never taking her eyes off the dagger. This man was clearly disturbed. But he was dead serious. She maintained a stern look as any fiancé of an X-man had to. But it did little to intimidate the determined figure.

“Are you going to kill me?” she said in a strong tone.

A sinister smile formed on his face. Suddenly, he took the dagger and stuck it into one of the table with a pile of books.

“No. Not yet,” he said, “I must do more research to be sure. In the meantime, you’ll stay here.”

“You’re making a big mistake, pal!” she spat in defiance, “I have friends who will come looking for me and a fiancé who’ll rip you a new one!”

But her threats only made the figure laugh. This girl truly was foolish. Her very presence was an insult. But for the figure, this had to be done. It was written in the pages of destiny.

“My dear, you have no idea who you’re dealing with,” he said, picking up a medallion with mysterious symbols, “But no matter. You and the rest of this pitiful world will know soon enough. And if you cooperate, I may just give you a front row seat to destruction of this world and the second rising of Atlantis!”

“You’re…you’re crazy!” said Amanda, cringing at this man’s penetrating gaze.

“No…not crazy,” he said, looking back at the parchment on his table, “Just faithful.”


As morning settled, the X-men gathered downstairs for the usual breakfast buffet in the heart of the palace. As usual Professor Xavier was absent, still working on those texts with Lilandra. It was odd seeing him spend so much time with that woman, but she really had a knack for making him smile. And if this was how he wanted to spend his time on this paradise island, then so be it.

The whole team, both X-men and X-factor, gathered in the elaborate dining room ready to eat. Most were in upbeat moods. Scott and Jean seemed particularly close for some reason, having arrived with radiant smiles and holding each others’ hands. Nobody asked why, but the young couple would reveal their secrets in due time.

Some, however, were out of it. Rogue and Remy were both quiet, still reeling from hangovers and keeping their distance from each other. From time to time, they stole glances from one another, but quickly looked away when the other looked back.

However, the rest of the team didn’t let their mood spoil their good morning. They were on vacation. If Rogue and Remy couldn’t enjoy it, then that was their problem.

“Geez, what’s with them this morning?” wondered Kitty as she enjoyed the special vegetarian dish the servants prepared for her.

“Beats me,” shrugged Jubilee, “Rogue is usually moody, but I guess it’s rubbed off on Remy. You know how those two have a funky relationship.”

“I don’t know,” said Kitty, “I think it may be more complicated than that.”

“Ah leave it, Kit. You’re on vacation!” said Tabitha, “From what I can see, it looks as simple as your everyday killer hangover.”

“Whatever you say, Tabby,” shrugged Jubilee.

Kitty cast Rogue a worried look, but she kept to herself. Having roomed with Rogue during her early days in the mansion, she knew when she wanted to be left alone. And this was definitely one of those times. However, that didn’t stop some from inquiring.

“Drink too much again, Remy?” joked Piotr, who was sitting next to his old friend.

“I’d rather not talk about it,” he groaned, his head still throbbing.

Piotr was silent for a moment, focusing back on his food. Remy didn’t look like he could stomach breakfast. Even though he had gotten drunk before, he had never been in this big a stupor. And there was only one force on the planet that could affect him like this.

“Something happen with Rogue?” he commented.

Remy cast him a cold glare.

“I said I’d rather not talk about it.”

Resting his head on his hand, Remy stirred his food. He tried to look at Rogue, but her scolding words kept ringing in his head. There was no easy fix for a problem this big and a hangover sure didn’t help matters. But he was determined to think of something. He just had to get a clear head first.

Across the table, Rogue wasn’t doing much better. She was eating a light breakfast, trying to hide just how hung over she was. But having had little experience with alcohol, she failed miserably.

“Rogue, do you need to go back to bed?” asked Kurt with a concerned look.

“Nah, Ah’m fine,” she said in a low tone.

“Sure you are,” laughed Jamie, “I’m not even old enough to drink and I know you’re hung over.”

