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Just another day

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Later that night, Midnight Shadows was half way through their set when the band decided to do some thing special.

"alright everyone this has be fucking amazing!!" Bonnie yelled to the crowd, the crowd responded with the double the rawr.

"Now we have something very special for you guys, every show we’ll be covering a song from a different band. And today well…I hope you like Muse!!" Bonnie said and signaling the band to play.

They started to play the beginning to "Supermassive Black Hole" and the crowd went wild .

Frank, Ray, and Gerard were backstage watched their set.

"wow that was very creative of them to do that" said Ray

"Yeah maybe we should cover a song, it’s been a while since we’ve covered a song"said Frank now looking towards Gerard

"True, what do you guys think about the Blur…Song 2?"

Ray & Frank nodded.

Midnight Shadows ended their set and got off stage they were still in the stage mode, they loved playing. The guys passed by MCR exchanging high fives and Gerard got to Bonnie.

"Great idea for covering songs" he said

"Thanks" she replied

MCR took the stage and Gerard went to his hospital bed.

Midnight shadows went to their room and relaxed a bit. Bonnie got a water and started to head out to the door.

"Hey Bonn where are you going?"Bri asked, looking at her questionably.

"I’m gunna go see the guys play"she said

"Bonbon I’ll go with you" Matty said getting up and grabbing a small towel.

Matty and Bonbon went back stage and saw the guys in their black parade uniform.

"What’s wrong BonBon?"said Matty not looking at her but still at the guys on stage.

"Nothing, just thinking’said Bonnie not look at Matty either.

"BonBon I know you, something wrong"said Matty

Bonnie didn’t reply, but kept her eyes on Gerard

"He has a girlfriend BonBon, he might even be engaged. And the Age? And I know about the nightmares. BonBon it’s in the past."Matty said giving her a pat on the back.

"I know I know, so I’m trying to stay away. And how’d you know about the nightmares?"asked Bonnie now looking at Matty

"I heard you wake up last night, and just be careful we don’t want girl hate going on"Kev said.

"alright Kev and thanks"she replied giving him a hug.

The Next morning Gerard got Bonnie’s coffee and headed to Midnight Shadows’s bus.

"Hey guys, what’s up?"Gerard asked coming up on top the bus.

"Hey Gee nothing much, just thinking for another song to cover for tonight’s show again."Brian said giving Gerard a handshake.

"That’s kool, but by the way where’s Bonnie?"Gerard asked

"Oh she is still sleeping, but watch this it’s so funny when I yell."said Kev coming from behind Bri.

They saw Kev getting next to Bonnie’s bunk.

"Hey has Bonnie ever slept on a bunk before?"asked Gerard

"Nope, why?"asked Bri looking at Gerard with a bit of concern.

"We;; then Kev I don’t think it’s a good idea to yell because Bonnie will probably hit….."Gerard wasn’t able to finish his sentence when…

"BONNIE!!!!!!"yelled Kev


"OH SHIT!!!"cried out Bonnie and got out her bed rubbing her head.

"see if you do that to someone , they will hit their head off the top of the bunk, that happened to me during our first headlining tour."explained Gerard

"Kevin get me some advil and you better be nice to me until tonight, because if you don’t I highly recommend you sleep with one eye open."said Bonnie pointing at Kevin and still rubbing her head.

"Here let me take a look at it"Gerard handed Bonnie her coffee and tilted up her head to look at her forehead where she hit her head.

"Thanks for the coffee"she said

"it was part of the deal"Gerard smiled and looked at Bonnie for a second

‘his eyes are gorgeous, I’d better look away before I start to glaze off and get caught’ Bonnie though

"Here’s some advil" Kev said ands handing Bonnie 2 pills of advil and a small icepack.

"Thanks Kev, but you’re not of the hook yet"Bonnie said.

Bonnie went to the back of the bus in the living room while Matt was with Frank playing video games with him and Kev and Bri were attempting to cook. Gerard followed her to the back as well.

"So that’s gunna be a pretty mark"joked Gerard

"Yeah, but it wasn’t as bad the scratches I got on my cheek."said Bonnie

"Your cheek? Sounds like a good story. Explain please"asked Gerard and laughing a little bit.

"I was skateboarding went I went to grind I slipped and well…. Slipped and tripped and scraped my face against the pavement. Let’just say it wasn’t pretty."Bonnie explained

"ouch….any scars?"asked Gerard

"nope not really you can’t see it, just at my cheekbone"Bonnie said and pointed top the scar.

"that’s not bad, any pictures or videos?"asked Gerard looking at the faded scar

"Yeah Bri has pictures of me in the emergency, and Kev was shooting it"explained Bonnie

"Check it out"Bri said walking towards the two and handing Gerard a pic of Bonnie in the ER.

"Oh man, Bri.."complained Bonnie

"haha I overheard you guys and decided to show it to Gee"laughed Bri

"Ouch, you were right it wasn’t pretty, how long have you been skateboarding?"asked Gee

"I think about 10 years now, right?"Bonnie said and looked towards Bri

"Yeah, you started when I did, so yeah 10 years"said Bri

"Hmm..I wonder if there are any good spots around here. I can take pics of you skating and we can make a video, we’ll have Kev or Matty shoot it."said Bonnie’

"Just be careful you already got a bump you don’t want a face with one side fine but the other scraped."warned Gerard

"Don’t worry we wear protection"said Bri

"You guys can come and watch. We can go out like we did yesterday. Btu we will have to keep an eye on Frankie and Matty"explained Bonnie

The three bursted out laughing from the ‘cookie man’ experience from yesterday,

"alright I’ll get the guys"said Gerard getting off and heading off the bus.

"Bonnie, you know Gerard has point but you do need to be careful"Bri warned

"Don’t worry what could go wrong?"said Bonnie, knowing fully that when someone says that, something does go wrong.

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