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Cookie Man!!

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>_< lmfao just read and find out and oh and yeah somethig more.

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Gerard's P.O.V.
I was sleeping really well. Until I heard voices speak around me. I felt someone holding on to my bunk and the voices laughed.
"Bob can you make sure Gerard see this on the table?"
"Yeah sure no problem"
The voices stop and I continued to sleep..but then I relized that I had a abet going on!
I woke up and rubbed my eyes, Bob was laughing at me
"what?"i asked
"nothing,nothing but umm..Bonnie left u something over on the table in the sitting area"said Bob
I walked over and saw the coffee and there was a note

"Well Mr.Way I got you some coffee since well... u will be getting my coffee for the next 7 days. enjoy! hahaha
My coffee is medium, hot, regular, french vanilla

yours truely and winner,
Bonnie "

I laughed and drank my coffee.

"BonBon what are you laughing about?"asked Matty
Bonnie explained the bet to Matty and he laughed as well.
Then Brian came on the bus.
"Hey guys Sean said that we can go look around Manchester but we have to be like spies, and then we can head back here around 4"said Bri
Bonnie & Matty grabbed their things and camera and walked off the bus with the rest of their band.
Matt,Frank & Gerard were getting off the bus too.
"You guys going around town?"asked Frank
"Just wait up for one sec we can head in together, just Bob & Ray wouldn't take so long"said Gerard
"Ok Ok we're ready"Ray said coming out of the bus with Bob trailing behide him.
"Wow...and usually the guys are waiting for the girl to hurry up"said Bonnie

Both Bands were going to just walk since the town was only a block or 3 away.
They were walking and chatting but Bonnie didn't even notice was that Frank and Matty had disappeared and Bonnie's sidesick got a text from Matty

"BonBon me and Frank saw a bakery and well got a little hungry so I'll ttyl bye"

"Did you just get a text?"
"yeah"Bonnie answered turning and saw Gerard
"So didn't I, frank and his sweets"said Gerard
Bonnie laughed

"Hey guys me, Kev, and Matt are going to head down to that Video game store. Kev and me want to find any thing Transformers"said Ray and walked off

And it was down to Bob,Bri,BonBon, & Gee.

Bri and Bonnie started to talk alittle bit and then of course...

"whoa dude, Bri check this out!"said Bob
Bob and Bri were now looking at drum set in a music store and there was a sign that said come in and try out our new drums.
"That's badass"Bri said
"Guys we'll meet up with you later"said Bob opening the door to go inside and Bri followed

Then there was Bonnie & Gee they walked for a alittle while silent until...
"Talk about about being ditched right?"said Gerard
"Yeah I know"said Bonnie
"Oh by the way thanks for the coffee"said Gerard
Bonnie started to laughed along with Gerard "No problem"
Gerard then spotted a comic book store
"Hey do you like comics?"asked Gerard
"Yeah, who doesn't?"said Bonnie
Gerard smiled and they walked towards the comic store. Gerard opened th door for Bonnie
"Why thank you"laughed Bonnie
Gerard smiled
and Soon they were searching through every aisle for good comic books

Bonnie had grabbed a comic book and found a place where she could sit and read a bit.
Gerard has still looking and while walking pass where Bonnie was sitting he tripped on her feet and fell right on top of her

"oh my god! are ok?"said Bonnie moving a bit from under Gerard and moving to the side of his, yet the rest of her lower half of her body was still under him.
"umm...yeah I'm ok? how about..."Gerard eyes were closed and he plopped himself up on his elbows and when doing so opened his eyes to be mere inches away from Bonnie's face. "you?"

Bonnie could feel every breath when Gerard exhaled. They looked at each other and Gerard looked at her lips quickly. Then Bonnie looked down and away.
"way to go make a graceful landing"said Bonnie and laughed softly trying to break any moment
Gerard got up and laughed abit too.

Bonnie P.O.V.
damn...we were so close. I wanted to but I remembered that ring. I heard Frank talking to Gerard about a girlfriend. I wasn't gunna mess up anything special he had. And seriously I'm 15 years old! ................but.....I want to.......but I can't and won't but his eyes are gorgeous
Gerard's P.O.V.
Bonnie was so close, I was pretty sure that she would of heard my heart beating fast. I wasn't even sure if I should kiss her. She is attractive but I couldn't do that to Eliza. Especially after what I did and I was too far in a relationship. I looked at her lips quickly I didn't know what to do one side said " go ahead kiss her" and the other side said "don't do it" I hate this.

Bonnie's sidekick begun to ring.

"yeah wat up?"
"hey it's Matty where r u and the rest of the guys?"
"umm..well Ray, Matt, & Kev went to a video game store & Me and Gerard are in a comic book place"
"Ok I'll call Kev or Matt and we can meet up and go somewhere for lunch"
"what you didn't fill yourself up at the bakery?"
"they has free samples of cookies and well...."
" didn't? did you?"
"well me and Frank got a little hyper and attacked the guy who was holding the tray, he was in a cookie costume and we got kicked out"
"Oh my god Matty you know what sweets do to you, ok call the guys and we'll meet up at that plaza place we pasted earlier"
"and don't think you're off the hook and let Frank know that too"
"ok BonBon talk to you soon

"what happened you sounded worried?"asked Gerard
"umm..well Frank & Matty got into a little bit of fun at the bakery"said Bonnie shyly
"how much of a little bit of fun?"asked Gerard wanting to know.
"you know a little bit... at the point where they got hyper of free cookie samples and attacked the dude holding the tray and he was dressed in a cookie costume. you know the little fun stuff"explained Bonnie
"no way"asked Gerard holding back a laugh
"yup way"she said
They both erupted into laughter they payed for the comics that they both got and walked out of the store they were still laughing from the event.
Gerard and Bonnie walked silent again
"akward silence"said Gerard
"ususally I'm the one that says that"said Bonnie
Gerard laughed
"So have you even been to Manchester before for touring?"asked Bonnie
"I think we did but we didn't have time to explore, luckily now we can, maybe not for long but hey some time is better than nothing" explained Gerard
"True"said Bonnie
"have you ever been to Europe?"asked Gerard
"yes actually to London when I was 10, we came over for easter it was fun, London is one of my favorite places in the world"explained Bonnie
"kool do you want to live over here sometime? and who was 'we'?"asked Gerard
"oh we as my family and i don't know maybe one day"said Bonnie
"that's nice, you got any siblings?"asked Gerard
"I got any older sister, and 3 older brothers, and yes I'm the baby of the family"explained Bonnie and already knowing what Gerard's next question was.
"wow mind-reader huh?"joked Gerard
"oh yes I can read minds just one of my many talents" laughed Bonnie

"Hey Gee & BonBon hurry up I'm hungry!!!"cried out Frank pointing to the doors of the plaza
They laughed
"BonBon check this out"said Matty he turned on his camera and showed Bonnie a picture of Matty and Frank tackling the cookie man.
"oh my god"Bonnie laughed"who took it?"
"some kid he said he would do it for free just because he thought it would be funny"explained Matty
"Gerard come over here for a sec"said Bonnie
"what's up?"he asked and the looked at the camera and saw the picture and burst out laughing.
"Matty we are printing this picture out as soon as we get back to the bus"said Bonnie
"You can print it?"asked Gerard
"Yeah I like always bring my photo printer it's small and I attach it to my camera and select what picture I want to print"explaind Bonnie
"Awesome make doubles"said Gerard
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