“Shut up, Jamie,” she muttered, “Ah ain’t in the mood.”

Kurt scolded the younger boy for his comment, but maintained a look of brotherly concern for his sister.

“Zhis isn’t like you,” he said, trying to get her to look up, “Vhy vould you do something so reckless?”

“What? Ya think Ah don’t know how to have fun?”

“Zhere’s a difference between having fun and self destructing,” argued Kurt.

“And besides,” added Ray, “If you were having fun then you wouldn’t be so miserable.”

Rogue shot them a scowl, but it quickly faded as she slumped into a fit of despair. Drinking heavily didn’t make her feel any better and this hangover was killing her. It was all because of that stupid Cajun. He was the reason for all her misery.

“Are you going to be okay, mien sister?” said Kurt, gently rubbing her shoulders to ease the effects of the hangover.

“Ah’ll be fine,” she sighed, “Really, Ah just…Ah need to get mah head straight.”

“Then I recommend you stay clear of alcohol,” said Jamie, “Not everyone can hold their liquor like Logan.”

“Believe meh,” she groaned, “It’ll be a long time before Ah drink like that again.”

Kurt smiled, happy to have one problem out of the way. But he could tell there were still plenty to be resolved, the most pressing of which was sitting across the table. He knew remy was definitely a part of this. Kurt always worried about the relationship he had with his sister. As he consoled Rogue in her hung over state, he cast the Cajun a cold look. But Remy shut it out. He had enough guilt to deal with as it was.

Keeping an eye on Rogue and Remy, Logan was in a somewhat better mood. After the festival last night, he spent the rest of the evening with memories of Ororo hanging over his mind. It was strange thinking about her like this, but seeing her in true goddess form struck him in a way few things had. Having enough bad memories for one lifetime, it was a pleasant shift to have one of such beauty.

While he maintained his usual Wolverine poise, his eyes kept drifting towards Ororo as she ate her breakfast while talking to Rahne, Bobby, and Amara.

“You’ve been staring at her all morning, dad,” said Laura as she sat next to her father.

“Huh? What do ya mean, kid?” said Logan.

“Oh nothing,” she sighed, shaking her head in exasperation.

Being the daughter of Wolverine wasn’t easy, but it did give Laura a better understanding of what made him tick. She saw the look on his face last night when he was eyeing Ororo. It was not unlike the look Scott gave Jean or Kurt gave Amanda. She knew what it meant, but Logan wasn’t one to admit such sappy things.

“You like her, don’t you?” she blurted out.


“Enough with the kid thing, dad,” muttered Laura, “I was there too you know? You think I didn’t see it?”

Logan was silent, muttering something to himself that Laura couldn’t make out. Rolling her eyes, she focused back on her food.

“So you gonna talk to her?” she said.

“Drop it, kid,” he said, “Now ain’t the time.”

“Whatever,” she sighed, “But just so you know, I wouldn’t mind. I like Ororo. I think she brings out the best in you. But since you don’t want to talk about it, I won’t bring it up again. I promise.”

With a deep sigh, Logan cast his daughter a half hearted smile. Laura wasn’t like the other kids who would have pestered him about this to no end. Laura was different. She was blunt, but not pushy.

‘Like father like daughter.’

Over with Scott and Jean, they kept on whispering words of affection under their breath. They kept smiling and laughing, holding hands as if they were still high school sweethearts. Next to them, Hank was casually eating his breakfast, but couldn’t help but share their mood. Unlike the others, he knew there was a good reason for their mood.

“Are you sure those blood tests were accurate?” whispered Jean under her breath.

“With the technology here, I’ll burn my diplomas if they aren’t,” assured Hank.

“Good enough for me,” grinned Scott.

“Are you going to tell them?” asked Hank, “Or do you want me to chime in?”

“I don’t know, Hank,” said Scott, giving his wife’s hand a squeeze, “We want it to come at the right moment.”

“Well as the old saying goes, there’s no time like the present,” he grinned.

Without further debate, Hank stood up and tapped his crystal glass with his knife.

“Attention! Attention everybody!” he said, silencing the room, “I believe Scott and Jean have an announcement to make.”

The young couple blushed profusely, having not expected Hank’s actions. But he was right. This was too big to hold in.

“Oh boy, I wonder what this could be?” muttered Bobby, seeing the tell-tale signs on their faces.

Holding hands, they exchanged warm smiles. They had waited for this moment a long time. Now it was finally here and they couldn’t be happier.

“We’re going to have a baby!” exclaimed Jean.

Immediately, a cheer erupted throughout the dining room from both the servants and the team.

“I knew it! I totally knew it!” exclaimed Bobby.

“Yeah right,” said Amara skeptically, “I think we all knew it.”

“Hey, it had to happen sooner or later!” said Roberto, getting up and giving Scott a big slap on the back, “Way to go, amigo! You’re gonna be a daddy!”

“Thanks Roberto,” said Scott.

“Oh this is so cool!” said Kitty, bursting with excitement as she got up to hug Jean, “We have SO got to plan a baby shower!”

“I call dibs on shopping!” said Tabitha.

Jean couldn’t help but smile as the girls gathered around her and gave her a big hug. She and Scott had been waiting for this moment. Ever since the Phoenix, they had talked about moving ahead with their lives and starting a family. Even with events around the world working against them, nothing could take away from this.

“So you’re gonna be a daddy, eh Cyke?” said Logan to the soon-to-be father.

“Yeah, I know. Amazing isn’t it?” said Scott, rubbing the back of his neck at the overwhelming feeling.

“It is,” said Laura with a smile, “So how’d you find out?”

“Well it turns out Jean missed her cycle nearly two weeks ago, but didn’t tell me,” explained Scott, “When we got here, she wanted to be sure and gave Hank a blood sample. And that’s all it took.”

“Well I’m happy for ya,” said Logan, giving Scott a firm handshake, “But from one father to another, I got just one piece of advice for ya.”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“God help you.”

A weary look fell over Scott’s face, but quickly faded as Logan reached out and shook his hand in approval. His words earned him a bemused look from Laura, but she would scold him later as she went to congratulate the soon-to-be parents.

“Dang, what a morning,” muttered Rogue.

“Oh come now, mein sister. Zhis is a time to celebrate!” said Kurt.

“Indeed,” said one of the servants, “I’m sure the high priests will call for a great celebration. This is truly a momentous occasion.”

“One step at a time, okay?” said Jean, placing her hand over her womb, “Let’s just get over the excitement first.”

“Fat chance!” said Tabitha, “Girl, you’re bearing a divine kid! How can we not throw a party?”

Scott and Jean exchanged looks, yet their smiles never faded. This was a big moment for them and the team. Times were hard and they needed something to be happy about. It was truly a divine feeling, knowing they were going to have a family. And here on an island where they were worshiped as gods, there was all the more reason to celebrate.


Athena was on her usual rounds, trying to keep her troops settled after word spread about Scott and Jean’s pregnancy. There was plenty of celebrating. The child of the two most famous lovers in Atlantean mythology was a big affair. Unfortunately, Athena had other things on her mind.

“Artemis! Artemis, if you have a brain in your skull you’ll answer me!” she spat into to her communicator.

Yet still, she got no response. Artemis disappeared from her post days ago and hadn’t been heard from since. There were no records or sightings. She was good at covering her tracks as the good soldier she was, but Athena was determined to find her.

With a frustrated grunt, Athena returned to the main barracks. If she couldn’t find her alone, she would get help and bring her to justice. However, most of her soldiers were still celebrating and singing songs in the lounge, celebrating the coming offspring of Cyclops and Phoenix. She wished she could share her spirit, but her duties came first.

‘Damn, of all the times for someone to go renegade.’

She was nearing her quarters. Then she passed by the weapons locker and noticed it was wide open, a serious breach of protocol by her memory. Atlantean commandoes had some of the most deadly weapons in the world and the clergy was very strict about keeping them secure. Nobody without proper authority could access them. That left only one possibility.

Taking out her handheld energy gun, she entered the weapons locker in combat ready stance. She could hear footsteps. Someone was going through their most advanced equipment. And whoever it was, they were going to have to go through her.

“Freeze!” she yelled, emerging from the corner and aiming her gun at a familiar figure.

Artemis, still dressed in full uniform, froze in her stance. In her arms were heavy, bazooka shaped weapons with high tech Atlantean firepower. They were the kind of arms the commandos reserved for the biggest battles. She was also wearing a special vest over his body that resembled the armor worn by Apocalypse, an act that could only be authorized by commanders.

“Artemis!” said Athena, her words blistering with anger, “I knew it was you!”

“Oh come now, commander. Don’t tell me you’re surprised,” she said, still facing away.

“Drop the disrupter cannon!” she demanded, “I’m warning you!”

Artemis remained calm, maintaining a strong poise in the face of her superior. With a hard scold, she set the weapon down and turned to face her. Her finger twitched on the trigger of her weapon, yet she restrained herself.

“I’m sorry it had to come to this, Athena,” she said with a cold glare, “I always thought of you like a sister.”

“Save it for the tribunal!” she shot, gripping her weapon.

The rogue warrior cast a sinister grin.

“Oh please, your command means nothing anymore. Time is short and I have no intention of wasting a single moment.”

“You’re time is up!” yelled Athena, taking a step closer, “On the ground! Hands behind your head!”

With an exasperated sigh, Artemis shook her head in disapproval. This woman may have been her superior, but she was still in her way. And nothing could stand in the way of destiny.

“I’m afraid that’s the difference between you and me, Athena You live by the teachings, day in and day out. You never deviate from a set path. I, on the other hand, am willing to do what is necessary for the good of the faith and the good of the world.”

“Last warning!” she spat.

“Too late.”

Suddenly, her fists clenched and the vest on her body erupted in a purplish glow. The flash was so bright that Athena was momentarily blinded. It made her vulnerable for a fraction of a second, but unfortunately that was all the time Artemis needed as she raised her arm and shot a powerful bolt of energy directly at her former commander.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” she yelled as she was flung back, inundated with a deadly shock of energy.

Artemis bore no remorse as she saw her sister at arms fall. Leaving nothing to chance, she made sure that she bore no pulse. And once she was satisfied, she picked up her weapons.

“Goodbye, Athena. May the gods grant you peace,” she said respectfully, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a prophecy to fulfill.”

Leaving the unmoving body of Athena to the fates, Artemis made her leave. It was a serious breach of so many teachings, killing her commanding officer. But she couldn’t allow anything to stand in her way now. Time was of the essence. The final pieces had to be put into place.

But soon after Artemis left, a small device embedded in Athena’s body army lit up. Suddenly, a jolt of energy shot through her body, causing it to arch. It was enough to get her heart going again. And through intense agony, Athena coughed up blood and struggled to her feet, brimming with a newfound rage.

“Artemis…I swear on the honor of Xuthasius, you will pay for your treachery!”


In the lower levels of Palace X, Jean was undergoing some major tests from Hank, the Professor, and top Atlantean scientists. Ayla and Arion were also there, explaining the setup along the way. The facility was far in advance of anything Jean had ever seen before and she studied medicine. She didn’t know how they worked, but she trusted Hank and Xavier with the safety of her baby.

Scott was also by her side. Together, they couldn’t have been happier. Ever since the Phoenix, they pushed forward with their lives. They had gotten moved in together, gotten married, and now they were about to have their first baby. It meant a lot after having overcome so much, but this moment made it all worth the strife.

“This equipment is amazing,” commented Hank as he looked over some of the advanced instruments at his disposal, “It must have taken years to refine.”

“It was by no means easy, my lord,” said one of the doctors, “But Atlantean society was very protective of expecting mothers. They went to great lengths to ensure the health and safety of the child as well as the comfort of the woman.”

“That’s good to know,” said Jean, who was lying on an observation table, “Having kids is hard enough.”

“Which is why you’ll receive the best of care, my lady,” said Ayla with a warm smile, “Our doctors will administer treatments that will make your pregnancy as smooth as possible. With our resources, you won’t feel morning sickness, headaches, hormonal issues, or even soreness.”

“Wow. How do you manage that?” said Scott, sounding anxious with all this alien technology around his wife.

“With simple nutrient rich serums and body maintaining pills,” answered the lead scientist, “We even have a process that makes delivery far less painful and arduous while also reducing the overall affect on the body.”

“Oh that I’ll definitely take!” said Jean intently, “With everything I’ve read up on, an easy delivery would be a godsend.”

“As long as you’re comfortable, Jean,” said the Professor, giving her hand a warm squeeze, “I know how much this child means to you.”

“And it wouldn’t have been possible without you,” said Jean with a warm smile.

“Which kind of brings me to another point,” said Scott, sharing the same sentiment towards the man who brought them together, “Jean and I were talking about this earlier and we were wondering…would it be alright if we made you the grandfather of our baby?”

Xavier was shocked, but heartened that his first two students trusted him with something so grand. He had watched these two grow since they were a couple of insecure twelve-year-olds. They had been through a lot and he couldn’t help but feel proud.

“I’d be honored,” he said, giving Jean’s hands a warm squeeze.

“Thank you,” said Jean, “You’ve been like a father to us both and we don’t trust anybody else to fill the role.”

It was a touching moment, one that made Ayla and Arion very happy to be a part of. Their lords were every bit as bound with loyalty as the legends told. This was a momentous occasion to be a part of and they had every intention of ensuring it’s sanctity in the history of their society.

“Well my dear, I believe you’re done,” said Hank after giving her a quick shot and presenting her with a small yellow pill, “Take this and you’ll be set.”

“Thank you, Hank,” said Jean, taking the pill with a glass of water, “Thank you all. I really appreciate your help.”

“None are necessary,” said Arion with a respectful bow, “If ever you need anything more to make your pregnancy easier, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“We’ll keep that in mind,” said Scott, “Given how hostile the rest of the world is, we were hoping to stay here until the baby arrives.”

“Yes, I feel that would be best,” said the Professor, “But we must think about returning to the mansion soon. I fear our continued absence may spell trouble for mutants everywhere.”

Ayla and Arion exchanged disappointed looks. But they dared not question the will of their lord.

“We understand,” said Ayla, “How much longer do you intend to stay?”

“As long as it takes to decipher the Orion Prophecy,” said the Professor, “Lilandra and I have been working on it extensively. I believe we’re close to uncovering its secrets.”

“Should we be worried?” asked Hank, “I suspect if it is pertinent enough to keep you here, it must warrant some concern.”

The Professor sighed. Hank was famous for his perceptive skills and this situation was no different. Unfortunately, it was far more complicated than any of them could have imagined.

“I can’t tell you the details with absolute certainty, old friend,” said Xavier, “But I can safely say that this matter has grave implications, not just for us but for the world as a whole. And the sooner we understand it, the sooner we can take the necessary action.”

“Should we tell the others?” asked Scott, showing more concern as the leader of the X-men, “If something does come up, we should be ready.”

“A most valid point, Cyclops, but until I know for sure I don’t wish to spoil everyone’s vacation.”

It was an uneasy decision, but the Professor showed little doubt. His students needed this vacation. They had been fighting so many battles lately that it was vital for them to unwind. Even Scott wouldn’t debate that.

Casting his wife a supportive smile, Scott and Jean shared a warm embrace. With a baby on the way, staying at an island like this would definitely help. They were starting a family and they wanted it to begin in a place that was peaceful.

“Well if it helps, Charles, perhaps I can lend a hand,” offered Hank.

“And if you wish it so, Ayla and I will assist,” said Arion, “Although I must warn you, many have obsessed over the prophecy since the beginning of our society. None have been completely successful.”

“I know,” sighed Xavier, “Which makes it all the more important that we work fast. I have a feeling…”

Suddenly, Xavier was cut off by Kurt as he appeared before them in a puff of smoke. He had an urgent look in his eyes and a million anxious thoughts projecting from his mind, hinting something was very wrong.

“Professor, you better come upstairs! Something’s come up.”

“Easy Kurt, slow down,” said the Professor calmly, “What’s going on?”

“It’s zhat Athena voman. Her troops just brought her in half dead. She says she has to speak to you.”

Ayla and Arion exchanged worried looks. Athena was their best soldier and leader of the Praetorian Guard. For her to be hurt was no easy feat. It had to be severe if she was unable to handle it.

“Arion…” began Xavier.

“Bring her down here,” he said, “I’ll order the whole guard on standby.”

“And I’ll go warn the others,” said Scott, about to make his leave.

Xavier felt it again, that hard feeling in the pit of his stomach that usually arose when something big was about to happen. He had it before Apocalypse. He had it before the Phoenix. But something told him this may be much worse.

“So much for our vacation,” sighed Jean.

“It would seem so,” said Hank, “But the work of the X-men is never done.”


Back on Genosha in Magneto’s private study, he and Mystique went over the classified recordings of the sentinel incident many times over. No matter how many times they watched it, the story remained the same. Those rumors about some strange group coming in and helping the X-men were anything but rumors. Other forces were clearly at work here.

Again, Magneto watched the scene with the sentinel being blown up by a mysterious shot from a high powered weapon. Several news feeds captured the figure and a few closed circuit cameras got a glimpse of the others who came to the X-men’s aid.

“It just doesn’t add up,” said Mystique, “Why would they come to Xavier’s aid like that? And moreover, why would Xavier trust them?”

“He wouldn’t,” said Magneto sternly, “But given the situation, it hardly seems there was a choice.”

“But who are they?” said Mystique, rewinding and watching it again, “Some new SHIELD division?”

“Absolutely not,” said Magneto confidently, “Nick Fury would never risk taking a side on this issue.”

“Maybe some emergency team Xavier slapped together just in case?” pondered Mystique, running out of ideas.

“Doubtful. These people used advanced weapons and military tactics. Most definitely not Xavier’s style.”

Mystique and Magneto remained fixated on the video. None of this made any sense. There were no records or trails on this mysterious team. They were certainly not on the side of humanity, but at the same time the X-men looked just as shocked by their presence as the rest of the rest of the onlookers.

They got to the part where a helicopter camera got a shot of the flying submarine as it emerged from just below the George Washington Bridge. It was something right out of a science fiction and further complicated this situation.

“Have you ever seen technology like that before?” asked Mystique.

“Never,” said Magneto, “Not since Apocalypse.”

“Where do you think they took them?”

“I have no idea,” sighed the master of magnetism as he rewound the tape, “We must look into this. Xavier may not be on our side, but he is still a friend. And I must know what happened.”

“So must I,” said Mystique sternly, “Keep in mind, my kids were with them.”

“I understand. But first, we have another matter to lay to rest.”

Scanning through the video, Magneto stopped on a few key slides. One of them showed Mayor Kelly with Henry Peter Gyrich in the background, an incriminating shot if they were to draw a connection. The second was a shot of Kelly ducking behind his podium just before the shot went off. It was quick, but it was the smoking gun they needed to prove he knew about the assassination attempt.

This along with the evidence the Brotherhood had gathered would expose this conspiracy and exonerate the X-men. It was ironic that they, their long time adversaries, were helping them. But for the time being, they had a common goal.

“We have everything we need,” he said, gathering up the evidence, “I must show this to the world at the UN. Once the truth is exposed, we’ll look further into these mysterious soldiers. But for now, it’s time humanity get a taste of just how sick and corrupt they really are.”


Up next: Artemis and Isaac take the next step in their plan and so does Magneto.
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